Razor RipSurf Review

Street surf with style on a Razor RipSurf

Go surfing, but instead of waxing up and hitting the waves, don your safety helmet and hit the pavement.]

When you get a RipSurf skateboard from Razor, it’s ready to go when you are! No assembly required, which is great news, because you’re going to want to start surfing sooner rather than later!



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Razor skateboard

The RipSurf looks like a miniature surfboard on wheels. Best yet, it glides and carves like one!

A pivoting deck makes your ride smooth, and it’s easy to get into the groove of maneuvering around corners and jumping curbs.

Keep your momentum even when you skirt across short patches of grass!

The board’s stability is great for carving out deep turns. Let your body movements flow easily and naturally. The RipSurf is also adept at sharp, quick movements to generate speed for tricks and tight maneuvering.

The design features an upturned nose to help strengthen the board and give the rider more control.

Whether you’re a grom or a pro, you’ll love the feeling of this board surfing beneath your feet!

Practice your jumps, banks and boardslides. Surf like you’re on the ocean’s waves!

Try a RipSurf skateboard by Razor!


Dimensions: 32.2" L x 10.7" W x 6.0" H

Weight: 5.25 lbs

Max Weight capacity: 220 lbs

Best for: Ages 8+ (ages 8-10 years require supervision)

Best Feature: Patented RipStik® one-piece torsion technology

Materials: Industrial-grade polypropylene deck, “wax-bump” textured deck

Traction pad: Textured foam, with a ‘surfboard-like’ tract pad kick tail

Wheels: Inclined 360-degree urethane caster wheels

Warranty: 6-month warranty of manufacturer’s defects

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Pro’s & Con's

  • No assembly required
  • Durable construction
  • ​Carves and cuts more like a surfboard
  • Comes with an extra wheel, stickers and a manual
  • Not designed for skateboard parks
  • Loose debris, rocks or gravel will lock up wheels
  • ​Cannot use in the rain or ride through water puddles
  • Traction pad can get worn down over time

Razor RipSurf vs. RipStik - What's The Difference?

Razor makes six models of their RipStik skateboards: Air Pro, Classic, Ripster, RipStik Brights, RipStik Electric, and RipStik G.

The main difference between RipStik and RipSurf is the unique hourglass shape of the former, which allows the nose and tail of the board to twist independently.

This unique twisting motion causes the board to engage, moving you forward without having to push off.

How to Ride The Razor RipSurf


Pavement hurts when you hit it, and showing off your road rash like their battle scars gets old. Plus, why would you risk your life? Always wear the proper protective gear when skateboarding, even if it’s just playing around on the sidewalk in front of your house.

At bare minimum, you should wear an approved safety helmet and wrist guards to keep from incurring a traumatic brain injury or breaking your wrists when you use your hands to break a fall. Add to this elbow pads and kneepads, and you’re getting close! Razor recommends always wearing closed toe shoes – the lace-up kind with rubber soles! Never should you ride the RipSurf barefoot or in sandals.

Before you head out riding, inspect the hardware like wheel bearings and such to make sure everything is snug for use. Check for any cracks or broken connections. These boards are quite durable, but any type of excessively harsh incident with your board – such as a hard run-in with the street curb – can cause the deck to break.

If you’re an aggressive rider, get used to inspecting your RipSurf before every use! Another thing to check is the fasteners. Make sure all are tight and nothing is rattling. Never ride a damaged RipSurf!

Also, be savvy and learn your local laws for skateboarding. Obey the law and keep in mind you are on a moving object that is under your control. If debris flies up into your eyes, or you hit a patch of loose gravel and skid, you may lose all control. Be safe – your life depends on it!

Ride slow and in control, and be observant to your surroundings – watch for pedestrians, cyclists and other skaters.

Where to ride

Never ride in traffic or on the street. It’s best to avoid steep inclines. Stay on level, dry ground that is free of things like rocks, sand and loose gravel.

How to start riding

It’s best to have a partner or a sturdy fence for support before you begin riding for the first time. Put a hand on a friend’s shoulder for stability, and have them give you balance by putting their hand on your shoulder as well. If you’re alone, just use the fence for support.

Step onto the front part of the RipSurf and level the deck out. Make sure your foot is perpendicular to the direction of travel, and that it feels secure and balanced. Push off that fence or friend and put your back foot on the tract pad. Jump off and start again as many times as necessary to feel secure and balanced.

Once you’re balanced and rolling forward with both feet on the RipSurf and perpendicular to the direction your headed, twist at the waist to turn, alternating which foot is forward and which is back. Slowly increase the size of the twisting motion will increase your speed. To stop, simply step off the RipSurf.


Push down with the front foot in the desired direction. Pushing the toe of your front foot down causes the RipSurf to turn toward your toe side. If you push the heel of your front foot down, the RipSurf turns toward your heel side. Then, lean your back foot in the opposite direction as your front foot to maintain your balance and to control the degree of your turn.


There are many tricks and stunts that the RipSurf is capable of doing. Seeing folks do such stunts will no doubt inspire you to try something new. Remember, these people on TV and social media may be professional riders or those who have a lot of practice under their belts. Don’t try something until you are ready, meaning you have mastered the basic skills of that trick.


Do I need to wear flat shoes for riding?

Yes. Flat shoes will give optimum grip to the deck. The RipSurf has a textured deck for non-skid riding, so that really helps with foot grip! However, the main reason for wearing flat shoes is because then you won’t have a heel to get caught on the edges of the deck as you move. Heels hinder your performance!

Can I practice new moves on the grass before busting it out on pavement?

Practicing on grass, or even carpet, is a great idea for just starting to learn a new trick, or for the beginner. Just remember to progress to pavement, the medium your board was built for. You perfect tricks only when your wheels can do what they were designed to do . . . roll!

Is it okay to ride in the rain?

It’s not recommended for two reasons. First, your wheels will slide more than roll because the slick pavement gives no traction. This effect drastically decreases your control of the board and increases your chances of injuring yourself or others.

Second, water will work its way inside your wheels, along with tiny bits of dirt and debris. Additionally, water will wash out your wheel’s lubricant so your bearings will eventually be grinding in a soupy sludge and need replacing. Bearings are not cheap if you have to replace them often.

How do you learn new tricks if you’re afraid of falling?

There is nothing wrong with the fear of falling – it is a survival instinct. However, with skateboarding, falling is inevitable, especially when learning a new trick.

Practice new tricks with friends that are encouraging and supportive in your learning. You want to get positive feedback for mental courage. Have someone video you so you can see what adjustments you need to make in order to improve faster. Always wear protective gear – just knowing your body is properly padded for any falls adds a level of mental comfort.

Learn the difference between getting hurt, which heals quickly, and incurring bodily damage, which takes a long time to recovery. You will hurt yourself skateboarding, but all you need is a moment to gather your senses, take a deep breath, and try again.

Any tips on ramp riding etiquette?

Ramp riding can be dangerous because of the speeds the riders are going. Be observant, especially on crowded days. Always wait your turn. Never cut across another skater. If you fall, get up and out of the way quickly. Stand back from the top edge until it’s your turn so you won’t distract and interfere with the person riding. Always encourage others.


The RipSurf is incredibly durable, strong yet lightweight, and ergonomically designed to give you an extremely smooth and controlled ride. This is a great skateboard for anyone just starting to learn, as well as for the intermediate and expert level riders looking for a high-performance board to have fun on.

Surf’s up – even when there’s no waves! Rip it up with a RipSurf by Razor!

Razor RipSurf - Editorial Rating
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  • Stability
  • Price
  • Maneuverability
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