The 4 Best Bodyboarding Magazines

News Stand or News Feed?

Today, you can find heaps of bodyboarding information on social media. You can get updated information on any aspect with just the click of a button.


You can quickly scroll through amazing photos of big wave riders in secret surf spots. In seconds, you absorb some words and photos and then you move on to the next news feed, leaving all that great bodyboarding information and imagery behind in the cloud.

Print magazines may be old school, but they have their benefits. Magazines are something you can tangibly hold in your hands and leaf through slowly and mindfully. If something catches your eye, you can save it – and not with the click of a button. You can cover your walls – not your social media timeline – with inspirational images torn from the pages of bodyboarding magazines that let you study intricate moves, dream about that next surf session, and plan future adventures and surf trips.

Printed magazines are collectables and their creativity in reporting goes more in-depth than your average online news feed. Either way, here are four of the best bodyboarding magazines in print and on the web that you should look into!

Riptide Magazine

Both online and in print, Riptide Magazine is popular among bodyboarders the world over.

Find news, videos, photos, reviews, interviews and so much more. If, you prefer the print version, The Riptide Quarterly is published four times a year and has been selling strong since their first copy in 1989. Their bold images are on high-quality stock photo so they are clear and vibrant.

This is what this Australian magazine is known for – providing the best bodyboarding imagery in the world.

Surge Bodyboarding

Surge Bodyboarding Mag

Founded in 2010, Surge Bodyboarding Magazine is solely online and dedicates itself to promoting the sport of bodyboarding in America. They have an easy to use website to find the latest in bodyboarding news, event promotions, and high-quality products you can purchase through them.

Founded and operated by dedicated and experienced bodyboarders in the sporting industry, this magazine has some cool features.

Content of regular features includes photo galleries, lifestyle perspectives and full-length interviews with professional photographers and bodyboarders. The magazine’s motto: "RESPECT IS EVERYTHING"

Movement Magazine

Movement Magazine came into print in 2002, and set about creating content that shared the interests of the bodyboarding generation at that time.

After 41 issues, however, the global financial crisis combined with a loss in advertising sales to social media, forced the magazine out of business.

The magazine has made a comeback. Movement touched the hearts of its readers by creating a sense of belonging to a community of other like-minded bodyboarders all over the world. One goal of the new Movement Magazine is to make its readers feel like they are a part of something, part of a movement.

It’s the commonality and camaraderie among those interested in bodyboarding that Movement Magazine brings together.

Movement Magazine offers stories and images of dreamy escapism. Readers take a journey in each issue, learning about different cultures and lifestyles around the world. Readers will also be introduced to those who work in the bodyboarding industry, and be exposed to what’s new in the latest gear and accessories.

Sixty40 Magazine

Sixty40 Magazine used to be print published, and was the only South African bodyboarding magazine. While hard-copy versions are no longer available, you can find this magazine online.

It still provides the bodyboarding community with news, rider profiles, forums, and contest information and results.

Now online, the magazine features excellent videos on all aspects of bodyboarding. They always had exceptional photographs, with full-page spreads of aerial tricks and big barrels.

They still do, now just online!

Sixty40 Bodyboard Mag

The Struggle Is Real

Printing and distributing magazines takes a team effort and financial backing to stay in business. They also need a loyal readership. Sales of print-published bodyboarding magazines like Movement and Riptide are proof there is still an interest for that type of media.

Sadly, there are print bodyboarding magazines in the United States, a place with an estimated 95,471 miles of shoreline.

Here are some printed magazines that came and went.

Bodyboarding Magazine

Bodyboarding Magazine

Bodyboarding Magazine is an Australian publication of the 1980-1990’s era of bodyboarding that is no longer printed.

It had up-close and dynamic photographs of bodyboarders – even the dropknee style is front page in 1991!

The exhilarating photos compliment real life stories of touring, traveling and trick learning with your bodyboard.

The gear guide was great! Retro is in!

Bodyboarder Magazine

Another early Aussie attempt at a bodyboarding magazine, Bodyboarder Magazine’s mission was to promote the activity and sport of bodyboarding worldwide.

Ben Severson graced the first cover in 1990.

The magazine was bi-monthly and stopped print publication by the late 1990′s.

Bodyboarder Mag.

Option Magazine

Option bodyboard Mag

An American published magazine for the serious bodyboarder, the water athletes.

It was a traditional boadyboarding magazine, but focused on the sport side of wave riding.

It also featured American-made products and accessories.

Vert Magazine

Three Portuguese friends created Vert Magazine in November 1994. In November 2013, they published their final issue.

Their main mission was to inspire bodyboarders and introduce the younger generations to the sport.

"However, with the very little we had in hand, we seek to do something that represent the real feeling of bodyboarding.

Is there a better way than a bodyboarder upside-down in a super heavy wave?"

Vert bodyboard Magazine