The Top 10 Best Foam Surfboards

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Best Foam Surfboards

We’ve all heard of the great surfing adage: the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun. These wise words were uttered by the surfing legend Duke Kahanamoku, and up until today, these words offer comfort to many frustrated surfers who can’t seem to catch a break out there. If you are one of these downtrodden and disappointed surfers in need of some ancient surf advice, then all you need to do is to rekindle the spark and delight that made you fall in love with surfing in the first place.

One of the most effective ways of rediscovering the joy and love of surfing is getting a foam surfboard! Yes, the soft board was built to ride like a regular surf board, and at the same time, soft boards open up a whole new dimension of stoke for all those who dare try.

Whether you prefer taking out a shortboard or a longboard, there are soft board options for you. Read on to know about our top recommendations for soft shortboards and foam longboards.



Our #1 Recommended Foam Longboard

SURFBOARDsunburst wavestorm

Called as “The Suburban Stick”

  • Board is lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Makes it one of the best soft top longboards to learn how to surf on.

Best Features

  • Strong EPS core
  • High density slick HDPE bottom
  • Textured traction pad
  • Bolt through board components and fin system

Wavestorm 8’ Surfboard



Our #1 Favorite Foam Shortboard

SKIPPEROdysea Catch Surf Foam Surfboard

Comes in a sleek fish shape

  • Helps in traditional glide down the face of a wave.
  • Allows you to maintain proper and stylish turns.

Best Features

  • Fast wave catching
  • Easy paddling
  • Durable and slick HDPE bottom
  • Cool retro color ways and patterns

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Our 5 Best Foam Shortboard Reviews

Foam shortboards are ideal for surfers of all skill levels. These boards are good to start learning the fundamentals of surfing such as paddling and popping up; however, they also provide a lot of shred ability for those who are looking to tear and rip, and maybe even get barreled.


QUICK OVERVIEW: Our Top 5 Best Foam Surfboards

  • Fast wave catching
  • Easy paddling
  • Comes in a sleek fish shape
  • Most Versatile surf crafts
  • Impact resistant HDPE skin
  • Hi-performance twin or tri-fin setup
  • Cheapest & great for beginners
  • Can catch waves easier and paddle faster
  • Bottom concave for speed
  • Custom surfboards offers streamlined ride performance
  • Soft and comfortable anti-slip deck
  • Ultra durable design
  • Fiber glassed PVC fin holes for no water entry
  • Rounded edges for safety
  • Built-in rail saver


#1. Catch Surf Odysea Skipper

When it comes to soft board riding, the fun and gnarly crew at Catch Surf knows exactly what’s up. The Odysea Skipper was built for pure fun and unparalleled energy in the water. It comes in a sleek fish shape for that traditional glide down the face of a wave while maintaining proper and stylish turns. Its quad fin setup allows for fast down the line action,
whether you’re going down the face or tucking in for a tube ride, while keeping your turns intact with its extra grip.

If you’re a beginner surfer just looking for a dependable board to paddle out in, then the Odysea Skipper should be able to do the job.

  • Tons of float and volume
  • Easy paddling
  • Fast wave catching
  • Stiff dual composite core
  • Triple maple stringers
  • Durable and slick HDPE bottom
  • Grippy quad fin setup
  • Cool retro color ways and patterns




#2 Catch Surf Beater

The Catch Surf Beater Board is one of the most versatile surf crafts in the world because it is built for speed, stability and fun. The older foam fun boards in the market have a couple of kinks that affect its ride quality; however, the Catch Surf Beater has cleaned all that up to offer premium wave riding quality for all kinds of surf conditions.

Catch surf beater surfboard


The beater board by Catch Surf is the original all purpose and fully customizable shred stick that can be ridden when the waves are pumping or when the waves are fat like in small summer days. If you’re still not convinced, then you can ask pros like Julian Wilson, Jamie O’Brien, Kalani Robb and the Moniz brothers why they like the beater board so much as they all have signature beater models with Catch Surf.

  • Old school PE deck
  • Impact resistant HDPE skin
  • Dual composite core
  • Twin maple stringers
  • Tapered D-rails
  • Twin channel crescent tail
  • Hi-performance twin or tri-fin setup
  • Optional finless setup



#3 Giantex 6’ Surfboard

Although the Giantex doesn’t come in flashy and hip retro designs like other foamies in the market, it does the job of welcoming you to the radical world of shortboarding. If you’ve never surfed with a shortboard before, this all around practical surfboard will teach you the basics of paddling, popping up and even duck diving with a shorter board.

Giantex 6ft soft top surfboard

This soft board also offers more volume so you can catch waves easier and paddle faster. This board is the ultimate board for beginner surfers, although intermediate surfers can also have a sweet time with this practical and dependable soft board.

  • Slick HDPE bottom for speed
  • Weight capacity: 200 lbs.
  • Bottom concave for speed
  • Blue and white custom print


#4 Liquid Shredder 6’ FSE EPS/PE Soft Surfboard

The Liquid Shredder is known for top of the line, custom surfboards that offer fast and streamlined ride performance. Each board is hand-shaped and designed to fit the needs of professional surfers and first-time surf wave riders.

Liquid Shredder 6’ FSE EPSPE Soft top Surfboard

It comes with a white polypropylene slick bottom for extra rigidity and strength. Its EPE deck has an EPS core that is heat laminated for a cost effective and high performance board. The colorful soft top EPE adds comfort and anti-slip grip so you are sure to stay on the board when your feet get wet.

  • Hand shaped
  • Dual wooden stringers
  • Soft and comfortable anti-slip deck
  • HDPE slick bottom for speed
  • Ultra durable design
  • Perfect for surfers of all skill levels
  • Comes in blue, red or yellow


#5 Greco Surf 5’7” Hosanna

The Greco Surf 5’7” Hosanna boasts of Greco Surf Respired technology that works incredibly well with the double reinforced, hand-picked, treated and cured wood stringers to create an all around, high performance soft shortboard. It is made of a high5 foot 7 inch Greco Surf Hosanna Beginner Foamie density and lightweight IXPE deck and an HDPE reinforced plastic bottom. Its core is made of a closed cell EPS foam core to make the board buoyant but waterproof. The double concave provides the board with stability and allows for maximum speed when going down steep waves.

  •  5’7” x 21.9” x 3”
  • Fiber glassed PVC fin holes for no water entry
  • Five fin set up
  • Rounded edges for safety
  • Built-in rail saver
  • Comes with a high strength leash




Our 5 Best Foam Longboard Reviews

When you want to go big and go foam, there are countless dependable and high quality options available for you. Below are our most trusted models from different brands that are known for quality work on foam longboards.


#1. Wavestorm 8’ Classic Surfboard

8 foot Wavestorm foam soft top boardThe Wavestorm 8’ Classic Surfboard is one of the most ubiquitous surfboards and they are easily available at any Costco.

Often called “the suburban stick,” this board is lightweight and easy to handle, which makes it one of the best soft top longboards to learn how to surf on. The Wavestorm company goes through extensive manufacturing practices that seek to improve the surfboards they release year after year. With this classic shape, you can be assured that you’ll learn the fundamentals of traditional longboarding in no time at all.

Wavestorm 8’ Surfboard
  • Strong EPS core
  • High density slick HDPE bottom
  • Triple marine ply stringers
  • Textured IXL deck and rails
  • Textured traction pad
  • Water barrier skin (WBS)
  • Bolt through board components and fin system
  • Comes with a high quality polyurethane leash



#2. Liquid Shredder 7’0 FSE EPS/PE 7’ Surfboard

liquid shredder longboard reviewAlthough this shape and size is considered a fun board, it is still a long enough board to consider when you want to practice the basics of longboarding.

The Liquid Shredder comes with an EPE foam soft deck, and a bottom that is shaped for slick and fast gliding down any wave.

The tail shape is slightly tapered and tucked into a neat and narrow finish to provide stability and maneuverability for steeper and faster waves.

  • EPE deck with EPS core
  • PP hard slick bottom
  • Durable and fast
  • Triple wooden stringers
  • Heat laminated
  • High performance
  • Comes in blue, red and yellow


#3. INT 8’ Soft Surfboard

The INT 8-foot soft surfboard is the board of choice for many surf schools all over the world because it is just so much fun to learn how to surf on it. It is made of durable nylon/fiberglass, which makes its body robust so it can handle any beating or 8’0” Semi-Longboard Review
mishandling that newbie surfers are expected to do. The team behind this board is constantly innovating the modern day soft surfboard so you can be assured that you are riding a premium quality surf craft no matter the surf conditions or your skill level.

  • 8’ x 23” x 3.7”
  • High end leash included
  • Epoxy top and bottom core
  • Three fin setup
  • Double reinforced wood stringers
  • Durable and lightweight


#4. INT 9’ Soft Surfboard

The INT 9’ Soft Surfboard is a hybrid performance board that is built for ultimate cruising. It has a classic longboard shape that makes it the perfect board for some fun traditional noseriding. The board is long and sturdy enough to carry even the Review of the INT 9’0” Longboardheaviest surfer, which is why many surf schools all over the world pick this board for their surf lessons. This hybrid longboard has soft rails and a soft deck, but is made of an epoxy glass bottom configured with Futures fin boxes.

  • 9’0” x 24” x 3.18”
  • Soft top, soft rails, hard bottom
  • Square tail
  • Futures F4 fins included
  • Customizable resin tints


#5. Greco Surf 8’ Performance Surfboard

Greco Surf is known for building the most superb high performance soft surfboards in the market today. Their innovative team is continuously working on ways to improve the ride quality of their board so you can be assured that you’ll get your money’s worth with this board. The Greco Surf 8’ Performance Surfboard is the ideal beginner surfboard because it is made GRECO SURF 8’ PERFORMANCE SOFT TOP FOAMBOARDto be durable without compromising ride quality and style.

  • 8’ x 23” x 3.7”
  • High density lightweight IXPE deck
  • HDPE reinforced plastic bottom
  • Closed cell EPS foam core
  • Double reinforced wooden stringers
  • Double concave
  • No-water entry fiber glassed fin holes
  • Tri-fin setup
  • Comes with a high strength leash



Size Chart

There are a couple factors that you’ll want to consider when buying a foam surfboard. One of the very first things is to find out which surfboard is best for you in terms of your weight and experience level.

Typically, a beginner will want a board that is a bit longer and thicker because they are much easier to learn to ride on. When you have that extra flotation and stability, it can help you to paddle and pop-up in a much easier manner.

A surfer who is more experienced will probably want a board that is more maneuverable rather than stable. Though there is no golden rule for sizing, here is a small chart so that you can have a better idea of what to look for.


Shortboard – Beginners

Your Weight Your Shortboard
45-63kg 6’2”-6’4”
63-72kg 6’4”-6’8”
72-81kg 6’6”-6’10”
81-90kg 6’10”-7’4”
90k > 7’4” >


Shortboard – Intermediate / Advanced

Your Weight Your Shortboard
45-63kg 6’0”-6’4”
63-72kg 6’2”-6’6”
72-81kg 6’4”-6’8”
81-90kg 6’8”-7’2”
90k > 7’2” >


Longboard – Beginners 

Your Weight Your Longboard
45-63kg 9’2”-9’4”
63-72kg 9’4”-9’6”
72-81kg 9’6”-9’8”
81-90kg 9’8”-10’
90k > 10’ >


Longboard – Intermediate / Advanced

Your Weight Your Longboard
45-63kg 9’0”-9’2”
63-72kg 9’-9’2”
72-81kg 9’4”-9’6”
81-90kg 9’4”-9’6”
90k > 10’ >




Should I get a foam shortboard or a foam longboard?

The type of foam board you should get depends on the following things: your skill level, the quality of the surf breaks you plan to surf in, and the direction you want to take your surfing to. If it will be your first time to try surfing, the longboard should be more forgiving. However, if you are an intermediate surfer looking to practice your skills to transition to advanced surfing, a foam shortboard will quickly improve your surfing minus the worry of hurting other people or dinging your board as you practice.


What would the best board be for a beginner?

 If you’re a beginner, there are certainly some key factors that you want to look for when you get a soft-top. First off, you want your board to be long and wide. Secondly, you want your board to be high in volume. When all of these factors work together, you’ll have aboard that is far more stable, much easier to catch waves with, much easier to paddle with, and much easier to control when the surf becomes a little too crazy for you.


Do you wax a foam surfboard?

Many surfers believe that soft tops no longer need to be waxed. This, however, is wrong. You will still need to wax your foam surfboard, although maybe not as much as you would wax a regular hard surfboard.


How do I care for a foam surfboard so that it stays in the best shape?

Always remember to rinse your board with fresh water after every session because saltwater will cause your board to become brittle especially when you leave it under the sun. With this said, always store your soft boards in cool and dry places that will not obstruct other activities in your house.


Should I choose a foam surfboard to learn how to surf?

There are no hard and fast rules about which type of board you should start learning on; however, using a foam surfboard holds many advantages over a regular board. Not only will you be guaranteed of stable surf quality, you won’t have to worry about mistakenly dinging your board during unforeseen accidents. The material in soft boards makes for very durable boards that can last a long time. They are also easy to pack away and store.


Are there any other types of surfboards I should look into?

The fun in surfing comes from knowing how differently many types of boards feel so be sure to try each one you can! The more you know, the more you will understand, and so, the better you will surf.



What To Consider When Buying


With the insane variety of boards out are on the market these days, the first thing that is easiest to consider is the overall design. You want to find a board that will complement the kind of surfing that you will be doing. Will you be surfing large or small waves? Are you going to be travelling? Design is easiest focus on because it encompasses so many things. Beginners especially should not get wrapped up in the details like rocker or nose types. Looking at design makes it easy to knock out about 80% of the boards that you will definitely not be purchasing.


Okay this is beginning to sound like science. Most people never even consider the volume of their boards, even though it is so incredibly important. If you are looking to get out into bigger and more erratic waves, get a board with less volume. If you are looking to get out into flatter and mushier waves where you’ll have to up your paddling speed, try and find a board with more volume. Most boards have the volume written on them when you purchase them, though there are also volume calculators online to give you a better idea if you’re unsure.


We can’t stress the importance of getting a durable board, especially if you want a board that is going to last you over the years. One thing to look for on a board is ding-resistant durability. This means that when you accidentally bang your board against the wall on the way out of your house or drop it in the street on the way over to the shores, it will have a better chance of surviving without issue. Another thing to look at is performance durability. Performance durability is the board’s ability to retain flex during sessions. Check out reviews to see how durable your desired board is!

Length and Width 

The length of a board is measured from the nose to the tail. It’s very important to check out the length, especially if you’re a beginner. We’ve seen too many beginner surfers try and go out for their first time on 6-footers. For a beginner surfer, the wider the surfboard, the better. Having that extra width and surface area gives you much more stability. Try and look for boards that are at least 20 inches across. This should be more than wide enough, while also not being too wide to carry down to the water under your arms. Don’t be a kook and drag your board.



Top Brands 


Wavestorm has solidified it’s place at the top of the foam surfboard industry over the past few years. Their board models are few, though extremely cheap with solid build qualities. Their boards are perfect for beginners who are getting out for the first time and need something durable and easy to ride that won’t be a risk in terms of price. It’s also excellent for surfers who are advanced and are maybe tired of riding around on thrusters everyday. Just ask Jamie O’Brien who has been seen sporting his Wavestorms out in Hawaiian barrels. Turn the short days into magical days with the Wavestorm.

Catch Surf

If you are an avid shortboard rider, there’s no doubt that you feel stressed out when the waves aren’t so hot some day. If you want to get out there and start riding, though aren’t too fond of the longboard style, we highly recommend checking out boards from Catch Surf. Their foam-top beater boards are perfect for the low rollers. Their boards are no larger than 5’ long and are crafted to be durable with thick foam and strong plywood. Even if your shore breaks at your local spot are quick, these boards can act as much safer and better performing alternatives than your regular shortboard.


If you want to check out a soft-top brand that is born from creativity and has performance in mind, check out Softech. These guys build their high-quality soft-top boards from hand and also have a wide array of crazy and artsy style to give you some flare when you’re out hitting the waves. From little beaters and grovelers to shortboards, Softech has a variety of boards to suit almost every surfer. They just recently began developing their boards with FCS fins to give them more of a competitive edge, which is even better!

Storm Blade

Even with being a fairly new company, Storm Blade has made quite a name for themselves in the world of soft-top surfboards. Their high-quality boards range from 5’ to 10’ and can be found in standard shortboard and longboard shapes. All of their boards are reinforced with molded cores and the latest in surf technology. Whether you’re a beginner that is in need of a board to get you excited to be out in the water, or a veteran who wants to step off the hard-top for a while, Storm Blade has a great line of boards.


Final Thoughts

We hope that this information has aided you in your quest for a new soft-top surfboard. Surfing is challenging but fun, and a soft-top board can make it much easier for you to get out more often and catch more waves.

In terms of finding the best one for you, in the end it comes down to your personal preference.

If you still feel like you need more info, don’t hesitate to hit your local surf shop and talk to some experts in person! Now get out there and start shredding!


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