Best Beach Cruiser

Whenever you ride a beach cruiser, you will turn heads since they look cool and feel cool to ride.

Usually, beach cruisers are cheaper than an equivalent mountain or road bikes.


The beach cruisers stand out from the rest of the bikes.

Owning one is like owning olden day class. Their design is not to race down mountains, win races or speed through traffic. They are about elegance, comfort, and living life in a different way.

Seeing one while packed up gives someone an idea of calm seas, Californian beaches, warm breezes in the face and vivid blue skies regardless of where you are.

Is there any difference between women’s and men’s cruisers?


The cruise designers have a tendency to design different cruisers for men and women.

However, there are no operational differences.

The only difference between the design for women and that for men lies in the aesthetics.

Women’s cruiser bikes have different curvatures in upper frame and are made from thin tubing.

Here are the top 3 women’s beach cruisers and top 3 men’s cruisers available on Amazon.

Our Favorite Beach Cruisers

#1 Best Women’s Beach Cruiser: Firmstrong Urban Lady
Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser

  • Durable and Classic Beach Cruiser Design in a Variety of Colors
  • 24”-26” in Size
  • Double Padded Seat For Comfort

#1 Best Men’s Beach Cruiser: Kulana Cruiser
Kulana Mens Beach Cruiser

  • Sleek and Classic Cruiser Frame
  • 26” In Size
  • Extra Large Spring Cruiser Seat

Women’s Top 3 Beach Cruisers

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

4.75 Star Editorial Rating!

It features a classic design and 26-inch wheels that offer extra stability.

The balloon tires provide a comfortable and cushioned ride.

It's coaster brakes are simple to use and can stop your bike quickly when necessary.

It also has oversize seat and handlebars with rubber grips.

It’s perfect for those women who are 5-6 feet tall.

Sixthreezero 26” Cruiser Bicycle

sixthreezero Womens 26 Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle

4.5 Star Editorial Rating!

The sixthreezero bike comes with many comfort features.

These features include a wider cruiser handlebars that help relax your back, arms, and shoulders and an upright riding style.

It’s Shimano internal gear system makes any ride easy irrespective of ride length.

You can ride for 30 miles on this bike while comfortable. When bought, it comes 85% assembled.

  • Rubber block pedals
  • 17” 3 steel frame bike with fenders
  • 26” wheels
  • Saddle made of brown leather
  • Grips are embellished with blue flower patterns

Ancheer Single speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Ancheer Single speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle

4 Star Editorial Rating!

This comfortable cruiser bike made of industrial aluminum is sturdy, lightweight and anti-rust.

The multi-bracket frame is sturdy and offers security during the afternoon.

Easy to ride and easy to use brakes. Its brake pads are wear-resistant.

It has wide tires with deep lines with fantastic grip.

Perfect for women who are 5-6 feet tall.

  • Oversized seat with springs for extra comfort
  • Rubber grips handlebars
  • Anti-rust paints and material
  • Two years warranty

Men top 3 Beach Cruisers

Kulana Men's Cruiser Bike

Kulana Men's Cruiser Bike

5 Star Editorial Rating!

Cruise the street in comfort with this men’s cruiser bicycle.

Comes with a classic steel frame and features a spring saddle and swept-back handlebars for a comfortable ride.

The coordinating rear coaster brake and fenders offer you additional confidence and style.

It also features 26” steel wheels and padded cruiser seat for added comfort.

The fenders protect both the bike and you from water and dirt.

  • Large cruiser seat with dual springs
  • Classic steel cruiser fork and frame
  • Cruiser handlebars are easy to reach
  • Full-wrap steel fenders

Kent Oakwood Men's Cruiser Bike

Kent Oakwood Men's Cruiser Bike

4.6 Star Editorial Rating!

Do you love to ride and the style of a beach cruiser, but wish to have a few speeds to deal with hills in the neighborhood?

The Kent bicycle’s Oakwood cruiser is the perfect bike for you. It comes with a curvy aluminum frame and Shimano twist shift gears.

You will love the upright riding position with large back handlebars, road-taming, stylish whitewall tires, and comfortable bumper seat.

It comes with side pull caliper brakes at the rear and front.

Kent Oakwood is among the high quality and most reliable bike brands.

This brand comes in black and writes design and a subtle yet masculine curved line.

The frame and fork are made from high-quality aluminum. The chain is enclosed, and its saddle is padded with springs that make you comfortable while you sit.

Its dimensions are 8.7”x27.6”x53”.

  • Weigh 40 lbs.
  • Has seven speeds
  • ​Enclosed chain cover
  • ​Rear and front handbrake
  • Cruiser bike frame

Schwinn Men's Sanctuary Cruiser Bicycle

Schwinn Men's Sanctuary 7-Speed Cruiser Bicycle

4.25 Star Editorial Rating!

The Schwinn Sanctuary Cruiser is the perfect bicycle to ride at the beach, bike path, neighborhood, or going out for leisure.

The wheel is made of an alloy that is lightweight. It comes with Schwinn steel cruiser fork and frame.

The full fenders assist in keeping water off during the rain. The rear rack may be used to carry cargo.

It also comes with Shimano 7 speed derailleur with the SRAM twist shift to offer quick gear shifting.

  • Alloy rims are strong and lightweight
  • Padded cruiser saddle that comes with springs
  • Rear cargo rack and full fenders
  • Shimano rear derailleur that comes with SRAM shifters
  • Steel fork and frame


How much assembled is the beach cruiser when bought?

The cruiser will be delivered when it is 80% assembled. The rest of the assembly is easy and takes about 20 minutes.

If I order a beach cruiser and wait to be assembled until it’s fully assembled, where do I pick it up?

You will be contacted when the bike is ready. The bikes are usually available after 4-7 days after being ordered.

The rear fender has bent or dented, what am I supposed to do?

Rear fenders come with pre-fabricated crimp which allows for chain clearance during mounting. When you check and find that it is damaged, you need to contact the company and fill a damage claim form.

Are the prices stated online same as the prices at the store?

The store prices may vary from the online prices. The cost of customer service lead to increased prices at the store and caters for the training of employees, store space and other consideration absent online. Also, they have to pay bicycle assemblers who assemble the bike and get it ready for purchase at the store.


When it comes to selecting the best beach cruiser to get, you need to consider several factors such as budget, type of break and whether it has a single speed or multi speeds. When you want to purchase a beach cruiser, you know where it will be used since beach bike cruisers, and single speed cruisers serve different needs. Single speed cruisers will be perfect if you plan to ride on smooth surfaces and mellow environment. If you intend on riding the bike on an uneven landscape and longer roads, then you need bikes with gears. You can get a three speed and seven-speed beach bikes and thus allows for versatile riding.

There are two types of brakes to choose from when selecting the right beach cruiser: handbrake and coaster brake. A coaster brake is good for those who love low maintenance and simplicity while a handbrake cruiser is best for control-freaks.

Another factor to consider is the price of the cruiser. The most affordable bikes are single speed cruisers. If you want a beach cruiser that has gears, then you would expect the prices to be high.

Considering the factors above, the Sixthreezero 26” Cruiser Bicycle and the Kent Oakwood Men's Cruiser Bike are the best choices for most people. Get yourself one and enjoy the ride at the beach.