BZ Bodyboards Review

Are you looking around for the perfect bodyboard for you? You might have come across BZ Bodyboards, as they are a household name in the industry of high performance and cutting edge bodyboard designs. Get to know BZ Bodyboards and their assorted line of high performance bodyboards in this review.


The History of BZ

The story of BZ Bodyboards couldn’t have happened without Tom Morey, who is hailed as the father of modern day bodyboarding. Tom Morey was an avid surfer and beach fanatic living in Laguna Beach, California. He was tinkering around with different types of surf equipment and he eventually invented the first modern bodyboard design. There his company began, Morey Bodyboards, with the biggest hit being the Morey Mach 7, which had a tremendous impact on the industry and that board is still well known to this day! Morey then built his own bodyboard factory in his own backyard, and this is how he met Bobby Szabad—the founder of BZ Bodyboards.

Bobby Szabad was one of Morey’s first apprentices and he was also a pioneer rider for the Morey Boogie bodyboarding team. He and Morey grew the business together and he even became the Head of Production in a number of Morey’s factories. Eventually, Bobby Szabad left to start his own company, and he called it BZ Bodyboards.



BZ Bodyboards was able to manufacture their own well-loved line of high performance and cutting edge boards that surf well in any type of surf conditions. They are ideal for intermediate to advanced riders, however, a serious beginner can also benefit from the many advanced features of the BZ Bodyboards designs.


BZ T-10 Bodyboard

The BZ T-10 Bodyboard is the flagship model of BZ Bodyboards. It is a high performance stick that can be ridden by bodyboarders of any skill level. It is stable enough for beginners to learn on, and at the same time, it is slick enough for BZ T-10intermediate to advanced riders to improve their skills when going down the curl of a wave. The T-10 model is well loved by many riders and it is often called the most affordable and reliable all-around board for its price.

  • 42 inches in length
  • 21.5 inches in width
  • Maximum flex (Dow 300 material)
  • Clipped crescent-shaped tail
  • Channels at the bottom
  • Comes in turquoise yellow, orange white and green gray


BZ Advantage Bodyboard

BZ Advantage BodyboardThe BZ Advantage Bodyboard was designed for intermediate to advanced riders looking to improve their control and speed as they cruise down the face of a wave. This bodyboard comes with unique features such as the signature semi C-shape body as well as the crescent-shaped tail that locks your body into the wave with better control. This board also has a channeled bottom; giving you a much-needed boost when you’re aiming for top speed when doing advanced maneuvers.

  • 39-42.5 inches in length
  • HDPE slick bottom
  • High-density polystyrene core
  • Crescent-shaped tail
  • Channels at the bottom
  • Comes with a wrist leash


BZ Big Bruddah 45” Bodyboard

The BZ Big Bruddah has been known as the most reliable high performance bodyboard for bigger riders. It features a refined shape and a straighter body, which allows the rider more control as he gains more speed. It is strong and durable enough to Big Bruddah Boogie Boardfloat like a longboard, but is also flexible and slick enough to perform snappy turns and other advanced maneuvers. The secret to the Big Bruddah lies within its Zero-G PP core, which is a highly durable material that weighs close to nothing. This lightweight material allows the rider maximum performance in any type of surf conditions. The Big Bruddah is also the only oversized bodyboard in the market that features a graphite stringer with a unique tip that offers extra flex in the water.

  • 45 inches in length
  • 23 inches in width
  • Features a unique double VFS stringer
  • Premium Wave Cushion Air NXL deck
  • HDPP bottom with channels
  • Zero-G PP Core
  • Innovative nose grip lip
  • Crescent-shaped tail
  • Nose and tail bumpers

Swim Fins

Getting the right bodyboard is just the first step toward a revolutionary bodyboarding experience. You also have to keep looking for the perfect set of swim fins to give you that needed boost and control when riding through tough currents and other ocean conditions.


BZ Black Tip Swim Fins

If you are looking for the premium standard in comfort and high performance, the BZ Black Tip Swim Fins will go a long way for you. They are made of a special lightweight but highly durable rubber made especially for swim fins. The unique feature of the Black Tip Swim Fins is that they come with two pointed tips instead of just one, which is what most other BZ Black Tip flippersswim fins have. The fins can be interchanged so you don’t have to worry about placing either fin on the wrong foot. This is important for when you just want to run outside and hit the water as soon as possible!

  • Made of 100% natural material
  • Ultra lightweight rubber
  • Double tip design
  • Superior comfort
  • Paddles with ease
  • Makes wave-catching easier
  • Floats well in the water


BZ Surfboards

Whether it’s bodyboarding or surfing, BZ is at the forefront of all activities of maximum stoke. They also cater to those who want to ease into surfing and to those who want to learn how to surf on shorter boards compared to longboards. Here are the BZ surfboards that will help you improve your surfing skills in the shortest amount of time.


BZ Soft Top Surfboard 7’

This bright yellow number is a standard soft-top surfboard that aims to help beginners and intermediate surfers with their basic surfing skills such as paddling, trimming and turning. The BZ soft-top surfboard is made of the same durable PH core material as the acclaimed BZ bodyboards so they can withstand all types of surf conditions. It comes with double maple Soft Top 7 foot BZ Surfboardsstringers and a squash tail for maximum hold in the wave. The tail is also designed to help surfers maintain control while gaining speed down the line.

  • Durable PH core
  • Dual stringers made of maple wood
  • Squash tail
  • Tri-fin setup
  • HDPE slick bottom
  • Green cell deck
  • Maximum durability
  • Safe to use around crowds
  • Comes with a standard leash plug


BZ Soft Top Surfboard 6’

This dark blue BZ soft-top 6’0” is a better board than you think. If you believe that soft tops are only meant for beginners then you should wait until you see someone bust out the highest airs or the sickest tricks on this soft top surfboard. The BZ 5' 10" fish surfboardresurgence of radical soft board riding has caused many soft top companies to improve their surfboard game, and one of the results of this design revolution is the BZ soft top 6’0”.

  • Durable PH core
  • Dual stringers made of maple wood
  • Squash tail
  • Tri-fin setup
  • HDPE slick bottom
  • Green cell deck
  • Maximum durability
  • Safe to use around crowds
  • Comes with a standard leash plug



How does BZ stack up against its competition?

BZ Bodyboards belong to the same group of companies that own the top brands in the industry such as Morey Boards and Churchill. They are a leading manufacturer in durable products made of lightweight materials, so you can be assured of the quality of the product you are purchasing. They also follow cutting edge tech to integrate into their board designs so more advanced riders can get the most out of their boards.


Does BZ offer any warranty or guarantee?

Yes, but it could depend on your retailer or reseller. Contact them for their policies on product warranties or guarantees.

Can my board get a hole or a leak?

When mishandled or abused, any board from any brand can get surface damages such as holes or leaks. To avoid these incidents, always handle your board with care when using and storing away.


How long will my bodyboard last?

A good bodyboard will last longer than 2-3 years, especially when handled with proper care in using, handling and storing.


What are some of the most common ways to take care of your bodyboard?

Here are some of the things you should always consider when using, handling, and storing your board:

  • Be sure to store your bodyboard in a safe place away from direct sunlight.
  • Wash your bodyboard with fresh water after using it in the sea.
  • Avoid storing your bodyboard in any place that may come in contact with sharp objects.
  • Keep away from small children and pets.


Are these good beginner boards to learn with?

Absolutely. Riders of any skill level can use them. Take note that the advanced features on some of the boards will also help beginners improve their skills in the shortest amount of time possible. You will just need the proper training and the most appropriate surf conditions to help in your progression.