The Best Beach Tents

The surf, the sun and the soft sand – what’s not to love about a good time spent at the beach?

When planning a fun outdoor activity during the summer, one activity that top the list is a good time at the beach.


A long day spent at the beach without a good beach tent is incomplete.

Do you have plans to go to the beach for a vacation?

Or perhaps you have been trying to get the best beach tents.

Do you want protection from the sun and enjoy the beach time? 

Then you need not worry anymore.

Check this amazing top 5 beach tents that will help you benefit from the time at the beach.

The 5 Best Beach Tents

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Pacific Breeze Easy Up Delux XL

The EasyUp Hub System showcases the leading design in the industry.

The easiest and the fastest setup and is the among the best beach tents in the market.

The Deluxe XL is compact and lightweight, weighs about 6 pounds.

This beach tent offer protection from the rain, wind, and sun for any outdoor activity, X-large windows for proper ventilation and UPF 50+ protection from the sun.

A breathable polyester is used to make the beach tent, and the tent is water repellent.

The large interior shelter of 95Lx52H x51D can accommodate 3 or 4 people.

This tent also comes with hooks for hanging and internal pockets in which you can store your personal items.

The fiberglass frame is lightweight and durable, and the PE floor is water resistant.

#2. Quik Shade Expedition EX100 10'x10' Instant Canopy

The Quik Shade canopies come while completely assembled for easy and quick set up to offer shelter and shade when you need it.

This tent is easy when it comes to setting up and can easily fold into a compact shape which can fit in the wheeled carry bag.

It measures 10”x10” at the base and 10”x10” fabric top and offer 100 square feet of shade.

The canopy is made of 150 denier fabric with Aluminex, which provides 99% UV protection and a cooler shade.

It also has four ground stakes that help securely anchor the canopy to the ground. Its nylon feet assist in protecting the deck and patio surfaces.

  • 100 square ft. of shade
  • A strong 300D bag that allows you to carry it anywhere including the camping site, backyard and to sporting events
  • A fully assembled frame that sets up instantly
  • Four strong stakes for anchor

  • Three height adjustments
  • ​Patented pull/push latch sliders and also push pin leg extenders for ease of use
  • Improved ease assembly
  • PTFE washers and plastic reinforced pivot points for easy opening

#3. Sport-Brella Umbrella

For comfort outdoors and extra shade, relax underneath the Sport-Brella.

This tent has a durable construction and good features just like the Original Sport-Brella but has one extra foot of coverage from weather and the sun.

You will feel the breeze from the sea since it comes with side zip-up windows.

This tent is perfect for camping, sporting events, and general recreation. It sets up instantly to offer shelter for the entire family.

  • Perfect for both beach and outdoor recreation
  • ​Provide instant outdoor shelter
  • Internal pockets for personal items and stakes
  • A reflective undercoating that provides maximum comfort
  • Use as a telescoping umbrella or ground shelter
  • Custom side stakes
  • Offer protection from the wind, rain and the sun
  • Includes tie-downs, carry bag and stakes
  • Quickly opens to 9 feet wide
  • Travel dimensions are 4”x4”x59”
  • Weigh 8 lbs
  • ​Includes tie-downs, carry bag and stakes

#4. Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent

Costco Pacific Breeze Easy Up beach tent

This tent is perfect for you if you are going to the beach with friends and family.

The EasyUp Beach Tent is fastest and the easiest pop-up tent that set up within seconds.

It comes with sand pockets, carrying case, interior pockets, stakes, and large interior shelter, UPF 50+ for sun protection, PE waterproof floor and lightweight and durable fiberglass frame.

Also, the tent comes with a one year warranty.

If you want a spacious and compact beach tent, then this is tent a must have.

#5. Sport-Brella Portable Sun Beach Umbrella

Costco Sport-Brella Portable Sun Beach Umbrella

Not all trips to the beach require a tent for shelter and shade.

Anyone who wanted the sun and fun to surround them and at the same time wanted a shady area to avoid overexposure and sunburn would go for the classic beach umbrella.

Offering quick shade in between swimming, building sand castles and enjoying the area offer, Sport-Brella is very famous for providing an enormous portable beach umbrella.

They are easy and light to move around.

The setup takes seconds and offers a heavily shaded are which can fit three kids and two adults.

The 96-inch size provides a lot of space and its 9 lb.

The weight allows for easy movement from one place to another.

This type is a perfect alternative to previous usual beach tents.


Trying to choose between the Pacific Breeze Easy up Beach Tent Deluxe XL and Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent for a beach trip, which of the two is better with two adults and two children?

The Pacific Breeze Easy up Beach Tent Deluxe XL is the best choice since it can accommodate up to 4 people.

In the description, it indicates: “fits in the wheeled carry bag provided.” Does the Quik Shade Expedition EX100 come with a wheeled bag?

Yes, it does.

How long are the stakes that come with Sport-Brella X-Large Umbrella?

The plastic spikes for the sand are 9 inches long, and the steel spikes for the ground are 6 inches long.

What else do I need to bring to the beach along with my tent?

Here are a few extra things may help in making your tent set up and tenting experience a little better:

  • Tarp
    Whether your tent has a bottom section or not, a strong tarp can provide extra protection from the sand or any debris that may be poking up from it. If your tent does have a bottom, it can protect from getting dirty or getting ripped. Any tarp you buy should be smaller than the floor size of your tent though, so you have room to stake it down.

  • Mallet
    If you’re using stakes instead of sandbags, it is important to have a mallet or hammer to hit your stakes into the ground with. You can also use a rock if you don’t have a mallet handy, though it’s obviously a bit more difficult.

How do I maintain my tent?

There are a few steps you can take to make sure your tent has longevity:

  • Clean and dry it before packing it away

If you’re beach tent has been in the rain, is covered in saltwater, or has sand caked on, it is important to wipe or rinse it clean and let it dry before putting it away. If not, your tent will be susceptible to mold. You can either lay it out in the sun in your backyard or hang it on a clothesline when you get home.

  • Pack it up correctly

Try and take a picture the first time you remove your beach tent from its packaging so that you can try and pack it up the same way each time. The manufacturers know the best ways to pack their tent and it’s best to follow their form.

  • Air out your tent every so often

In between the times that you are using your beach tent, it is a good idea to open it up and air it out. Moisture can build up inside your tent easily, spiders and other little critters can make it home, and it can end up becoming a stagnant nightmare, especially if stored away in a musty garage or shed. Opening it up even to shake it out and give it some fresh air can make a huge difference in its lifespan.

How To Set Up

Tents are typically pretty easy to set up, though setting up a tent on the beach can be a bit harder. This is because tents benefit from being set up on solid, dense earth. Sand is very fine and doesn’t stick together well, meaning it’s a bit more difficult to use it as a foundation. Before you do anything, find the ideal spot to set up your tent on the sand. The area should likely be flat and far enough from the water that the tide won’t come up and wash it away.

After you’ve found your area, here are a few tips to make your set up easier:

Clear Debris From Your Tent Site

This is very important to do to protect the tent floor from tearing and also protect your butt and backside from being poked. There’s no need to dig for rocks, but any obvious debris like sharp rocks or sticks should be removed from underneath your tent.

Put the Rainfly On

This really depends on the weather, though if you feel like it’s getting a bit cloudy, a rain flap may be a good decision if your tent has an open mesh top. Typically, you’ll find that putting on a rainfly is as easy as securing the Velcro straps to the ends of your poles on each side of the tent.

Sand Bag It!

Once you’ve set up your tent, dig multiple holes about two feet away from each tent post. It is VERY important that you measure this distance as accurately as possible. Once you’ve done this, begin making the sand bags by taking the sand you dug up and placing it into small plastic bags. These can be Ziploc bags, grocery bags, or whatever other kinds of bags you have lying around. Lastly, tie each of your sand bags to the bottoms of the posts and place carefully in the holes and bury them so that they hold your tent tightly to the sand.

Factors to Consider When Buying


The type of tent you purchase will depend on what you need it for. Here are a few types of tents you should consider when making your purchase:

  • Baby Beach Tents
    If you have a baby, a baby beach tent is a must have! These tents are small enough for your baby to relax in and provide tons of protection for your little one all day long. Baby beach tents typically require little to no set up, as they are usually manufactured with a pop-up design.
  • Beach Cabana Tent
    These are probably some of the most popular beach tents out there and can be found across the world. Cabana tents look a bit like houses with one opening on the side to enter and closed walls around the other sides. If you’re looking for some quiet time alone, with a loved one, or with the family, these beach tents are easy to set up and provide great protection and privacy!
  • Beach Canopy Tents
    These tents looks like large umbrellas, though typically offer a lot more shade than a lone umbrella would. You can find them in a wide array of sizes for a couple or the whole family. They are also typically easy to set up with different instructions from the manufacturer.

Ease of Assembly

It's important to have a beach tent that is easy to set up, unless you want to waste a ton of time on the beach in a struggling match with your impractical shelter. You should be able to get out to your spot, pop it up, and enjoy your time relaxing. Some beach tents are made to pop up in a few minutes with hardly any work and fold up in the same manner.

Sun Protection

A great beach tent should have ample sun protection, meaning it should come with a special type of coating that can help to block out harmful UV rays. This is an absolute MUST if the tent is for your baby or kids. If the tent comes complete with breathable mesh portions, those should be able to close up easily.


While the beach can be relaxing and easy-going, it can also sometimes be unforgiving. Ocean waves and high-powered winds can rip your tent right out of the sand and send it swirling into Davy Jones’ Locker. Finding your tent out at sea or miles down the beach can be a total bust. You should also think about water protection, as rain can easily leak into your tent and ruin your belongings if it is not properly waterproofed.


The price you pay for your tent depends on how much you use it and what you use it for. Will you be spending multiple days down on the beach every other week or will you be taking it out for small day trips to use for a few hours every month or so? There’s no reason to spend upwards of a thousand dollars for a casual tenting experience.


The best beach tent allows you to enjoy the outdoor scenery while at the same time offer sufficient protection from the sun.

This feature isn’t always noticed at first glance and buyers may not know how to pick the best beach tent. There are some factors to consider when picking a beach tent.

These include design, size, and performance.

A good beach tent has an open-space-and a three-wall design that offers protection on every side regardless of the direction you are facing.

giant portable umbrella

Size is a very relative aspect since it varies depending on the individual and the size of the family. You don’t want to be in a tent which doesn’t provide enough shade and makes you uncomfortable. Nothing can go wrong with big sized tents, but too large space can be hard to manage. You ought to consider the size of your family.

Considering the performance of your tent is important. A good beach tent should have a tarpaulin design which offers protection from non-sand areas. However, these floors can be very hot. It’s important also to ensure that your tent is properly ventilated and provide UV protection.

Considering the factors above, the Sport-Brella X-Large Umbrella is the perfect choice for the beach vacation with your family.