About Us

FinBin.net is a website dedicated to water sports.

We are a resource that provides information in the form of articles, blog posts and helpful guides.

Here at Fin Bin we cover all water sports but we mainly focus on surfing, bodyboarding and paddle boarding.

From there we take it a step further and go deep into each category to cover specific boards, riding styles, how-to guides, related accessories etc. 

By going in-depth we aim to cover every aspect of these surf topics. We also include related topics such as the beach and helpful outdoor tips.

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Our main goal to to be the #1 best resource when it comes to outdoor adventure water sports and the go-to spot on the web for free information regarding this topic. 

From product reviews to how-to guides we aim to help you, the reader, with pursing your passion out in the water! ​

The Start Of FinBin.net

After years spent traveling the globe in search of exceptional waves a group of friends, watermen and women, decided to build a website around their passion.

FinBin.net was then born.

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We love to hear from our readers so if you would like to get in contact with us, feel free to do so via our contact page!

Drop us a line whether you have a question, comment, recommendation, content article idea or anything else under the sun, we'd love to hear from you!

A Bit About Us

All of our team of contributors and authors are experienced watermen (and women!) who have been doing so for many many years and are experts in their sport. Only the most knowledgeable and qualified writers hold author positions at Fin Bin to ensure quality and accuracy for our readers! We pride ourselves on this expertise and believe our work and knowledgeable shows here on the blog.  

We are down right fanatics when it comes to surfing and water sports and in our free time enjoy surfing of course, traveling as well as enjoying and respecting the ocean.

Our team of contributing authors are located across the globe (where the waves are good, of course) including California and the Philippines.


Tyler Connaghan

​My name is Tyler Connaghan and I’m a Los Angeles Based Composer, Producer, and lover of everything that has to do with the water. My days that are not spent cooped up in the studio are spent enjoying the sunny, Southern Californian beaches.

From a young age, I found solitude with the ocean. From La Jolla Shores to Malibu’s Point Dume, I’ve surfed, swam, and bodyboarded, almost every worth spot there is. I have a clear memory of my first time on a surfboard as a goofy, young grom on the shores of Santa Monica, barely able to paddle out past the whitewater. I learned a lot about patience and perseverance during that time, something that eventually led me to become a better surfer and person.

Tyler Connaghan

Besides my love of surfing, I enjoy cinematic car trips along the coast, reading coffee table books, grilling anything and everything, and noodling for hours on end with my sweet, little Taylor 410. Catch me at your local shore with my little pup Ziggy in one hand and a fish taco in the other.

Camille pilar

My name is Camille Pilar. I was born and grew up in the Philippines. I now reside in Lingayen, Philippines where I love to write and surf. 

As a young girl, I would spend much of my time sitting by the ocean, as I didn’t have many friends due to my innate shyness. In a twist of fate, I ended up meeting one of my longtime friends who helped me to get into surfing.

In my teen years, I began entering local surfing competitions. They weren’t anything compared to the ones I would later find in California, though put me in the competitive spirit and made me a better surfer overall.

Besides surfing, I love riding my jet ski, playing beach volleyball, dancing, and watching just about every action sport I can find.

Camille surfboard
Camille surfing
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Camille beach