Best Snorkel Gear

Snorkel Gear

While looking to purchase snorkel gear one can become overwhelmed with the vast amount of products and brands to choose from.

That’s why we’ve made it easy on you by doing the research and providing a list of the best snorkel gear on the market.

From the best features in professional snorkel gear to the best bargains, we’ve got you covered. 

The point of getting the equipment is to get out there and snorkel.

Don’t waste any more time waiting to explore the ocean.

Dive into what we’ve found when it comes to the best snorkel gear out there!

Our Favorite Snorkel Gear

#1 Best Overall: Cozia Design Snorkel Set
Cozia Design Snorkel Gear

  • All you need snorkel set in one package
  • Designed for comfort and clarity
  • Incredible Value

#1 Best Snorkel Gear For Beginners: U.S. Divers Cozumel Snorkel Set
U.S. Divers Cozumel Snorkel Gear

  • Entire snorkel set for a great price
  • Rubber full pocket flippers, mask and dry snorkel
  • Comes with durable mesh bag

#1 Best Snorkel Gear For Kids: Seavenger Junior Dry Top Snorkel Set
Seavenger Junior Dry Top Snorkel Gear

  • Compact Trek fins good for travel
  • Adult and junior sizing
  • Ten different colors of snorkel sets to choose from

The Top 10

#1 Best Overall: Cozia Design Snorkel Set

Cozia Design Snorkel Set

The Cozia set is a brilliant buy for snorkelers looking to get more comfortable in their ocean element.  Reason being is you get the full face Ocean View snorkel mask.  This new  development in snorkeling technology has helped so many snorkelers gain comfortability in what can sometimes be an uncomfortable environment.  The Ocean View full face mask has 180 degree wide view with a silicone padded skirt that rests on and covers your face.  Which is a breakthrough for those who dislike their nose being cut off from air when using a standard snorkel mask.  Being able to breathe through the nose gives some snorkelers ease, which is what your aiming for when engaging in such a meditative activity. 

The window of the full face mask is made with a polypropylene frame and shatterproof polycarbonate.  This is an excellent feature when it comes to being rough on your gear which most adventurous types tend to be guilty of.  Now here is the real magic when it comes to the full face window, it is also designed to be fog free!  The use of different breathing sections that generate an airflow prevent a fogged up mask.  Which is probably the number one frustration that occurs while snorkeling. 

Don’t let the frame of the mask steal all the glory as the snorkel that sits on top of the headset also has some nifty bells and whistles.  The snorkel is included with a top seal mechanism and drain valve.  The top seal feature prevents water from entering the mask which is a bonus for those who don’t like salty intrusions!  Yet if an unwanted saltwater mouthful does happen to seep in, the snorkel uses its drain valve feature that rids of any water.   

Now the Ocean View full face snorkel mask is already an appealing piece of equipment, but let’s not forget the open heel adjustable fins that come along with the Cozia design snorkel set.  These compact fins have easy and user friendly straps for you to adjust to your foot.  Also they come with simple clip on buckles which make putting on fins more accessible.  The split design feature on the fin makes it easier on those with sensitive knees.  As they create less tension but still propel you through the water with maneuverability. 

It’s amazing that you can get all of this for such a low price.  You usually can’t make it out of dive shop for that price with all the equipment mentioned.  That’s why the price and the features that come along with the Ocean View full face mask and compact split fins make the Cozia design snorkel set number one when it comes to snorkel gear.       

#2 Best Snorkel Gear For Beginners: U.S. Divers Cozumel Snorkel Set 

U.S. Divers Cozumel Snorkel Set

For our beginner snorkelers out there consider purchasing the U.S Divers Cozumel Snorkel Set.  It comes with a mask, snorkel, fins and a handy mesh bag to keep all your gear together.  What makes this set perfect for beginners is the professional quality of the gear at such a great price.  It isn’t a big investment on equipment that you potentially may not want to continue using after vacationing and engaging in the activity for the first time.  But if you do want to pursue using the gear it is the sturdy starter set to continue getting you out there in the water.

The Cozumel Snorkel Set comes with a standard two window snorkel mask.  The mask windows have tempered glass which prevent you from acquiring nasty scratches that may obscure your aquatic view.  As for the mask straps, there is a three way adjustable buckles mechanism.  This is quite helpful when you want to make an adjustment to your straps.

The snorkel is also my top recommendation for beginners as it is equipped with a splash top.  This hydro adhesion technology prevents water from seeping into the snorkel tube and entering your mouth.  It may not seem like much, but to a person trekking the ocean for their first time they want maximum focus to be on enjoying the activity.  If the snorkeler is constantly taking in water and having to purge that may distort their view to a negative one when it comes to the sport.  So the splash top technology is a no brainer when it comes to suggesting for beginners.

The full pocket fins are easy to slip on and comfortable.  They range from sizes 5-13 so you’ll be sure to have a good fit.  The slits in the fins make maneuverability much less strenuous than your standard swim fin.  At the back of the foot pocket you’ll see a tab that helps you remove and put on your fins. 

All this professional snorkel gear comes with a mesh bag to store your equipment in.  The mesh helps keep gear dry which helps to prevent molding.  You can choose from a black, blue, yellow or red set.  So if your a beginner snorkeler the U.S Divers Cozumel Snorkel Set is just for you!   

#3 Best Snorkel Gear For Kids: Seavenger Junior Dry Top Snorkel Set

Seavenger Junior Dry Top Snorkel Set

Kids want to snorkel too!  The best set for your aquatic adventuring kiddos is the Seavenger Junior Dry Top Snorkel Set.   This snorkel set comes with all of the goods.  You get a mask, snorkel, fins and mesh bag for your kids to play around in.  The bank doesn’t break when you purchase this set either.  It’s an affordable kit for the kids!

The Seavenger set comes with a kids snorkel mask.  It can be difficult to find a smaller mask fit for kids so it’s a good thing that the kit has done the hard work for you.  The mask is a single lens which creates a panoramic view for snorkeling.  The adjustable mask strap features also help with generating the perfect fit for the user.

The snorkel is equipped with a dry snorkel feature like the one mentioned with the U.S divers kit.  Just like beginners, kids also want an easy fun way to engage in the activity.  The dry snorkel accomplishes that by sealing off water from entering the snorkel tube.  There is a mask clip that comes with the snorkel so you can easily attach and detach it from the mask.

The Trek fins are the cherry on top to the snorkel set.  They are small in size therefore compact for traveling.  Also they come with adjustable straps and buckles which make it a breeze for your kids to take them off and on.  You can put the fins, mask and snorkel into the mesh bag that comes along with the set.  Yet my favorite part about the kit, and will probably your child's favorite too, is all the varieties of colors to choose from!  From lavender to army green, these fun colors make the Seavenger Snorkel Set a top buy when it comes to best snorkel gear. 

#4 Cressi Palau Snorkel Set 

Cressi Palau Snorkel Set

When it comes to buying snorkel gear a top brand you will hear mentioned is Cressi.  They were pioneers in snorkel equipment and continue to produce and perfect their products.  That’s why we had to have the Cressi Palau Snorkel Set as a top consideration. 

The kit comes equipped with a Cressi Eyes Evolution model mask.  The skirt around the mask that rests on your face is made of silicone which makes for comfort and a good seal to prevent water leakage.  The mask is low profile to help create a better fit for the face.  Along with the Eyes Evolution mask you get the Supernova dry snorkel.  This dry snorkel does just as the others, prevents water from entering the tube using a anti splash valve.  The snorkel has an ergonomic flex towards the mouth piece so your jaw doesn’t ache while exploring.  The two merry up with one another in a set of six different colors to choose from.

The set comes with the Palau short fins too.  The rapid action buckles make it a breeze for users to clip on and off.  They are compact and come with a mesh bag that keeps all your gear together.  Now if you were to purchase all of these products individually it would exceed the price you pay when buying the Palau snorkel set. 

So all this incredible professional snorkel gear for under a hundred dollars makes this kit a steal! You don’t want to pass up an offer like this especially when it comes from a reputable brand like Cressi.  That’s why the Palau Snorkel set comes in at number 4 on our list of best snorkel gear. 

#5 U.S. Divers Diva Women’s Snorkel Set

Alright ladies, time to get in the water with some sweet snorkel gear.  Look no further than the U.S Divers Diva Women’s Snorkel Set. Comes complete with the Admiral LX mask, Island Dry LX snorkel, Trek fins and utility gear bag. The set is a great value for the professional snorkel gear it offers. It also comes in pink, purple, red and white.

The Admiral LX mask is a stylish and comfortable mask with feminine features.  It’s a single lens low profile mask that helps the mask fit more securely to the face with a panoramic view. The hypoallergenic skirt is 100% silicone and has a gummy texture that fits comfortably. The best feature to the Admiral LX is the easy pinch and pull Pro-Glide buckles. This makes it a breeze for ladies when they are trying to adjust the straps next to their hair. 

As for the Island Dry LX snorkel, expect to snorkel with confidence. It is a dry snorkel that is still able to submerge. It comes with the Pivot Dry technology that stops water from entering the snorkel. If you let water in at the mouthpiece there is a purge valve feature that let’s you expell the water even while still snorkeling. That way you don’t have to distract yourself by lifting your head out of the water to dispel of the salty liquid.

The Trek fins are just like the ones in the Seavenger set and just like that one, the fins are perfect and compact for travel. The only difference is the sizing and the coloring. Yet my favorite part of this set is the gear bag. It is perfect for keeping your gear together as well as durable. Extra pockets can helps organize and store things like defogger and extra mask straps.  So ladies,  don’t pass up the perfect bag and one of the best snorkel kits!

#6 Snorkel Star Full-Face Snorkel Set w/GoPro Attachment

Snorkel Star Full-Face Snorkel Set

Remember the full face mask mentioned with the Cozia set?  Well if that sounded appealing then this next kit will too.  But it has more to offer, the Snorkel Star Full Face Mask comes with an added Gopro attachment.  This is a beautiful point of view for the camera. Any snorkeler with a Gopro should be sure to use it. 

This full face mask has the 180 degree wide view just like the Cozia’s set.  The only different feature would be the floating ball mechanism used to prevent any salt water from invading the snorkel.  That way you can enjoy your aquatic outing without choking on saltwater.  The adjustable fins are an added bonus too!

What’s incredible about this set is that you can get it for such a low price and you get the Snorkel Star full face mask and adjustable fins.  But wait, there’s more!  You also get a 10 L dry bag and anti-fog spray.  There are junior and adult sizes to choose from.   At the price point it is an absolute bargain for our best snorkel gear guide.

#7 U.S. Divers Lux Platinum Snorkel Set

U.S. Divers Lux Platinum Snorkel Set

Alright now we have the U.S Divers Lux Platinum Snorkel Set.  It comes with a 4 window snorkel mask, dry snorkel, adjustable fins and gear bag.

What’s unique about this set is the 4 window mask.  This high profile mask helps some snorkelers see with more of a peripheral view.  It helps them relax and enjoy the aquatic journey with a wide view.  There is a patented nose pocket purge that makes it easier for expelling water through the your nose if water were to get in your mask.  That way you don’t have to lift up your mask to get rid of any water. 

The fins have adjustable straps and are longer than your compact travel fin.  That means it gives you more thrust while moving through the water.  So you lose less energy to cover more ground.  The snorkel set also comes with a utility bag.  Perfect for gear storage and fitting in your luggage if you were to bring your equipment along for a vacation. 

#8 Cozia Design Foldable Full-Face Mask Snorkel Set

Cozia Design Foldable Full-Face Mask Snorkel Set

This Cozia set is very similar to the first mentioned as our number one pick.  Yet there’s a couple of different practical features!  That is the snorkel on the full face mask retracts and is foldable.  This is great when needing to travel.  As it becomes more compact and easy to carry!  Also the frame of this mask has a flat window feature.  That way you don’t get the fish eye effect the other mask produces.  You can also record your experience with a GoPro camera.  It has the added mount attachment for videos of fish and fun.

The set comes included with a pair of adjustable fins.  These fins use a clip in buckle to help you get them on and off with ease.  This amazing snorkel set comes at a bargain. Yet another great snorkel set added to our best snorkel gear guide.     

#9 Aquadis Snorkel Set

Aquadis Snorkel Set

We’ve got the Aquadis snorkel set on our list for a more than a few reasons.  It comes with the goods, a dive mask, dry-snorkel, open foot pocket luxury fins, and mesh mask and snorkel bag.  We know it’s always good to have a bag for keeping gear together and travel. So let’s take check out what features this kit has to offer.  

First off, the snorkel set comes in all yellow.  Yellow is a good color to wear while out snorkeling. It makes it easy to notice or identify someone while you are splashing around.  You get a single lens yellow and black accented mask.  As a reminder single lens windows are good for panoramic views.  The mask skirt is all silicone so expect a comfy fit and tight seal.  The snorkel is dry so no water is getting in the way of your adventure. 

The fins are the star of the show here.  They have a rubber patch on the center of the bottom of the fin.  This helps with comfortable mobility while swimming.  They also feel fun to swim in as the rubber patch helps you become more fluid in the liquid environment.  The heel is open and comes equipped with quick release buckles.  The size is just right as is compact enough for travel but long enough to propel you with ease in the water.           

#10 PRODIVE Premium Dry Top Snorkel Set

PRODIVE Premium Dry Top Snorkel Set

Here we are at number 10, the PRODIVE premium dry top snorkel set.  The best part about this kit is the bargain, very reasonable price. 

This compact snorkel kit comes with a gear bag, easy breathe dry snorkel and mask.  There are six different colors to choose from like baby blue and coral pink. 

The dry snorkel is like its prototypes, DRY!  No water will be getting in your snorkel at the top of your snorkel while you are swimming around.  

The mask is a perfect fit for most as it is a low profile mask.  There are easy adjusting straps to make fitting the mask more simple.  Keep these items together with the handy gear bag it the set comes with. 

 This kit is good for those who are trying out the sport or even headed for a last minute quick vacation.  The size is perfect for travel and the price isn’t to steep if you don’t ever use the gear again.  That’s why we have it for you to check out on our best snorkel gear guide.

Best Snorkeling Accessories 


If you are looking for some added comfort you should invest in a pair of booties!  Not only do they keep you feet warm and cozy while snorkeling, but they help protect your feet as well.  Some snorkel sites may require you to walk along rocks or even reef.  To prevent your feet from getting any scrapes booties with tread will help in this area.  There an inexpensive add on so consider adding them to your snorkel kit.

Snorkeling Vest

A snorkeling vest is what I recommend for most beginners.  It just adds an extra level of security which helps the enjoyment of the activity.  The vest is similar to a life jacket but designed for snorkeling.  If you aren’t the best swimmer or are possibly overcoming an injury, consider getting the vest.  It’s a great way That to splash around on your ocean adventures feeling safe and relaxed.  You can inflate the vest for use and later deflate it for storage.


Now all wetsuits aren’t made just for snorkeling in cold water.  There are exposure suits that you can use in warm tropical water that help prevent against jellyfish and also work as a sunscreen.  If you are getting into colder climates while snorkeling than wetsuits are the way to go.  There are a variety of wetsuits out there from shorties to full suits.  The colder water you get into the thicker the wetsuit you’ll want to get.  You can get 1mm wetsuits u to 7mm wetsuits.  There is no strict guide on temperature of water to wetsuit thickness.  It all just depends on your comfort level.  If you get cold easy and plan on snorkeling get a thicker wetsuit.  Vise versa if you are more warm blooded.

What To Consider When Buying Snorkel Gear

So we’ve covered the best snorkel gear, but now we need to go over the considerations while making your purchases.  We want you to invest in quality gear that you can use time and time again. So remember these considerations when purchasing your gear.

Snorkel Mask Fit

When you buy a pair of shoes, you don’t want them to snug or too loose.  Same idea goes for when purchasing a snorkel mask.  Now when you try on your mask in the store or after it’s been shipped, you need to do the mask test.  You simply place the place the mask on your face, make sure the mask straps aren’t obstructing the placement between the skirt of the mask and your face.  While it rests on your face begin to suck in air through your nose and take your hand away from the mask.  If the mask does not fall from your face or lets no air seep in then you have a good match.  If the mask falls, or you can feel streams of air squeezing through then you may need to switch to a different style mask.  The air seeping in resembles what water will do to those spaces which causes leakage in your mask.  Prevent that by switching mask styles and increasing the wearability of your new mask. 

Looking for more in-depth reviews of snorkel masks? Head on over to our main snorkel mask page where you can see our 13 best snorkel masks reviewed.

Lens Visibility

The point of using a snorkel mask is to see the beauty of our aquatic realm.  But you can’t see what lies beneath the surface if your mask continually fogs up.  There is a couple of tricks you can use to prevent this.  First things first, strip the film off the mask when you first purchase it.  In order to keep the masks looking nice and shiny in the store manufacturers will put a coating on the mask.  You can get rid of this film by putting toothpaste on the lenses overnight which helps dissolve the film.  Or you can burn the film with a lighter, but use caution.  Even when you strip the film from your mask it can still fog up on dives.  That’s because the glass in the masks have microscopic holes that can build condensation.  If you use your own saliva (yes I’m suggesting you spit on your mask), or use mask defogger it will keep your mask from fogging on your adventures.

Snorkel Type

You may have noticed while reading the list of best snorkel gear that there were different styles of snorkels mentioned.  Typically there are three types.  You have the J snorkel, dry snorkel and semi dry snorkel.  The J snorkel is typically used amongst free divers and spearfisherman because it is just another bridge between you and the surface.  It has no added features added the snorkel.  The semi-dry snorkel has a mechanism at the top known as a splash guard that keeps water from getting in.  But if you were to submerge water fills the tube.  The Dry snorkel has the splash guard and a sealing mechanism that doesn’t let any water in while submerging.  You would think why not just get the dry snorkel? Well most divers and snorkelers who like diving down don’t like the extra added buoyancy a dry snorkel may have.  But if your just playing  around on the top of the surface this goes unnoticed.


When you get your snorkel kit there are a few accessories you should acquire.  First, you want to have a solid defogger.  Nothing is more frustrating than having your mask continually fog up on you.   Also having a gear bag is a solid way to keep your gear together so you don’t lose anything.  That’s why it’s nice most of the snorkel sets on our best snorkel gear guide come with a mesh bag.  Reef safe sunscreen is a big one these days.  Hawaii has just banned sunscreen that isn’t reef safe so make sure to get the good stuff.  Having a rash guard to protect against sun rays is also good to have.  I like to carry extra mask straps in the event mine breaks on me and I don’t want to end my adventure by letting a silly mask strap get in the way.  There are lots of materials that you will acquire as you continue snorkeling but these are some of the basics.

Open Vs. Closed Heel Fins

So should you get open heel or closed heel fins?  Open heel fins are for really useful for those who are wearing booties.  Since you can just unbuckle and buckle the strap over the heel, there is more room for wearing these aqua socks.  So open heel fins are sometimes considered a cold water or scuba diving fin.  As for full pocket fins, these are considered more of a tropical fin.  The closed heel is nice for just slipping your fins off and on at the shoreline or jumping off the boat.

Fin Fit

Some people make the mistake of not getting the right fin size, thinking that they can just make do.  The problem is if you get it to tight over the duration of a snorkel adventure your toes and feet will begin to cramp.  If you get it slightly loose then the fin may slide off and on at the back of your heel which could cause blistering.  When trying on a fin have someone stand on the front of the flipper as you try to pull your foot in and out of the foot pocket.  From there if it is to tight, go with something larger because you do not want it to be snug.  You want your heel to come up with the back of the foot pocket.  That should give you the right fin fit.

Looking for more in-depth reviews of snorkel fins? Head on over to our main snorkel fin page where you can read about our best snorkel fins


Should I Buy Or Rent My Snorkel Gear?

Whether you decide to rent or buy your snorkel gear is completely up to you! There are a few factors to consider, however. For starters, if you're planning on snorkeling quite a bit, it might be worth it to get your own gear. Yes, you'll probably end up spending more up front, though you'll save money in the long run compared to if you were to rent multiple times.

Secondly, your own personal snorkel gear will no doubt fit and feel better. Rental gear sets are typically pretty cheap and they're not made to provide the best in comfort, fit, and features. When you use your own gear over and over again, you get familiar with it. Overall, you'll feel more comfortable in the water and have better experiences with gear that you can call your own.

Lastly, having your own gear means that you'll be ready to snorkel wherever you end up. For us adventurers, the greatest thing is spontaneity. Let's say you're driving up the coastline and you see a gorgeous spot out the window that would be perfect for snorkeling. Too bad there aren't any rental spots within a few miles. Wish you would have bought your own? You get the picture.

Not sure how to acquire your gear? Check out our guide on where to buy your snorkeling gear for more info!

When Was Snorkeling Invented?

Snorkeling goes back thousands and thousands of years. Back in the B.C. era, Greek farmers were known to use hollow reeds so that they could breathe while submerged in the water. As time went on, people found new and innovative ways to dive down in the depths including animal skins and air pumps.

Modern technology came about only a century ago, as it was when we begun to understand how to create non-corrosive pieces of gear with better visibility and breathing apparatuses. 

For those who want to truly trace this wonderful activity back to its roots, make sure to read the history of snorkeling.

Is Snorkeling A Good Workout?

Not only does snorkeling allow you to experience the beauty of the ocean deep, but it's also a great way to keep your body feeling fit and healthy. ​

Snorkeling is basically swimming with a view, meaning you'll receive a full-body workout. you can expect to get a good workout on your hamstrings, quads, calves, core, and shoulders. The more and more you work, the more strength and endurance you will build over time. 

You can also expect your breathing to improve, thanks to the fact that tube breathing creates resistance and breath regulation that you must work through to stay comfortable in the water. In the long run, it can help to increase your lung capacity.

Lastly, for those who have built up tension or joint problems, snorkeling can help to remove those restrictions thanks to the lack of resistance that the water provides. 

Besides being an excellent workout, snorkeling provides a ton of great benefits. You can read more about that on the health benefits of snorkeling article.

What Do I Need To Put Together My Own Snorkel Set?

For those of you who are more DIY and want to Frankenstein your own kit together, here are some of the important pieces that you need:

Snorkel Fins

The type of fins that you get will depend on the type of water that you're surfing in. For those of you who will mostly be snorkeling in warmer waters, a good pair of closed-heel fins will do you just fine. For those of you will be snorkeling in colder waters, we recommend getting some open-heel fins, as you may want to wear a pair of booties too.

The length will depend on what you want to do with your fins. If you're a surface swimmer who just wants to float lightly on top of the water, a shorter pair will feel great. However, if you're looking to take your swim a little deeper, we recommend getting longer fins for the added propulsion.

The most important thing is that they are comfortable. If you have the ability to, go and try some on to decide what fit is best for you.


The mask is what is going to allow you to see the ocean floor around you. Having a quality mask is crucial if you want to optimize your experience. Your mask should have shatterproof glass and a fairly low volume of space between your eyes and the glass for a lightweight feel.

Whether you get a mono or duo mask is totally up to personal preference, as there are pros and cons of each. One of the most important things is to make sure the mask fits your right. A mask that is too tight will be uncomfortable to wear while a mask that is too loose will constantly let water in. A mask should seal to your face comfortably with a small inhale.


Snorkels are pretty basic. You shouldn't have to worry about them too much. A mid-sized snorkel will have the best compromise between reach and easy breathing. We do recommend getting one with a filter though, as it will stop water from coming in if you decide to dive or if the water above you get a bit choppy.

What Are Some Good Beaches to Snorkel At?

Big Island, Hawaii

There are no shortage of amazing snorkeling spots around the Hawaiian islands. With that said, the Big Island provides the most bang for your buck thanks to the massive size. Here you can experience a colorful world of underwater coral and tropical sea life including turtles, dolphins, fish, and more. One of the best places to snorkel is Honaunau Bay with its dazzling coral gardens and wide variety of sea life.

Ambergris Caye, Belize

This is the second largest barrier reef in the world just behind the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Underwater exploration is a massive part of Belize's tourism and you can expect to see sea life like you never thought possible. With the hundreds of snorkeling spots along the Caribbean coast, you can find gorgeous coral gardens and crystal clear waters. If you're feeling wild, head to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve in Ambergris Caye to swim with some sharks!

Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

The majority of the world can thank Charles Darwin's love for discovery and fascination with nature, as it is what put the Galapagos Islands on the map for many inspired travelers. With 19 different islands, there is an incredibly diverse marine ecosystem with sea turtles, humpback whales, and even penguins!

If you're up for the adventure of a lifetime, there is an underwater volcano adjacent to Floreana known as the Devil's Crown. Some of the world's most mind-blowing sea life can be found here. 

We also have a best beaches for snorkeling article if you're interested in exploring the best snorkeling beaches on Earth.

How Do I Get Started Snorkeling?

Get Some Good Equipment

All too often beginner snorkelers rent cheap gear that doesn’t fit well, leaks throughout their snorkeling session, and creates an overall negative experience. This is why we recommend getting yourself some good equipment to start with if you want to have a good time.

Get Used To Your Gear On Land

We recommend getting use to your gear before you get in the ocean. You want to be comfortable in knowing how your gear fits and feels on your face before you have a million other things to worry about. You can even practice in a swimming pool or in a body of water that is calm. Start off by making sure you are relaxed and get used to breathing through the tube of your snorkel.

This is when you can begin to get your snorkel adjustments right too, as it will feel a bit different in the water then on land. Here you can begin to propel yourself around the water using your legs. I’ve always found that it is helpful to act like a seal when snorkeling. Let your body elongate and use your legs as your main propulsion system.

In the Ocean

The main thing that you want to remember when you get in the ocean is to remain relaxed. If you don’t, you will get tired much faster a have a harder time breathing. Snorkeling isn’t a race. It is a time to enjoy the water underneath you. Remember that your snorkel is going to create breath limitations. If you’re swimming too quickly, you’ll lose your breath much easier. 

Make sure to check out our 20 beginner tips for snorkeling for the ultimate preparation!

Snorkeling Vs. Scuba?

Snorkeling is an activity that just about anybody can be apart of. It’s fairly accessible on most beaches, the equipment is inexpensive, and you don’t need any sort of certificate to get out their in the water. It’s great for those who want to explore the ocean with less risk attached, as you’re always near the surface unless you decide to free dive.

Scuba diving, on the other hand, has barriers to entry. For starters, you must be certified to scuba dive. Secondly, you must be in great shape. Lastly, you’re going to need the proper equipment, which can get expensive pretty fast.

We like to put it this way. Snorkeling allows you to be an onlooker in a marine ecosystem while scuba diving allows you to be a part of that marine ecosystem. You can explore places that many people will never get to see in their lifetime.

For a more in-depth comparison, make sure to check out our snorkeling vs. scuba article.

Which Should You Get?

Now the big question, what do you get!?  Well for the the Cozia Design Snorkel set is number one on the list.  The value is incredible, the design is made for comfort and clarity, and you get all that you need in one package!  But choose what kit works for you.  Is it pricing, is it traveling, are you a beginner?  Hopefully our best snorkel gear guide provides a path to consumer clarity.  Because like I said before, there is no time to waste when it comes to getting in the ocean.  So it’s time to get out there and enjoy your next snorkel session with the best snorkel gear!

should you buy?