Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler Review

​If you’re looking to learn about a kayak that can truly do it all, then you should definitely stick around and check out our Vibe Sea Ghost 130 review.


This high-tech sit-on-top angler kayak is the perfect all around kayak that excels in stability when compared with other kayaks of the like. The best thing is, unlike most other kayaks we have reviewed, you can take this thing out in waters from rough rivers to surf, and still feel secure in doing so. Of course, when finding a solid fishing kayak, you have tons of other things to consider as well. Speed, durability, features, and onboard storage, are just a few things that you need to live out all of your hardcore fishing desires.

The great thing is the, the Vibe Sea Ghost 130 supplies all those things and more, and is also connected to the Vibe brand, which has years of experience and recognition behind it. If you’re a veteran kayaker looking for a new yak to get out on the water this season, look no further than the spirit of the water, the Vibe Sea Ghost 130.​

The Sea Ghost 130 Review


  • ​13’ in length
  • ​33” in width
  • ​550lb capacity
  • ​75lbs in weight
  • ​Single-person ride
  • ​Rotomolded single piece high density polyethylene


  • ​Incredible stability
  • ​Included rudder system
  • ​Excellent tracking capabilities
  • ​Perfect for fishing
  • ​Has tons of room for storage and add-on accessories


  • ​Not the most maneuverable because of width
  • ​Heavy

Features and Benefits

Like most of the kayaks that we have reviewed, we love starting off talking about the seats. This is mostly due to the fact that having a solid, comfortable, and supportive seat, can make or break any kayaking session. Luckily, the Sea Ghost 130 comes equipped with the ultra comfortable dual position Vibe Hero seat. Compared to the standard deluxe seat that is built-on most of the Vibe kayaks, the Vibe Hero seat is far more plush and comfortable with tons of added support.

It provides comfort for your tush, as well as lumbar support for your back. The cool thing is it is also wide and deep so it can support an array of different shapes and sizes. Made out of a quick-dry mesh fabric, you don’t have to worry about sitting on a damp seat all day, as it will dry out incredibly fast. The adjustable straps are very easy to adjust and are UV resistant to help protect against any fraying or damage that might occur while out in the beating sun.

The construction on this thing makes it a brute force to be reckoned with. Having strong construction on a kayak like the Sea Ghost 130 is essential, as it means the difference between taking it for a nice paddle on the lake or roughing it out in the ocean waters. Luckily, the rotomolded single piece high-density polyethylene is incredibly durable and the bottom features a nice skid plate to get you up on shore without damaging the bottom.

If you ever find that the skid plate is wearing down, Vibe has also made it easily replaceable. There are 8 scupper holes built throughout to get any water out of your yak quickly too. Though the heaviness of the kayak can be negative to many, we see it as a necessary component if you’re thinking about taking it out in windier conditions. The weight will also help it to plow through water more easily and pick up speed when travelling out further.

One of the most unique features included with the Vibe Sea Ghost 130 is the pre-installed rudder system that is controlled by your feet. This makes it even better for rougher, windier conditions, as you can more easily stay on track or maneuver if paddling alone becomes a bit too difficult. While wider kayaks seem to not be the most efficient with an added rudder, Vibe made it happen. This is an excellent feature if you ever feel like you are losing energy out on the water.

There is tons of onboard storage on this thing, another great reason why it is perfect for the pro fisherman. On both inner walls, you have two bungee parks. These go really well with tackle boxes such as the Plano 3600, as you can keep them safe and secure when they aren’t in use. The watertight sealed container in the center is one of the largest consoles that we’ve seen on a Vibe kayak. There are two other dry storage options onboard that come with storage bags so you can have multiple options in keeping any items such as your keys, phone, wallet, etc., completely dry. They’re surprisingly roomy as well. The bow is equipped with a solid paddle park that is perfect for being able to access your pole when you need to reel in a catch and store it safely and securely when you don’t. Lastly in terms of storage, the Sea Ghost 130 comes with an extra large rear tank well and adjustable bungee. This storage space is ideal for people who need to store camping gear, large bags, coolers, or anything else that they need for the long weekend.

Back to the center storage console, we also love the fact that it comes with different mounting points so you can completely customize your rig. These mounting points are perfect for an array of accessories such as extra rod holders or GPS devices. It can be difficult to find kayaks that you can easily install fish finders on. Vibe being the experts that they are, decided to install a fish finder transducer port with mounting points and a protective lid to allow for easy installation and optimal fish finding performance when your device is on. The added protection is great too, as you have no reason to worry about damaging your device when out on rougher waters. Lastly, one of the main features of this kayak that differentiates it from tons of other kayaks is the fact that it comes equipped with a gear track system, giving anyone the ability to install things like swiveling rod holders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this kayak good for beginners?

We would not recommend it for beginners for a few reasons, but many of those reasons due to its size. Though it comes with an ample amount of speed and a great amount of stability, learning to maneuver and paddle on it might be extremely difficult. If you’re looking to use it as more of a reservoir kayak, then it might just do the job for you. That being said, if you’re looking for a high-quality beginner kayak for fishing, we would highly recommend something like the Vibe Skipjack 90.

If you're looking for a wider range of beginner to expert kayaks, you can visit our kayak guide to see the best.

Is the Sea Ghost 130 hard to paddle?

One of the cool features with the Sea Ghost 130 is that is paddle propelled. Because of that, casual users won’t find general paddling very difficult when using it for simple, recreational uses. A lot of paddling comes down to the type of blade that you are using. Try out a single blade and double blade paddle and see what works best for you. That isn’t important though, the important thing is getting the perfect length to fit your height, as a paddle that is too long or too short will make your kayaking experience much more difficult. Think of the type of kayaking you will be doing, rough or relaxed, and search for paddles that fit that. All that being said, the Vibe Journey paddle is an excellent beginner paddle, so starting with that is not a bad idea at all.

Is the Sea Ghost 130 difficult to transport?

The Sea Ghost 130 can be transported atop your vehicle just like any other kayak out there. The thing that might make it difficult is the weight, as hauling 75lbs over your shoulder and down to the riverbed might prove to be a bit difficult. Luckily, it comes equipped with four easy-grip carrying handles that are bolted into the side. These make carrying it a ton more comfortable than if you only had cheap rope attachments like you find on many other kayaks. The one thing to make sure of is, when you do tie it to the top of your car, make sure it has equal support throughout to help prevent it from warping.

Do I have to maintenance my Sea Ghost 130?

There are a couple regular cleaning and maintenance routines that you’ll want to keep up with to ensure you extend the length of your kayak for as long as possible. Make sure that you always drain any water that gets inside or wipe it dry when you are done so it can ventilate nicely. Leaving lake or ocean water inside can make for a breeding ground of bacteria and mold that you definitely don’t want. Make sure to remove any slime or seaweed as well with any form of mild soap and a soft, non-abrasive brush. Whatever you do, don’t use car waxes on your yak. While we don’t recommend leaving it out in the sun for too long, as you want to protect against warping and discoloration, if you find any small dents or deformations, getting a bit of sun on it for a day can actually pop them right out.

Are there any fishing accessories that I should get along with the Sea Ghost 130?

If you’re looking to get deep into fishing and need some accessories, we would highly recommend looking into the Yak Gear Kayak Angler Crate Kit from Vibe. It comes with just about everything you’ll need for getting out there such as an anchor kit, paddle leashes, rod holders, fish grips, and much more.

Final Thoughts – Should You Buy?

​Overall, the Sea Ghost 130 is one of the best fishing kayaks out on the market right now. It was built wide and long with fishing in mind and comes with an array of design features that make it the perfect choice. One of the coolest features is the fish finder feature that helps you easily install finders to optimize your fishing experience.

​All that being said, we would not recommend this kayak for beginners. If you’re an avid kayaker, you’ll love the versatility of the Sea Ghost 130. For all of the bells and whistles, it is surprisingly inexpensive.

It paddles really well, tracks really well, is very durable, and handles tougher conditions better than most other kayaks in the same realm. Most of all, the manufacturers over at Vibe have a long history with building solid kayaks and kayak accessories, and the fact that the Sea Ghost 130 is made by people that are passionate about the sport makes it all the better.

We hope that our little review could help you out! Have fun fishing!

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