Pride Bodyboards Review

Back in 1999, Imanol Arrizabalaga made an important observation in the world of bodyboarding. He saw that new technologies can be applied to make big leaps in bodyboarding, so he built a small workshop in Biarritz, France, and began a humble production line of top-notch, handmade bodyboards. By combining advanced technology and the masterful touch of building by hand, Pride Bodyboards became a household name in the bodyboarding scene.


After gaining global recognition, Pride Bodyboards had to keep up with the demand. The small workshop in Biarritz eventually grew to become a research-based facility where the future of bodyboarding is set to be discovered. Here, we discuss some of the freshest drops out of the Pride bodyboards research lab. Read on below to find out which bodyboard template and style is for you.


Pride "Heartbreaker" Bodyboard

Ever since he brought the title back to France this year, everyone’s been talking about 2016 World Champion, Pierre Louis Costes. This is the second world title that Pierre Louis has nabbed. If people aren’t talking about how good he surfed against other world champions like Diego Cabrera, they’re complimenting his insanely good genes. When you’re a world champ who looks like a supermodel—and is married to one—you instantly become the new generation’s hero.

Pride Heartbreaker Bodyboard Review

That’s what the Pride Heartbreaker is too. It’s a surefire scene-stealer with its deadly good looks: signature black deck with sophisticated white rails. If you’re blown away on land, wait until you see it ride in the water. Pierre Louis insisted on a curve that was straighter, thus giving the prone rider more rigidity and drive. The crescent-shaped tail is rolled in, and the 55/45 rails provide sick transitions that only the pros can pull off. If you’re looking for the pinnacle of power surfing, the Heartbreak will help you achieve it.

  • Polypropylene (PP) core
  • Single stringer made of carbon fiber
  • 55/45 rails
  • Surlyn slick
  • No mesh
  • NXL / PE deck (8pcf)
  • Straighter rail template for max speed
  • Made for advanced to professional riders
  • Also comes in burgundy and silver

Pride "The Combo" Bodyboard

Now here’s a bodyboard that anyone can ride. The Combo is Pride’s longest-living legacy, which features modifications that were developed throughout the course of 15 years.

Pride Combo Bodyboard review

The Pride Team devoted years of board-riding research to create a bodyboard that will always give the rider the maximum amount of stoke. Its HD/EFX build also guarantees that the bodyboard will last a very long time.

  • Polyethylene (PE) core
  • Single stringer made of carbon fiber
  • HD slick
  • IXL / PE deck (8 pcf)
  • Contoured LTD deck
  • Made for all types of riders

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Watch the Pride bodyboard professional team shred in Mexico! 

Pride "The Animal" Bodyboard

When it comes to technical and radical bodyboarding, no one has guts as much as West Oz’s Lewy Finnegan. Whether you’re out riding 2-foot hooks or 10-foot giants in an outer reef, Lewy Finnegan has come up with an updated bodyboard template for you.

Pride Animal Bodyboard review

Unlike the other Pride bodyboards; the Animal template was designed for more technical surfing. If you are the type of rider who understands when to optimize drive and speed, you’ll enjoy the nifty features on this board. Graduated channels, 50/50 rails, and a classic speed-catcher of a tail, the Animal will ride with speed like it was born in the water.

  • Polypropylene (PP) core
  • Single stringer made of carbon fiber
  • 50/50 rails
  • Dupont Surlyn slick
  • Comes with graduated channels for more drive
  • NXL / PE deck (8 pcf)
  • Crescent-shaped tail
  • Additional nose bulbs
  • Made for intermediate to advanced riders

Pride "The Answer" Bodyboard

Following Pierre Louis Costes’s epic world championship win, everyone is asking just one question: what bodyboard is he riding?

There is no other answer than: The Answer

Pride Answer bodyboard review

The Answer is the perfect bodyboard for power surfing. The 55/45 rails allow for big launches that are necessary for setting up the wildest aerial maneuvers. The Answer is generally straighter across the deck and from the widest point of the board down to the tail to help you drive your board during higher and steeper drops. For faster transitions, deeper bottom runs, and an overall quicker rail-to-rail game, you’re going to need The Answer. If it is good enough for Pierre Louis Costes, you should expect nothing less than power perfection. If you are an advanced surfer looking to progress further, you will feel the difference when you ride this board.

  • Kinetic / Polypropylene (PP) core
  • Single stringer made of carbon fiber
  • 55/45 rails
  • Made for advanced to professional riders
  • Built-in nose bulbs
  • NXL / PE deck (8 pcf)
  • Mesh material
  • Dupont Surlyn slick
  • Crescent-shaped tail

Pride "The Stereo" Bodyboard

Pride Bodyboards cater to a multitude of advanced and professional bodyboarders, but they also made sure the entry-level riders don’t get left behind.

Pride Stereo bodyboard review

This is why the Pride Team created the Stereo model—an all-around, straightforward, easy-to-use bodyboard for all types of conditions. The goal of the Stereo is to give you the most enjoyment and satisfaction possible, without the nitty-gritty factors to be considered in more technical surfing. Not only is this a bodyboard that anyone can surely ride, it also leaves you with a couple of bucks more than you would have if you bought any other entry-level bodyboard.

  • Polyethylene (PE) core
  • Single stringer made of carbon fiber
  • No mesh
  • HD slick
  • IXL / PE deck (8 pcf)
  • Crescent-shaped tail
  • Made for novice and beginner riders

Pride Vulcan Swim Fins

When you devote years of board riding research into the development of the most advanced bodyboard, you can bet that the same amount of determination and development went into the creation of the perfect bodyboarding companion—the Vulcan Swim Fins.

It took more than 2 years of research in the Pride Laboratory to come up with what is arguably the best swim fins in the market: the V1 and the V2 swim fins.

Vulcan V1 Swim Fins

If you want to become the best rider that you can be, you’re going to need to bring in hours and hours of surf and time in the water. The only way to do this is to get rid of physical limiters such as foot pain, chafing, and blisters from ill-fitting fins. The V1 series is ergonomic in all ways: from the foot pocket, the strap, down to the premium Malaysian rubber material it is made of. These fins also carry dual densities, making them better for long wear and extra flex. Nothing spells comfort and endurance better than this pair.

Vulcan V2 Swim Fins

What the V1 perfected in form and design, the V2 Fin improved in performance. The 3density Elastomer Technology® provides the best propulsion power compared to any other pair of fins in the market. Combining the same ergonomic foot pockets, ankle straps and drain holes in the V1 with this revolutionary technology, you get swim fins that can keep up with the most advanced riders.

Pride Vulcan Swim Fins Review

Pride Accessories

Once you get a taste of the best, you are going to want the entire ensemble. Here is Pride’s complete product line of the best bodyboarding accessories available in the market.


The standard wrist leash and the standard bicep leash from Pride are both made of a coiled 7mm heavy duty but ultra lightweight urethane cord. Both also have double swivels to give you unhampered action in the water.

Pride Bodyboard Leash Review

Board Bags

Pride offers two main kinds of board bags: the day trip board bag and the wheely board bag. Both bags are made of 100% polyester and are lightweight, making them perfect companions for travel. The board bags also come with clever compartments and separate pockets to organize all your gear and belongings.

Fin Socks

If you have a taste for comfort, you’ll enjoy wearing the Pride neoprene fin socks. They’re easy to wear and remove, and they’re so light that you’ll barely feel them there.

Fin Tethers

When you have swim fins like the V1 or the V2, you’re going to want to hang on to them for life. The fin tethers from Pride do a remarkable job of keeping your fins within your reachable distance without obstructing the natural flex and flow of your feet and ankles.


Who should purchase Pride bodyboards?

Pride bodyboards were made with the advanced surfer in mind. Most of the templates have features such as pulled in tails, 55/45 rails, and a straighter curve than traditional bodyboards because these are the features that will aid the expert surfer in launching into difficult maneuvers.

I am a beginner. Should I not buy a Pride bodyboard?

There are Pride bodyboards that are recommended for beginners. Check out the Stereo and the Combo templates.

Is this a good brand?

You bet. Experts choose it. World champions ride it.