Lifetime Lancer Kayak Review

If you have you ever thought of going on a paddling spree on your own but never quite had the confidence of the high quality equipment, now is your opportunity.

Here is where the Lifetime Lancer 100 Kayak comes into the picture.

If you are looking for a Kayak that can be used both on the smooth waters and in the ocean, then this is one of the best options available for you in the market.


It is extremely versatile due to the comfort, stability and enhanced performance that it offers.

It is a 10 ft. Kayak which comes in orange. It has a maximum carriage capacity of 275 lb.

As the Kayak is made from the high-density polyethylene, it is easy to handle both on and outside the water.

It is one of the best Kayaks that can be carried from large lakes to rivers and oceans alike.

Here in our Lifetime Lancer 100 Kayak review, you can note the positive points about this excellent model.

The Review

Lifetime lancer kayak


  • Dimensions: 10 feet x 30 inches
  • Weight: 48 lb
  • ​Maximum weight capacity: 275 lb
  • Deck height: 14 inches
  • Colour: Orange
  • Cockpit area: 19.5 inches x 38 inches


  • It is adjustable and comfortable for seating and usage.
  • The kayak has a long durability due to the use of the high-density polyethylene construction
  • It is quite easy to transport due to the front and rear handles that have been provided.
  • The added storage space is available due to the oval hatch.
  • The hull performance is strong for tracking and overall stability.


  • The maximum weight capacity is less than some other models in the market.

Design and functionality 

The Lifetime Lancer Kayak has been designed with a molded seat, fixed footrests along with adjustable padded seat and a ledge lock paddle keeper. The design of the hull helps in proving great speed, tracking, and flexibility whenever required. The overall design and construction have been done keeping in mind the comfort and convenience of the paddler in every kind of weather and water.

Portable and easy to transport

Due to the weight of this Kayak, it is extremely portable for easy everyday usage. This makes it very user-friendly and easy to transport. Even though it is light in weight, it can carry up to 275 lb which makes it very efficient and feasible for usage for various outings. It can be used in any kinds of waters without much hassle.


This is one of the most distinguishable features of this Kayak. The entire design and construction of the Kayak have been done in a manner through to which the speed and performance can be enhanced. The hull design is another feature which helps in enhancing the performance to the maximum level. As the Kayak has been designed to enhance the speed and performance, it becomes a good Kayak to use for safe paddling experience in extreme waters. 

Comfort and Ease

The seating design of the Kayak has been done by keeping in mind the utmost comfort level of the users that can provide them with a relaxing experience. The padded seats have been provided with an additional footrest system to help the users to have an extremely comfortable kayaking experience.

Lancer Kayak Easy to transport
Lancer Kayak In Rac

Features and Benefits

This Kayak offers a wide array of features as compared to its other competitors in the market. It has adjustable and comfortable backrests and padded seats which helps in paddling without getting tired. Along with this, it has built-in foam blocks which helps in procuring additional floatation on water. One of the important benefits that this Kayak offers is a valuable consideration of the storage space. It has an oval hatch which can help in additional storage beneath the deck area.

It has also been equipped with the front and rear shock cord straps that can aid in securing and storing certain loose items. Handles have been provided in the front and rear sides for easy transportation.


It can be used by both the beginners and experienced kayakers in calm as well as ocean waters. But it is always recommended for only skilled kayakers to take this Kayak into the ocean water.

If you're looking for a kayak that can handle ocean waters with ease, we have a larger selection on our main kayak review guide. 


It is extremely comfortable for usage, paddling, storage, and transportation due to the lightweight and padded seats which can be adjusted readily as per the requirement of the user.


Additional storage space has been provided in this Kayak which is one of the most attractive things about it.


It is extremely durable and offers great manoeuvrability due to the use of the high-density polyethylene as the material for construction of the Kayak.


The maximum capacity that it can withstand is 275 lb. This is limited in comparison with some Kayaks, however still more than enough for holding the average person alongside additional equipment.

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The Lifetime Lancer 100 has a five-year warranty.


Choosing the best Kayak amongst the available ones can be a task at times even if it is meant only for leisure. There are various Kayak brands that are featured in the market. It is becoming difficult to distinguish between the good and average products due to the number of Kayaks.

One way to go about this is to first get a clear picture in your head as to what kind of Kayak you want to buy and for what purpose. Then the products giving you the desired features can be taken into account. After weighing the benefits and price range, you can definitely select the best out of the available choices for you. Customer reviews can play a major role in helping you to decide upon your choice or preference.


This Kayak has been designed specifically for the various types of water. The experience of the customers from calm lakes and bays to fast moving rivers has been magnificent. The Kayak is very versatile in nature which is the reason why it can be used in a variety of locations.


It is extremely durable in all sorts of weather conditions due the design and construction which has been undertaken in such a meticulous manner.


Even though this is a very subjective question, there are various things that can be taken into consideration before choosing the best Kayak for paddling. The primary most important thing to consider here is for what purpose and how many people is the Kayak desired to be bought for paddling.

The experience obtained through the solo and tandem paddling both are very different. There are various Kayaks available in the market which cater to certain specific features. If you are looking for such specific features like enhanced performance while paddling, you can opt for such Kayaks.

 Price is another important factor to consider before buying any Kayak as sometimes Kayaks with more beneficial features are available in many affordable prices than the counterparts. So the suggestion would be to have a thorough knowledge about the different kayaks and what they have to offer along with a clear picture of the individual requirements and preferences in the mind.

Overall Review

Even though there are various Kayaks of the same price range featured within the market, this Lancer 100 kayak by Lifetime has some of the best features. One of the most fascinating things about this product is that it is extremely durable and strong even though it is been made up of plastic. This is also due the hull design in the kayak.

It offers some of the well-sought benefits that are only possible if you are planning to pay a hefty amount of money. It is a great kayak for beginners as well experienced paddlers. It can even prove to be a great Kayak for small families planning to paddle together.  The exciting feature about this Kayak is that it can be used within various types of waters which make it very flexible and convenient for usage. Given the wide range of benefits that this kayak has to offer in such an efficient manner, it can be given an A rating.

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