Catch Surf Beater Board Review

The Beater Board, designed and produced by Catch Surf, was created as a way to “beat” the blackball—a yellow flag with a black ball in the middle—that was raised by lifeguards in the summer restricting surfing. Because the board could be used as a bodyboard, skimboard and surfboard, surfers could grab their Beater Board and be back in the water in no time, using the board as either a skimboard or bodyboard.

In addition to the three ways the Beater Board can be used in the water, a surfer can customize the board to their taste by selecting one of three options for fins: the finless, single fin and twin fin, which is available only on the Pro version. To be truly customizable, Catch Surf offers a conversion kit for single or twin fins. The Beater Board comes in four versions. It is available in retro, as in 1960’s, colors of turquoise, purple, pink red, pop yellow, water blue and lettuce green. With these vivid colors, it’s hard to imagine that a board could get lost.


How Do You Choose the Best Beater Board for You?

There are several factors that play into which beater board would be best. First, this is the ideal board for the person who has never surfed or who is teaching his/her child to surf. The board’s soft-top makes it easier for the surfer to maneuver his position from lying flat, to kneeling to standing.

The Beater Board is also much more reasonably priced than other boards.
There is a version with the fin for a few bucks more or you can go with the version without the fin if you know damn well that you won’t be using the fins or you are just a down right Scrooge. With the benefit of a soft top surfboard and bodyboard in one, the original Beater Board is a great choice for the beginner surfer.

For the experienced surfer, and the beginner as well, it’s all about fun, fins and what the surfer wants to do. If the surfer wants to use the Beater Board as a surfboard, the Beater Twin Fin is recommended. For the advanced surfer, who wants to show off his/her moves, don’t use a fin at all. The single fin is for the rest of the surfers— no fancy moves, no high-end surfing—just a day of awesome surfing!


Original Pro

Original Pro Beater Board

The Original Pro has a strong, yet light weight core with dual maple plywood stringers. The stringer is a thin strip of wood, usually balsa, which is centered and runs the length of the board. The thickness of the wood strips increases the strength and rigidity of the board. The more stringers there are in the board, the more rigid and stiff it is going to be.

The Original Pro is equipped with tapered D-rails. The rails of a surfboard are one of the main components that interact with the water. The way the water and rails interact will have a huge impact on the performance of the surfer.

The Original Pro measures at 4’6” x 20” x 2.5” (30 Liters). It is covered with impact resistant HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and has a leash plug in the tail. All Original Pro models have been updated with Catch Surf’s new high performance fin system and 4” Beater PRO model Keel fins.




Original 54

Original 54 Catch Surf Beater BoardThe Original 54 Beater Board shines with the Old-School 8lb PE deck and HDPE slick skin. It has tapered D-rails and twin-channel crescent tail for surfing without fins. The single and twin models come with soft pop-through removal fins.

The high performance fin system with Beater PRO model Keel fins has been added to the Original 54. The board measures at 54” (4’6”) x 20” 2.5” (30 Liters).

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Creature Edition

Catch Surf Beater Creature EditionThe Creature Edition was designed and developed through a cooperative group effort between Creature Skateboards and Catch Surf. The result? The first skateboard of surfboards.

The single fin model is outfitted with a 4.5” raked fin and the twin fin comes with 3.5” keel fins. The board measures 54” (4’6”) x 20” x 2.5” (30 Liters).

Equipped with the same features as the Original Beater Board, the Creature Edition also has a Creature edition Beater logo and skate-inspired placement on deck. There is a Signature Creature “Surf Club” graphic on the bottom. The Creature Edition comes in Finless and Twin Fin models only and is available in all new colors.




Original 48

catch surf beater Original 48 boardThe Original 48 is also an all-purpose, customizable board. The tapered D-rails allows for maximum interaction with the waves. The twin-channel crescent tail allows the surfer to surf without a fin. It has a dual-composite core with twin maple wood stringers. Single and twin fin models come equipped with soft pop-up removable fins. As with the other models, the Original 48 has been upgraded to include a high performance fin system with Beater PRO model Keel fins. The Original 48 requires surf wax for grip. The board measures a 48” (4’0”) x 20” x 2.5” (27 Liters).





Final Thoughts on the Board

Catch Surf created a winner in the Beater Board. With it’s versatility and reasonable price, it is suitable for the beginner surfer to the most experienced. For every surfer, the Beater Boards offer hours of fun riding the waves.




Catch Surf Beater Bag

Don’t leave your awesome beater lying around the sun. Store it in a super stylish Catch Surf board bag and you can bet that all of your gear will thank you for it. All Catch Surf bags are made to fit all Beater Original and Beater Pro models, and they come with nifty features and compartments that you’ll love.

  • Made of Cordura material
  • Water-resistant
  • Very durable
  • Large front pocket with a single zipper
  • Main compartment with double zippers
  • Adjustable strap made of nylon
  • Air vents in all compartments
  • Double nylon handles
  • Velcro grip
  • Comes in super stylish blue / yellow and black / lime


Catch Surf Beater Bag Review




Beater Finless Conversion Kit

The best thing about Catch Surf Beaters is that they allow you to experiment and diversify your surfing style. With the Beater Finless Conversion Kit, you can turn your thruster, single din, twin fin, or quad fin into a finless beater board. Test your alaia boarding skills right on your own Beater board!

  • Made of engineered thermo-plastic
  • Very durable screws
  • Easy to attach conversion plate
  • Works for any Beater board
  • Comes with instructions
  • Catch Surf sticker included
Beater Board Fin Kit



Beater Single-Fin Kit

Thanks to the clever conversion plate design of the Beater fin kits, you will now only ever need just one surfboard. The Beater Single-Fin Kit lets you experience the smooth and carve-y ride of single fin by sampling attaching the conversion plate onto your beater.


  • Transforms finless Beater into a single fin board
  • Made of engineered thermo-plastic
  • Can be used with the Beater Finless Conversion Kit
  • Very durable screws
  • East to attach single fin
  • Works for any Beater board
  • Comes with instructions
  • Catch Surf sticker included


Beater Twin-Fin Kit

This Beater Twin-Fin Kit will let you experience the cruise-y, rail-to-rail surfing of twin fins. Surfers often say that riding a twin fin feels a lot like riding a skateboard, and this fin conversion kit will transform your finless beater into a cruiser.


  • Transforms finless Beater into a twin fin board
  • Made of engineered thermo-plastic
  • Can be used with the Beater Finless Conversion Kit
  • Very durable screws
  • East to attach twin fins
  • Works for any Beater board
  • Comes with instructions
  • Catch Surf sticker included


Beater PRO Safety-Edge Twin Fin Set

If you’ve ever wanted to charge heavy shore breaks but the odds of mishaps involving your very sharp fins have stopped you, then this is the answer to your prayers. The clever safety edges of this fin kit are made of a soft rubber material that won’t slice through your board or your skin.


  • Super stiff inner core
  • Soft outer rubber edges
  • Comes with 2 x 3.5” keel fins
  • Easy to snap on any Original PRO model
  • Comes with a fin key
  • Catch Surf sticker included


Catch Surf Beater PRO Comp 5ft. Surfboard Leash

To complete your A-game, you’re going to need a shorter and lighter surfboard leash. This 5-foot comp leash from Catch Surf does wonders in the water. You can barely feel it, but you know that it will keep you tethered no matter what.

  • Made of P/U cord
  • Quick release cuff
  • Ultra durable and light
  • Stainless steel swivels
  • Anti-tangle double swivels
  • Triple-fold rail saver with inner key pocket
  • Compatible with: Beaters, Odysea Stumps, 5’6” Skipper




Who is this board perfect for?

Beater boards are perfect for fun-loving surfers who have an adventurous outlook toward their surfing. If you are keen on experimenting with other surfing styles to complement and diversify the way you ride, then the beater board is right up your alley.


Who should definitely not buy this board?

The beater board is for everyone: from beginners to professionals. However, based on collective experience, the beater is best enjoyed if you already have the surfing basics and fundamental maneuvers down.


Is this board easy or hard to learn and ride?

Like all other surfboards, learning how to ride the beater board will take patience, dedication and time. Depending on the size you’re getting and the current surf skills you have, standing up and riding on this board will take more than the first try. The beater’s advantage over traditional surfboards is that it’s safe to practice on because of its soft material, and yet it is also durable enough to withstand all types of conditions, and will last a very long time.


Is it worth the money?

If you have money to spare for an extra board, yes it is. However, if you’re still saving up for your first traditional surfboard, you might want to postpone owning a beater board until you master the fundamentals on your other board.

If you think that riding beater boards and soft tops is really for you, then go ahead and get this board. It’s worth the splurge!


What is the beater board best for?

The beater board is best for beach breaks, shore dumps, and anywhere you just want to have the most fun!


What are the similar competitor boards out there?

There are other soft-top board companies such as BZ and INT but they haven’t quite perfected the shoredump-shredding capabilities of the Catch Surf beater boards.


Does this board have fins?

You have the option to snap on some fins to your beater board. Check the Finless Conversion Kit, the Single Fin Kit, and the Twin Fin Kit to see which riding style you want to play around with next.

Catch Surf Beater - Editorial Rating
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  • Maneuverability
  • Price