Hobie Mirage Sport Review

The Hobie Mirage Sport Review can be spotted in lakes and rivers all over the US.

What makes this kayak so special? Well to start, Hobie has been making major innovations on kayaks for quite some time. 


From installing Mirage Drive systems to comfortable seating and beyond, they’ve solidified their brand as one of the top in the game.

We’re writing this Hobie Mirage Sport review to take you a layer deeper and explore the ins and outs of this kayak to give you a better idea of whether or not it might be a good kayak for all your needs and desires.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the deep end and fish up some of our favorite Hobie Mirage Sport features.

The Review

Hobie Mirage Sport


  • 1-person sit-on-top design
  • 9’7” in length
  • ​29.5” in width
  • Capacity of 225lbs
  • Fitted Hull Weight: 61lbs
  • Fully Rigged Weight: 78lbs
  • Roto-molded Polyethylene Hull Construction


  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Great for kayakers of all skill levels
  • Fast thanks to narrow hull
  • Innovative MirageDrive System
  • Tons of stability
  • Comfortable and highly adjustable seat


  • Expensive
  • Fragile rudder cord
  • Fragile fins can break if scraped in shallow waters

Features and Benefits

The size of the kayak alone makes it perfect for all-around recreational use. Whether you’re fishing or floating around the lake, it has an excellent mix of stability and maneuverability and can be used by almost any kayaker at any skill level. This also makes transporting the boat easy. The ergonomic handles on each side of the boat are bolted in so that you and a friend can carry it down to the water or launch it off a ramp without hassle. Alternatively, you can use the molded in rope handles that are located at the bow and stern of the kayak. The weight capacity of 225lbs makes

The seat on the Hobie Mirage Sport is incredibly comfortable and can be adjusted to multiple positions to work for kayakers of different shapes and sizes. The 4-way adjustability can help you to move the seat forward, back, and at different angles. It’s made of a comfortable and breathable mesh as well, great for deterring sweaty back syndrome during hot days on the lake.

The most unique feature of the Hobie Mirage Sport is the MirageDrive system that allows you to pedal the kayak rather than the paddle it. The MirageDrive system is composed of two underwater fins that help to propel the boat forward. If you’re a fisherman of any sort, this design is awesome, in that it allows for complete hands-free use so that you can focus on your fishing rather than maneuvering around the lake. This also helps you to travel longer distances much faster, as typically people will find that they can pedal for much longer without fatigue vs. paddling. Overall, being able to drive paddle free allows you the opportunity of doing much more, such as taking pictures, sipping a frothy brew, or high-fiving your buddy on his kayak next to you. You also have the small steering handle located next to the seat on the right-hand side. With it, you can put the writer down or rudder out to help change direction.

The Hobie Mirage Sport comes with a wide variety of on-deck features. The 8” twist and seal hatch that is located right in front of the seat and keeps any items safe that you want to keep dry. They’ve also cleverly left the lid attached to the base of the kayak with a hinge for the forgetful bunch that might leave it behind after an overnight trip. There is also a mount that allows you to attach Hobie’s Mirage Sail Kit for added power. At the front is a large bow hatch that acts as a good-sized storage compartment for bigger gear. The bungee cords atop keep it secured onto the hull. Lastly, you have the rear cargo area for longer adventures that demand a ton of gear. The molded area has the same bungee tie-downs as the front hatch so that you can keep your gear nice and secure.

The Tri-Hull design of the Hobie Mirage Sport is what makes the character of the boat so unique to others on the Hobie lineup. You get tons of stability because of the added volume at the beam’s edges. Because the hull has a rounded profile, you get reduced resistance in the water. This not only makes your rides much faster, but also much quieter, perfect for the morning fisherman.

The Hobie Mirage Sport comes with a few different kinds of holders on board as well. For starters, you have two separate cup holders that are standard size for holding beers, waters, or whatever your thirsty heart desires. You also get two molded-in holsters that are perfect for securing fishing rods. They’re angled for trolling and can accommodate an array of gear such as gaff, nets, etc. This is why the Hobie Sport is such a popular kayak for fishing.

Mirage Sport Ride
Mirage Sport in fishing
Mirage Sport Top View
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who and What is the Hobie Mirage Sport best for?

The Hobie Mirage Sport is a great kayak for people of all skill levels, though some people might appreciate the added features more than others. For starters, it’s heavily marketed towards fishermen. This is because it comes with fishing rod holders, tons of onboard storage that can be used for things like tackle boxes and bait, and the Drive system for hands-free navigation.

As for what, we recommend taking the Hobie Mirage Kayak out on lakes only. It’s not meant to be taken on rapids or in ocean waves that are any bigger than 2 feet.

Does the Hobie Mirage Sport come with a warranty?

All Hobie Kayaks come complete with a two-year limited warranty. As long as the damage or defects are not caused by improper storage, alterations or modifications, improper transportation, normal wear, etc., Hobie will replace your kayak free of charge.

Hobie Mirage Sport vs. Outback

The biggest difference between the two kayaks is the size. The Hobie Mirage Outback is much bigger and heavier and has a ton more onboard storage space while the Mirage Sport is smaller, a lot more agile, and works better for shorter trips because of the limited storage. This is why we recommend the Outback for heavier guys and gals over 200lbs.

The Mirage Outback also has a few different features than the sport. On the deck of the Outback are EVA deck pads that provide grip, comfort, and sound dampening, whilst fishing. There is also a built-on transducer shield that makes installing things like fish finders an absolute breeze. The Hobie Mirage also has a kick-up rudder that automatically lifts out of the water when you start reaching shallow points, an incredibly helpful feature. Lastly, you get dual rudder control with the Hobie Mirage Outback along with the Mirage Drive. This gives you added control and maneuverability.

Hobie Sport vs. Revolution 11

The Revolution 11 is definitely one of Hobie’s faster kayaks in their lineup and much faster than the Hobie Sport. It’s 11’6” in length and 29” in width, longer and thinner than the Hobie Sport, and better to cut through the water with. If you’re looking to get into any sort of kayak racing, this is the better one to get.

Other than the size and shape, the features are all pretty much the same. The Hobie Revolution has slightly more storage with the added 8” twist and seal hatch located on the stern.

How Do I store my Hobie Sport?

The Hobie Sport may not be that large compared to other kayaks, but because it is one large piece, you’ll need a large space to store it in. Hobie either recommends storing it on the ground in a clear area or atop a pair of crossbars with padding, as metal crossbars could leave dents or marks that are hard to get out. Try to not leave it in the water if you can, as grime and chemical build-up can take some life out of the kayak. Lastly, make sure that you keep it out of direct sunlight for long periods of time, as prolonged exposure to UV rays can warp and discolor the kayak.

How is the Included Paddle?

The Mirage Sport comes with a two-piece paddle in case you’re looking to conquer bigger waves or paddle for a nice little workout. It is made out a tough carbon and has just enough flex to let it cut through the waves without feeling too stiff. It also floats, so that if you end up dropping it in the water, you won’t have to dive to the depths of the murk to get it back.

Overall Review

The Hobie Mirage Sport is a great kayak for newbies, veterans, and everyone in-between. Whether you’re upgrading from an old kayak or just getting into kayaking, we highly recommend checking it out.

The high price might scare a few people away, but it will truly last you for years to come. It’s fast, durable, easy to paddle, has tons of onboard storage, and is probably one of the most versatile kayaks on the market.

For all that, it’s only right that we give it an A+. We hope that our Hobie Mirage Sport review was helpful on your kayak-purchasing journey. Now Hobie on down to the lake and enjoy some of that sweet, summer fun on the water.

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