How To Wax a Bodyboard

If you are wondering where to put wax on a bodyboard, read this before you do!

There is definitely a right way and a wrong way when it comes to how to wax a bodyboard.

Wax isn’t permanent but it can really suck if you have no idea what you’re doing and you wax you bodyboard for the first time and do it wrong, as wax can last a while on your board.


How To Wax a BodyboardBest Bodyboard Wax

First, you want to make sure you are getting the right wax. YES, you can actually get the wrong wax for your bodyboard! You want to make sure the color of the wax is white because some surfboard wax is kind of a clear yellow color.  You can either use regular surf wax or bodyboard specific wax. Normal surf wax will work just fine but “bodyboard” labeled wax couldn’t hurt.

I’ve always used regular Sticky Bumps surf wax and not the bodyboard specific kind so I don’t really know if its better or if there is even really a difference (it may be a marketing gimmick) but the point is you are okay with just surf wax if you can’t get your hands on any bodyboard specific wax.

Some great waxes for your boogie that you can’t go wrong with are Sticky Bumps, BZ SPAX Bodyboard wax and XM wax.


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Waxing Your Bodyboard

The main places you want to wax are the two corners of the nose (where you grip the board with your hands) and the elbow area.

The picture below shows where you should be waxing your board (the white area) at the nose and elbow areas:



The nose and elbow are the main areas but there are also several other places where you could wax your board.

Those places are around the stomach area and along the rail where your hand grips the board. The picture below shows where those spots are:

bodyboard specific wax


So there you have it, those are the main spots where you should be waxing your board. Of course you can wax your board in other spots that you feel is necessary and where you need grip.





Applying the Wax

When applying the wax on the board, you don’t want to don’t want to put it on really heavy with a lot of force, you can always add more wax next session. Instead, just kind of scrape it along the deck lightly with a few strokes in each spot. Both will give you the same grip but you don’t want the wax to be too thick and it makes the board and you look like a kook.


Unconventional Tip

Another tip to help with the grip of your bodyboard is to actually rub wet sand on the board. I do it, anyway. It sounds a bit weird but what it does is give the board more grip and stick when you rub sand on the board in a circular motion. This especially helps brand new boards that have kind of a new board gloss on the deck. This gloss like film can be really slippery and the sand can take that off. Even older boards as well, sometimes when I’m going in the water, I’ll grab a handful of sand from underneath the water and give my board a good rub of wet sand around the nose, elbows, rail where my hands go and around the stomach and tail of the board.


How To Remove Wax From A Bodyboard

There are many ways you can remove old wax from your bodyboard. The most common techniques include the hot water method, the blow dryer method, the towel method, and the hot sand method. You can try any of these to know which one works best for you. You can also try combining the methods to get rid of old wax faster.


Removing wax with hot water

  1. Pour hot water onto the deck of your bodyboard to soften the wax. Don’t use boiling water. Just make sure the water is hot enough to melt the hardened layers of wax.
  2. Once the wax softens, start scraping the wax using a wax remover or the sharp edge of your wax comb. If you forgot your wax comb at home, you can use the sharp edge of any laminated ID or debit card. Just make sure you don’t break them.
  3. It is easier to remove all the wax when you follow a pattern. You can go either from rail to rail or from the tail to the nose.



Removing wax with a blow dryer

  1. If you have a blow dryer readily accessible, turn it on and aim it diagonally on the wax across your deck. Remember not to put the dryer too close for long periods of time. Simply aim it over the wax until the top part begins to melt.
  2. Once the wax is soft, start scraping the wax using a wax remover or the sharp edge of your wax comb. Again, if you forgot your wax comb at home, you can use the sharp edge of IDs or cards in your wallet.
  3. Follow a pattern when you remove the wax. You can either go from rail to rail or from the tail to the nose.


Removing wax with a towel

  1. If you don’t have access to hot water or a blow dryer, you can use a towel to remove wax from your bodyboard. Simply start rubbing the towel back and forth across the deck of your board. The friction will heat up the wax and cause it to soften.
  2. Once the wax is soft enough, you can easily wipe off the wax with the towel.
  3. For stubborn bits of wax that won’t come off, use a wax comb or the sharp edge of any ID or card you may have in your wallet.


Removing wax using hot sand

  1. You can also get a clump of hot sand and rub it all over the deck of your bodyboard. The hot sand should melt even the most stubborn patches of old wax on your board.
  2. Once you have loosened up most of the wax on your board, you can continue by using a towel to wipe off the rest of the wax. You may also use a wax comb or any sharp edge from a card or an ID to scrape off any remaining bits of wax.




Is bodyboard wax different from regular surfboard wax?

Surfers who have tried using bodyboard wax on their surfboards say that bodyboard wax is a little stickier than regular surf wax. It has a stickiness similar to that of a base coat, or the primary type of wax you layer onto the deck of a board to make regular wax create the ideal bumps better.

Bodyboard wax may be too sticky for regular surfboards, but regular surf wax is alright to use on bodyboards. As long as you apply the wax correctly, you can choose between regular wax or bodyboard wax.


Can I leave by bodyboard under the sun to melt the wax faster?

Direct sunlight will melt off your wax fast, but leaving your bodyboard under the sun even for just a few minutes can already affect the board. Don’t risk drying out your board and use hot water, a blow dryer, or even hot sand instead. If you really must melt the wax with direct sunlight, just remember to watch your board and don’t let it stay under the sun for longer than a minute.


How often should I reapply wax on my bodyboard?

You should always aim to just have the right amount of wax on your board because too much will make your board heavier, while too little could cause you to slip and fall. Check your wax before you go in the water and see if you need to add some more. If you still have a good amount of wax left, use a wax comb instead of reapplying wax onto your bodyboard.