Camille Pilar is a surfer and writer in Lingayen, Philippines. She loves to explore new waves and surf trip adventures with her friends.
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Gold Coast Surfboards Review

Gold Coast Surfboard

Go for the gold with a Gold Coast Foam Surfboard

Gold Coast Surfboards make superbly designed, durably constructed and highly versatile foam boards for just about every type of surfer and every wave condition.

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The Intex Seahawk 3 Review

Seahawk 3 Boat

Dreaming of a fun weekend out on the lake or wading down the lazy river?

Our Intex Seahawk 3 Review might help to bring you one step closer to that dream.

Intex is no stranger to inflatable water products and their inflatable boats are some of the best out there. 

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The Top 5 Best Bodyboard Leashes

best bodyboard leashes

In the market for a bodyboard leash?

Well my dude or dudette, you are in luck. We cover the best ones to get. There are plenty of good leashes out there and ones that will do, but after years out in the water, trying just about every leash, there are certainly standouts and ones that are by far our favorites. These below will most likely be your best be, so check them out>>  Continue Reading


The 5 Best Surf Wax Coconut Air Fresheners

Best Surf Wax Coconut Air Fresheners Review

Surfers love the smell of tropical paradise. Sweet coconuts and the soft sea breeze always put us in a good mood. However, all this dissipates the moment we step inside our cars where the unfortunate aroma of wet towels and wetsuits welcome us back to reality. If you have dreamed of taking the sweet smell of surfer’s paradise with you wherever you go, any of these delicate surf wax coconut air fresheners should make a nice addition to your room or car.

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The Ultimate Guide To Stand Up Bodyboarding

Stand Up Bodyboarding

Try It – You May Like It

More popular in the 1980s and 1990s, standup bodyboarding is still around. Combining surfing and bodyboarding, this type of wave riding is a bit more challenging.

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Top 4 Metal Detectors

Costco Metal Detectors

Are you ready to find historic and precious medals, valuable lost rings and maybe even gold?!

For those who want to extend their reaches to the ethers of internet for the wildest metal detectors on the market, we recommend checking out our overall best beach metal detector page.

For those who want to narrow their options, we welcome you to the world of hunting with a metal detector found on Amazon.

This is a fun and fulfilling hobby to do at the beach or anywhere for millions of people across the world and a great past time to get into. 

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Best Sunscreen List

The Best Sunscreen at Costco

There are some things you just can’t leave behind if you’re going to the beach and on top of this list is sunscreen. Make no mistake about it—this isn’t something the cosmetic industry created to turn a profit. Direct exposure to the sun’s UV rays has negative effects on our skin. Extreme cases can even lead to skin cancer. So the next time you plan a trip to the beach, make sure you have a bottle of sun protection stashed away in your bag.

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