The 5 Best Surf Wax Coconut Air Fresheners

Surfers love the smell of tropical paradise. Sweet coconuts and the soft sea breeze always put us in a good mood. However, all this dissipates the moment we step inside our cars where the unfortunate aroma of wet towels and wetsuits welcome us back to reality. If you have dreamed of taking the sweet smell of surfer’s paradise with you wherever you go, any of these delicate surf wax coconut air fresheners should make a nice addition to your room or car.


The Top 5

#1 Ulu Lagoon Air Freshener

ulu lagoon car freshener

The Ulu Lagoon Air Freshener is made by a lifestyle-savvy candle company that takes inspiration from traveling and the beach life. It is the newest addition to their signature coconut-scented products. It is a wave-shaped 3” x 4” dangling air freshener that comes in many hip patterns that will add style points wherever you hang them.

Available in these fine Scents

  • Signature coconut
  • Gray and black anchor
  • Flamingo
  • Pineapple
  • Tie-Dyed
  • Baja-inspired
  • Retro
  • Classic Turquoise Blue
  • Hot Pink
  • All Black
  • Plain White

#2 Sticky Bumps Air Freshener

sticky bumps car freshener

The Sticky Bumps Air Freshener brings its well-loved blueberry surf wax scent into the form of a mini air freshener that you can hang anywhere. Shaped like its distinct logo, the Sticky Bumps Air Freshener is compact and slick enough to be tucked in or hanged from anywhere.

  • Original blueberry surf wax scent
  • Strong and long-lasting scent
  • 10” x 7” x 3” in size
  • Comes in Sticky Bumps logo shape

#3 Mr. Zogs Sex Wax Air Freshener

Mr. Zogs car air freshener

Take the Mr. Zogs Sex Wax scents wherever you go to remind you of your best waves and inspire you until your next surf session. These air fresheners are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but their scents are guaranteed to last longer than your last barrel.

  • Comes in the shape of the round Sex Wax logo
  • Compact and easy to hide

Available in these fine Scents

  • Coconut
  • Pineapple
  • Grape
  • Strawberry
  • Assorted (20 pieces)

#4 Blunt Xtreme Exotic White Coconut Spray

Exotic White Coconut Type Air Freshener By Blunt Xtreme

The stench of wet towels and boardshorts isn’t the only thing you want to mask in your van, room or house. A lot of surfers also have dogs, and as much as we love these playful pooches, they just can’t seem to maintain a neutral scent. The Blunt Xtreme Exotic White Coconut Spray can take care of that with just a few sprays. It was formulated to last longer than the average dangling air freshener so this product is ideal for those who need to mask stronger scents such as wet pets and cigarette smoke.

  • Best oil-based fragrance in the market
  • 100% concentrate
  • Very potent but pleasing scent
  • Made for stronger stenches
  • 1 oz. bottle is good for 200 sprays

#5 Little Trees Coconut Scent (12-Pack)

Trees Air Car Freshener coconut

You can’t go wrong with Little Trees because it is the most well-known air freshener in the world. Get the 12-pack to last you the entire year!

  • Made by a well loved air freshener brand
  • Great for cars, homes and offices
  • Organic coconut scent
  • Mild and non-intrusive

Places To Put Your Air Freshener


Hang your air freshener on your rearview mirror or directly in front of the AC vents and your vehicle will smell wonderful in no time. You can also stash some air fresheners under the seats.

Around The House

Hang one in your room, in the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, or anywhere at all to keep your house smelling like its beachfront property.

Gym Bag

Used socks, sweatpants and jerseys are a total turn off. Remedy the situation with coconut air freshener before someone smells your dirty laundry.


Not all of us enjoy the scent of chemically produced soaps and shampoos. Hide a coconut air freshener in there to make showers more enjoyable.


This is the one place that definitely needs some revitalizing in terms of smell. Don’t let your locker smell like a dumpsite; let it smell like a tropical beach instead!

Which One Should I Get?

If you are averse to strong and heavy scents, get any of the small pocket-sized air fresheners that you can hang anywhere. However, if you need something that will last longer, the oil-based fragrances will suit you better.


How long does a surf wax coconut air freshener last?

One small pack typically lasts for 1-2 months as long as you don’t let them dry out under direct sunlight. A 1 oz. bottle of coconut spray is good for 200 sprays, and you’ll need just about 1-2 sprays per use.

Are they chemically safe for me?

These coconut scents are made from natural ingredients as much as possible. Surfers also want to protect the environment so these products should also be safe for the planet.

Should I only get one air freshener?

You can get as many as you like! We know you can’t get enough of that sweet coconut scent. Stash plenty in your room or give them away as gifts. Keep a spray bottle in hand for pet accidents. Satisfy yourself with the sweet smells of surfer’s paradise and you’ll be in a better mood all year long.