The 6 Best Bodyboarding Videos Of All Time

There is no better way to get all pumped up and psyched for your next bodyboarding session than watching bodyboarding films. If you need to stretch your muscles before getting in the water, you also need to exercise your mind to better visualize what you need to do when you are out there. That’s what bodyboarding videos are for. Whether or not you can complete the maneuvers in the video, just watching others pull off the cleanest lines or the craziest stunts is enough to get your neurotransmitters fired up.


We have put together 6 of the best bodyboarding videos of all time. Pick any of these adrenaline-starters and rewind until your favorite scene is imprinted on your brain.

Ring of Fire bodyboard movie

Robert Isambert of Uprising Films made the first Ring of Fire movie as a personal tribute to the sport. He recorded the journey of up and coming bodyboarders as they searched for the best bodyboarding waves in the world. What he didn’t anticipate was the large following his humble bodyboarding film would attain and he was able to make two sequels years later.

The Ring of Fire Trilogy is now a sought after collection in the bodyboarding world because it started a new aspirational trend among young bodyboarders to keep going the extra mile to ride the best wave of their lives.

The locations in Ring of Fire include So Cal, Mexico, Canary Islands, Hawaii, Bali, Sumbawa, Australia and Tahiti. The film features top notch riders such as Charles Marabella, Mike Maccarone, John Porzuczek, Johnny Redmond, Ryan Hardy, Toby Player, Anthony Savoji, Damien King, Jeff Hubbard, Jose Marquina and Brandon Newton.

#2 Holding On – The Skid Kids Story

holding on the skid kids story

Cronulla in the 1970s was a tough place to be in. There were fights breaking out on every street corner and the youth were known to do drugs and steal. This was the backdrop where the story of the Skid Kids was formed. Back when only stand-up surfers ruled the beach, the Skid Kids were the ones who put bodyboarding on the map with their larger than life attitude and radical bad boy style.

Holding On was directed by Trent Beattie and Simon Bruncke and it stars the likes of Matt Percy, Nugget Purcell, Dave Ballard, Adam “Wingnut” Smith, Mark Fordham, Rissole Rigucinni, Chaz McCall, Mike Stewart, Chris Stroh, Terry Fleming and more.

#3 Ro4m Diaries

roam bodyboard video

The ROAM film series is a staple in any bodyboarder’s to-watch list. The 4th installment, Ro4m Diaries, follows the exotic lives of free surfing bodyboarders in their never-ending quest for surf exploration. These are riders who have committed their lives to discovering never-been-surfed waves and to the long and arduous travel that often accompanies such an on demand lifestyle.

Nomad Bodyboards and Riptide Magazine have teamed up with directors Michael Jennings, Matt Lackey and Tyson Lloyd to give you endless amount of froth. Ro4m Diaries was shot in South Oz, Hawaii, Samoa and the East Coast featuring some of the wildest riders today. Watch out for Michael Novy, Chris James, Matt Lackey, Damien Martin, Chase O’Leary, Ewan Donnachie, Cade Sharp and Joe Clarke in yet another successful slice of the ROAM bodyboarding series.

#4 Roam Fre3

After his debut film, “The Lackey Project,” received much acclaim in the bodyboarding world, Matt Lackey landed the dream project of directing the third installment of the ROAM bodyboarding film series. Roam Fre3 follows the adventures and detours that come with tailing a group of free surfing bodyboarders who are addicted to stoke and discovering new breaks. They dare surf where nobody else dares to go. With a crew like that, you’re bound to catch some of the most radical clips on film and that’s what Lackey presents artistically in Roam Fre3.

Matt Lackey is an experienced bodyboarder himself and following his lead are Damien Martin, Chris James, Cade Sharp, Chase O’Leary, Alex Halsey, Matt Young, Chris Wilson and Dylan Lee. Together, they plow through the heavy waves of Japan, Samoa, Indonesia, Hawaii and unexplored locations in Australia.

roam bodyboard video

#5 Etcetera Bodyboarding DVD

Etcetera bodyboard movie

Here’s another one of Rob Isambert’s bodyboarding classics to complete your collection of must watch bodyboarding films. Sponsored by, Uprising Films goes all over the East Coast and the West Coast to catch bodyboarding at its prime. Nobody looks at bodyboarding the same way Rob Isambert does, which is similar to how a grom would look at the sport for the very first time. It is always fresh, exciting, and without a doubt, dangerous.

Follow’s team riders John “Beans” Porzuczek, Paul Roach, and Brian Stoehr share sets and scenes with Jeff Hubbard, Ben Player, PLC and more in this must-see bodyboarding movie.

#6 Early Morning Social Club – Children of the Foam

Caleb Graham cements his name onto the history of bodyboarding as one of the best filmmakers of the sport out there. He captures the essence of heavy barrels and close-out section airs in this beautiful film. Early Morning Social Club shot on location around the North Coast and the South Coast with clips from the South Australian desert weaving everything together. You won’t get tired of watching all the scenes from this movie because everything was just edited and shot so well. Graham’s superb framing and editing highlight the old pros and the young rippers in this movie even more. Leave the movie playing even if you don’t feel like studying the moves because the soundtrack is awesome too.

Buy the Early Morning Social Club DVD and you will get Graham’s other movie, Children of the Foam, for free. Satisfaction is guaranteed because if this movie doesn’t get you raring and frothing to bodyboard, then nothing will!

Early Morning Social Club bodyboard movie review

So which one should I get?

Round up the entire crew because it’s high time you all throw on a bodyboarding film marathon to celebrate the joy of pumping waves. Get all the titles on this list and you will be howling for more action!