Alternative Surf Review

Alternative Surf has been a leading source of bodyboards and accessories in the United States since 1995.

They were the first bodyboard store to have an online store, and this helped them capture a greater market of bodyboarders and water sports enthusiasts.

With over two decades in the industry, Alternative Surf has become a household name for all sorts of bodyboarding needs across the world.


In 2010, the Frazzetta family in Seal Beach, CA took over Alternative Surf. Today, Ryan Frazzetta, an avid bodyboarder himself, is in charge of running the show.

When he is not riding waves across California’s beach breaks, he is ensuring that Alternative Surf releases only high quality products delivered at high quality service.

Alt surf shop gear

Alternative Surf is the place to go for all of your bodyboarding needs. Whether you need a board, a pair of swim fins, a wetsuit, a leash, other bodyboard accessories, or just some cool apparel to wear on the beach, find your way to this grassroots store with a homey vibe.

If you are from another part of the world, do not fret. You can check out their website at and order your goodies online.


Whether you are an entry level, mid level or advanced rider, Alternative Surf is sure to carry the right kind of bodyboard for you.

They take pride in having the widest selection of bodyboards all in one place.

On top of that, Ryan and his friendly crew would be more than happy to help you figure out the specifics of what your bodyboard should be according to your weight, height, skill level, and preferred riding style.

Bodyboard Invert trick

Alternative Surf carries only the best brands in the bodyboarding world. Here are some of the top tier brands they carry in their store:

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  • 4 Play
  • BZ Bodyboards
  • Cartel Bodyboards
  • Custom X Bodyboards
  • Funkshen Bodyboards
  • Hubboards
  • Morey Bodyboards
  • No. 6 Bodyboards
  • Nomad Bodyboards
  • Pride Bodyboards
  • Toobs Boards
  • Mike Stewart Science (MS)

If you have a desired board that cannot be found in their store, let the good guys at Alternative Surf know what you are looking for. They will provide you with assistance on how to order or where else to check the bodyboard of your choice.

Swim Fins

A bodyboarding shop is not complete without a kickass display of all the top-selling swim fins available in the market.

You can find the widest selection of quality swim fins at Alternative Surf so prepare to get really stoked when you find just what it is you are looking for inside the store.

The crew at Alternative Surf encourages buyers to come to the store in Seal Beach, CA so they can try on the swim fins themselves.

Churchill fins review

Nothing beats actually getting to try on the swim fins as this minimizes the guesswork. Once you are in the water, you cannot afford to have swim fins that are too tight, too loose, or too heavy for you.

Find the perfect pair of swim fins as offered by these excellent brands:

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  • Churchill
  • DaFin
  • Delta Viper
  • Hydro Fins
  • Hubb Air
  • Limited Edition Fins
  • Toobs Bluntcuts
  • Tech Fins
  • Tech 2 Fins
  • MS Viper
  • ​Viper Fins
  • ​Vulcan V1
  • Vulcan V2


If you really want to progress with bodyboarding, you have to face the fact that your suit rental days are numbered. It only makes sense to invest on a wetsuit that perfectly fits your frame so you can be left to focus on how to ride the waves once you are out there. If you have to keep worrying about the fit of your wetsuit, you won’t be able to concentrate on the waves.

Alternative Surf provides high quality and durable wetsuits of all sizes. You can pick from any of these leading wetsuit brands:

  • Attica (Alpha, Delta & Omega Series)
  • Creatures of Leisure
  • ​H2Odyssey
  • ​Mike Stewart Gyroll
  • Zion Wetsuits

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From spring suits to full suits, booties to helmets to gloves, Alternative Surf has literally got you covered.


Acquiring the equipment and accessories to suit your skills is important in bodyboarding. Make sure to also check out Alternative Surf’s complete selection of the following accessories:

  • Bodyboard Bags
  • Wrist Leashes
  • Bicep Leashes
  • Bodyboard Wax
  • Sponge Rez Bodyboard Repair
  • Bodyboarding Media (videos, magazines, etc.)
  • Footwear
  • Headwear
  • Apparel 

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If you are raring to find the best bodyboarding deals in a place with the widest selection of products, or if you just want to learn more local surf knowledge, drop by Alternative Surf today.

Their shop is located at 330 Main Street, Seal Beach, CA 90740.

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Alternative Surf is a store that treats all its customers like family. The Frazzettas are known for their hospitality and willingness to help riders of all ages and skill levels achieve an even higher level of stoke. When in town or just online, check out the quality selections at Alternative Surf!