Beachbub Umbrella Review

If you’re an avid beachgoer, there is no doubt that you’ve hit the shores before with some heavy winds present.

Typically when the wind picks up like this, people scurry to get their umbrellas down and packed safely away. 


Thanks to the BeachBub umbrella, though, that’s not the case.

You can easily plant your BeachBub in the sand on a windy day without a worry in the world.

In this BeachBub Umbrella Review, we’re going to give you the lowdown on this tornado-surviving, heavyweight umbrella.

Okay it’s not quite tornado proof, but it is a tough little cookie.

The Review

Beachbub All-in-One Beach Umbrella


  • 7.5’ Canopy
  • High Grade 1.5mm 2-Piece Aluminum Pole
  • ​6 High Quality 10mm Fiberglass Frame Ribs
  • 220G Commercial Grade PA Coated Fabric
  • Dual Drawstrings
  • Triple Layered Sewn Rib Pockets


  • Very easy to set up and transport
  • Handles wind up to 35mph
  • Commercial Grade Frame and Pole
  • Lightweight


  • Pricey
  • Non-Adjustable Height
  • Non-Tilting

Features and Benefits

Let’s start off with the biggest benefit of this umbrella: It’s wind resistance. Thanks to the sturdy 10mm fiberglass ribs and high-grade 1.5mm aluminum pole, this umbrella can easily withstand wind speeds of up to 35mph. The patented, pyramid-shaped base of the umbrella carries quite a bit of the burden as well, as the foldable pockets at the bottom are filled with sand to keep it stuck to the ground.

The cooling element of the BeachBub is quality as well. Because the umbrella has a traditional style, you still get the breeze that passes through to keep you cool. The material is also 50+ UPF, giving you and your family plenty of protection from the sun’s harmful rays.

As for the transportation and setup, BeachBub hit the nail on the head in terms of user-friendliness. You don’t need any sort of screws to put it together or shovel to dig a hole for the base. You easily pop it together and set it up right on top of the ground. The canopy and base weigh just under 9lbs all together, making it an excellent travel umbrella. They even included a nice little carrying bag with a comfortable shoulder strap and extra padding, so that you can pack it up and keep your car free from and messes.

The canopy adjustment system is the latest feature for the BeachBub Umbrella and it is incredibly helpful in keeping it in great condition. Typically, ribs will poke through the canopies of cheap umbrellas over time as the canopy fabric loses tension. The added t-shaped bracket within each pocket helps to prevent that typical wear. You can easily insert the included spacer plugs to achieve the tension you desire.

With the high-quality design and solid features, it's no wonder why the BeachBub makes our overall best beach umbrella list at Fin Bin.

Umbrella Base setup
Fully fitted Beachbub umbrella
Umbrella setup at Beach

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BeachBub Sand Gopher

The Sand Gopher is essentially a little BeachBub tool that makes getting the bottom umbrella pole deep enough into the sand, a much easier process. Instead of trying to dig a big hole with a shovel or drive your umbrella pole down with force, you can get the same result with the Sand Gopher by simply inserting it into the sand and giving it a small turn. Because of the shape, the bottom half will cut through the sand and the hollow body will fill up. You can then take the Sand Gopher out, get rid of the sand inside, and stick back inside to place your umbrella in it. It’s not a necessary BeachBub tool, though definitely one that is very helpful.

BeachBub Accessory Kit

The BeachBub Accessory Kit includes two products: The BeachBub Sand Scoop and the BeachBub Towel Rack. The shovel is a small plastic shovel that can be used to scoop out top sand. If you’re dealing with rougher terrain, we would recommend a legitimate shovel, though this one can definitely do the job if it’s not packed too tightly. The towel rack, on the other hand, is a very nifty little product. You basically slide it onto the collar of the pole and tighten the hook bolts with your hands. This allows you to hang your towels so you never have to deal with drying off using a sandy, dirty towel, ever again.

BeachBub Umbrella Bag

The BeachBub Umbrella Bag is perfect for taking your BeachBub Umbrella on the go. It’s made of a 220G water resistant material (very similar to the BeachBub canopy material) and is reinforced with a wide padded shoulder strap and a solid little carrying handle. There is a Velcro pocket on the side that is perfect for storing little items like phones, wallets, or keys. Even if you have other umbrellas that you use, this bag can easily carry anything up to 7.5’. The dual drawstring design makes it incredibly easy to open and close too.

How To Set Up

Setting up the BeachBub Umbrella is truly a piece of cake. Here is a small step-by-step to get you on your way to total relaxation:

  • Begin by laying your BeachBub base flaps flat on the sand. Insert the pole of your umbrella into the mark that is labeled and attach the wings.
  • Fill your BeachBub base about halfway with sand.
  • Attach your third wind and put the flaps up. Once the flaps are secured, you can fill the rest of it with sand.
  • Secure the top half of the umbrella to the pole and open it up by pulling each end up.
  • If you want to tilt the umbrella at all, you will have to do so by taking the top half off first. Push the pole sideways and detach the wind that it is leaning on. Put the top of your umbrella back on. You’re ready to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BeachBub Coupon Code?

You can find BeachBub Coupon codes around the Internet. When you create a rewards account with BeachBub, they give you 200 Bub Bucks that go towards whatever purchase you want to make.

Where Can I buy the BeachBub?

The BeachBub Umbrella can be found at numerous stores including Amazon and WalMart. You can even purchase a BeachBub Umbrella directly from the manufacturer at their website.


If you’re still feeling the BeachBub at this point, then we highly recommend purchasing one for your beach outings. It’s one of the best-rated beach umbrellas on the market and has a sturdy, reliable build. Not many other consumer beach umbrellas have these sorts of wind resistant properties, and for that alone, we have to give it an absolute A+.

The BeachBub Umbrella will last you years to come with its easy installation and professional, high-quality design. We hope our little review was helpful in your BeachBub journey. Have fun at the beach this summer!

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