Guide to the Best Underwater Scooters

If you’re a lover of the ocean, you must take a look at our list of the best underwater scooters for sale.


Underwater scooters are built to make your time swimming and diving in the ocean a little bit easier and a lot more fun!

Thanks to modern technology, these underwater scooters are able to safely propel you through the water so you can spend more time exploring and less time expelling energy.

Whether you’re exploring an old shipwreck, getting out to your diving spot, or combing the ocean floor for some buried treasure, having an underwater scooter can be a blast.

Unfortunately, while these things are pretty amazing, finding the right one can be a bit of a pain. Luckily, our primary purpose here at FinBin is to help you find the best in ocean products.

Check out our guide to underwater scooters below to save you some time on your search.

Our Top Picks

Most Popular

Yamaha RDS250 Seascooter w Camera Mount

The Yamaha RDS250 Seascooter is certainly one of the most popular underwater scooters on the market. It’s #1 in terms of popularity mostly because of the mix of quality and value.

The Yamaha RD2250 moves at a top speed of 2.5MPH, a pretty solid performance considering the price. It is built with a removable buoyancy chamber that is perfect for salt water. If you do happen to take it in fresh water, it will have a bit less buoyancy.

We were surprised that this scooter runs for up to 2 hours, much longer than most underwater scooters. Overall, if you are looking for the perfect mix of performance and value, you won’t find anything quite like the Yamaha RDS250

Best For: Casual Snorkeling or Diving / Underwater Photography and Video

Max Speed: 2.5MPH

Run Time: 2 Hours

Depth: 100 Feet

Buoyancy: Removable


  • ​Comes with mount attachment for GoPro cameras
  • ​Run time of 2 hours
  • ​Removable buoyancy chamber


  • ​Not the highest quality build

Our #2 Pick – Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter

Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter

The reason that the Sea Dolphin Sea Scooter is our #2 choice behind the Yamaha Scooter is because it is a budget sea scooter that isn’t intended for scuba diving. That being said, this underwater scooter boasts some pretty great features and is a great introduction to underwater scooters for the whole family! Not only can you use it to explore shallow seawater, though unlike the Yamaha scooter, this is perfect to use in the pool.

The Sea Dolphin is incredibly lightweight, so you won’t have any issue hauling it down to the water and neither will the little ones. Some of the most prominent features on this scooter include the safety auto shutoff, positive buoyancy (excellent for the kids to keep it afloat), a safety grille, and safety lock.

The Sea Doo Dolphin Sea Scooter is truly a great choice if you’re looking for a scooter that is purely for fun and recreation.

Best For: Recreational Use / Kids

Max Speed: 2MPH

Run Time: 1.5 Hours

Depth: 15.5 Feet

Buoyancy: Positive


  • ​GoPro Mount included for underwater photography and videography
  • ​Positive buoyancy helps it to stop from sinking
  • ​Tons of included safety features making it safe for kids


  • ​Not built for scuba diving

High End

Our #1 Pick – Sea Doo SD15001-RS1

 Sea Doo-SD15001-RS1

The next generation Sea Doo RS1 is easily one of the best high end underwater scooters on the market. The reason we pegged it at #1 has all to do with the performance, durability, and endurance. This particular scooter moves at 4.3 miles per hour.

Take that Michael Phelps! It is built with stabilizing glide fins that can help you to stay in a straight line, and is also built with a neutral buoyancy that makes it easier than ever to maneuver when necessary. If you want to slow down and take in the sights, the 3-speed transmission can help you to control your speed.

Very easy to steer with the ergonomic handlebars, anyone can get the hang of this in no time! With the addition of accessory D-Ring attachments, a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that can be charged while attached to the unit, and a mount for GoPro cameras, the Sea Doo RS1 can make swimming and diving an absolute blast.

Best For: Speed and Recreational Diving

Max Speed: 4.3MPH

Run Time: 1.5 Hours

Depth: 130 Feet

Buoyancy: Neutral


  • ​Includes GoPro Mount for underwater photography and videography
  • ​Comfortable and ergonomic design
  • ​Top Speed
  • ​LED Battery Indicator


  • ​Not the most durable when compared to other high end brands

Our #2 Pick – TUSA TU-SAV7-EVO2


Our #2 Pick for high-end underwater sea scooters is the TUSA TU-SAV7-EVO2. The only reason that we put it at #2 is that it is very expensive compared to other high-end scooters, and out of reach of most casual divers. That being said, this thing is a monster. This scooter is built with very high quality materials and is probably the most reliable scooter on our list.

A unique feature is that it comes with a saddle so that you can enjoy the ride totally hands-free. Just rest the scooter between your legs and allow it to pull you gently through the water. It’s like your own personal seahorse. If you’re somebody who’s into capturing the ocean through the view of a lens, you’ll also dig the GoPro the ability to hold onto your camera with your open hands.

With a 3-Speed transmission system and the ability to pull two divers at once, this underwater scooter is truly something special.

Best For: Diving / Spearfishing / Underwater Photography and Videography

Max Speed: 2.8MPH

Run Time: 2 Hours

Depth: 230 Feet

Buoyancy: Negative


  • ​Design helps you to tandem scooter
  • ​3-Speed Transmission gives you more control
  • ​Hands-free so you can take photos or fish while riding


  • ​Very heavy and expensive


Our #1 Pick – Yamaha Seal SeaScooter

Yamaha Seal Seascooter

The #1 pick for Not everyone can afford to lay down and arm and a leg for an underwater scooter. That’s precisely why we decided to put the best cheap scooters on our list as well.

The Yamaha Seal SeaScooter is #1 on our cheapest list because it comes from Yamaha, a very reputable company, and it does have some nice features. The first thing you’ll notice is that it’ll cut your costs in half when purchasing. The sealed led acid battery on this bad boy can keep you running at a steady 2MPH in the ocean for up to 1.5 hours.

This particular scooter is not for diving though, as it has a depth rating of 15 feet. This does however make it perfect for taking in the pool or lake. The auto shut off is a well thought out safety feature that can help in the case you get pulled too far out. With surprisingly high quality materials, a complete waterproof construction, and a safe, fun design that only Yamaha could provide, this is a great underwater scooter for the budgeters.

Best For: Recreational Pool or Lake Use

Max Speed: 2MPH

Run Time: 1.5 Hours

Depth: 15 Feet

Buoyancy: Positive


  • ​Safe and easy to use for kids
  • ​Great built quality
  • ​GoPro mounting for underwater photography and videography


  • ​Not meant for diving

Our #2 Pick – Yamaha Explorer SeaScooter

Yamaha Explorer Seascooter

A great alternative to the Yamaha Seal SeaScooter is the Yamaha Explorer SeaScooter. It was a pretty close battle between this one and the Seal for first place, though the Seal takes the cake because of the run time. That being said, the Explorer is still a great underwater scooter. It’s an entry-level scooter that is perfect for snorkeling near the surface and scooting around in the pool.

It can go up to 30 feet, double the depth of the Yamaha Seal, and up to 2.5MPH, .5MPH faster than the Seal. Unfortunately, the Explorer only runs for an hour before dying out. It’s truly best for saltwater use, as that’s where it relishes in its positive buoyancy. You’ll definitely notice a sinking feeling when you take it in fresh water. It is also very lightweight at only 11.5lbs, meaning the little ones won’t have a hard time handling it in or out of the water.

If you’re looking for a great budget underwater scooter, this is a solid option by a very reputable company.

Best For: Snorkeling

Max Speed: 2.5MPH

Run Time: 1 Hour

Depth: 30 Feet

Buoyancy: Positive


  • ​Lightweight and easy to handle
  • ​Great value for quality
  • ​Pretty great speed considering the price


  • ​Can only go down to 30 Feet

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Underwater Scooters Safe?

Underwater scooters are objectively safe, though the safety really depends on how you use them. You never want to push your limits or abilities in the water just because you think you have the underwater scooter as a crutch. The biggest issue with underwater scooters is that they can take you pretty far away from shore in a short period of time without you even realizing it. You never want to go further away from shore than you can swim in the event that it stops working and you need to abandon it to swim back. Safety will also depend on whether it’s a scooter that is used for surface skimming or actual diving.

Scooters that have adjustable buoyancy, like some of the Yamaha scooters we talked about, are great because they allow you to safely and easily rise to the surface when it’s time to go. When you’re using a scooter, remember to wear goggles and keep your hands away from the fan. If you can be cautious and use common sense, your time with an underwater scooter should be nothing but fun!

Are Underwater Scooters Hard to Learn How To Ride?

The difficulty of learning to handle and ride an underwater scooter will depend a lot on the scooter. Some are built with better buoyancy and handling properties than others. If you’re just using an underwater scooter to hang around in the pool or surface skim the lake, we would just recommend having fun. It’s honestly like riding a bike. You just need to hold onto the handlebars, let it pull you, and you’ll figure out the maneuvering mechanics in no time.

If you’re planning on going diving with your underwater scooter, there is a bigger learning curve. There is some responsibility that comes into play when going to the depths of the ocean. You need to understand how buoyancy can affect your ride, how to ride currents, or how to maneuver through obstacle-like structures like coral patches or shipwrecks. If you’re planning on getting out there in the deep blue, we would recommend taking a lesson with a DPV instructor to at least get a solid foundation.

How Fast Do Underwater Scooters Go?

Again, the speed depends on the underwater scooter that you purchase. Some of the cheaper, lower-end models will barely clock up to 2MPH if you’re pumping them at full speed. One of the fastest underwater scooters that is currently on the market can take you up to 12.4MPH in the water. The amount of speed depends a lot on the amount of money you want to spend or what kind of experience you are looking for. That being said, there is nothing quite like zooming through the ocean deep like a human shark.

What is the Fastest Underwater Scooter?

The fastest underwater scooter in the current day is the SEABOB. Produced by AG in Germany, it’s not only fast, but also a tank. With a weight of 35kg, it’s pretty large compared to your average underwater scooter. It has six battery-operated speeds and can take you zooming through the water and maneuvering around obstacles by simply shifting your body weight from side to side. The SEABOB is made with an E-Jet Power system that works to displace water by sucking it into a rotating impeller and then forcing it out the jet channel with tons of pressure.

The battery life is the trade off, as these things only last an hour, though they can take you down to a solid 131 feet. It also comes complete with a strap to keep you tied on when hitting top speeds, two intelligent control grips, and an easy trigger-squeeze drive mechanism.

Should I Rent or Buy and Underwater Scooter?

We would highly recommend taking a trip down to your local beach to see if they rent them out. If they do, get in the water and try it out. That way you can see if you like it first before you go off and spend tons of money on one.

How Do Underwater Scooters Work?

Though every scooter is a bit different, they all use the same basic methodology to get going. Most scooters come complete with a small motor that is powered by an environmentally friendly Lithium-Ion battery. These motors run fan-like propulsion system similar to what you find on the back of any boat that pulls water through while pushing you forward. Riding them is a bit like riding a bike, as you hold onto the handlebars and maneuver the device by leaning your body.

How To Use an Underwater Scooter?

The learning curve on using an underwater scooter is not that steep. It’s mostly trial and error until you get the hang of riding one. Here’s a general step-by-step to keep in mind when you go for your first ride.

  • Get it in the water and grab your handlebars with both hands. These handlebars will not only be your steering mechanism, but most of the time, your acceleration system as well.
  • Make sure you are tied or tethered to your scooter. Most scooters have D-ring attachments or some way to clip onto them. This is the only way that you’ll be able to avoid losing your scooter in the case that your grip gives out.
  • Slowly bring your underwater scooter up to speed. Most scooters only go up to a few knots, so you will only feel a gentle pull. Don’t be nervous! If you decide to move up to a more powerful scooter in the future, that’s when you’ll need to consider power.
  • If you end up diving, you need to remember that you are moving vertically in the water column. Because of that, you’ll need a way to monitor how fast you are shifting through depth. If you know anything about diving, you know that it is very dangerous to ascend too quickly. Because of the speed of these underwater scooters, it is easy to ascend far too fast. Make sure you have a way to monitor your depth if you are going down is all we can say.
  • While you’re on your ride, also have a way to monitor how far you are from safety. This means remembering which direction you came from and how many meters away from it you are. It’s very easy to get sidetracked and lost when you’re out in the deep blue.
  • Be very conservative when estimating how much power you have left. If you’re scooter runs at a maximum of two hours, we wouldn’t recommend being in the water any longer than 1.5 hours. This means that when you’re using your underwater scooter, it’s best to have a watch to keep time.
  • Have Fun!

What To Look For When Buying

How You Are Going To Use It

The first thing that you’ll want to consider when purchasing an underwater scooter is how and where you are going to use it at. Do you just want to skim around on the surface of the ocean or are you trying to get out to a dive site to hit the depths and explore some shipwrecks. Maybe you just want to get one for the kids when they’re hanging out at the local pool. In that case, there’s no reason to spend over a grand on some high-end diving scooter. Consider the conditions of the water you’ll be in as well.

Depth Rating

The depth rating is probably the next biggest factor that you’ll need to consider when looking to buy and underwater scooter. Typically, if an underwater scooter has a very high depth rating, that underwater scooter is built to be very high quality. This means that a scooter that can go 130 feet down is much higher quality than a 15-foot skimmer. The depth rating also correlates to how you’ll be using it, but we just wanted to stress the importance of this particular factor.

Battery Life

Battery life is also correlated to the type of use, as you’ll need longer battery life in stronger currents. This is because stronger currents will need more energy to be powered through. Different underwater scooters have different battery life specs and some even allow you to switch down to different gears to conserve while you’re out there. Lithium-Ion powered underwater scooters are a great choice and will typically last the longest. If you’re looking to dive, you’ll need battery life length of at least an hour. Anything less and you could be in some serious trouble when it dies halfway through your dive and you need to swim a mile back to your safe point.


Buoyancy is another major factor to consider and is a very important factor in the world of diving in general. Checking to see what the buoyancy is on your underwater scooter could make or break your ride. If your underwater scooter is very buoyant, it will be much hard to ride and will not let you travel down very deep. This can be great, however, if you’re looking for an underwater scooter that is safe for the kids to use. Buoyant underwater scooters are typically cheaper because of their limitations. Other higher end underwater scooters will typically have negative buoyancy to let you get down to the sea floor with ease.


Speed is probably the first thing you notice when you’re looking at the specs of an underwater scooter. Who doesn’t want to be the Evil Kenevil of the sea? Speed can have a huge effect on your ability to perform deep-sea dives. If you want to have successful deep-sea explorations, you’ll need an underwater scooter that can go at higher speeds. Typically, you’ll find that the speed of these crafts runs from about 1.5MPH to about 5MPH with some outliers. Speed, however, usually has a negative effect on the battery, so definitely keep that in mind.


Weight can have a huge impact on transporting your underwater scooter to the water. Nobody wants to haul brick of lead down to the ocean. This is an especially important factor to look after if you have a big collection of diving gear that you need to carry as well. It can also be important if you want to let the little ones use it as well. A very heavy underwater scooter can be far more difficult to control. Trust us when we say this, look for a model that is light. It will save you tons of hassle down the line.


You can either end up paying a couple hundred bucks for an underwater scooter or a few grand. Obviously, with anything in life, you get what you pay for. High end underwater scooters are built to be faster, have better depth ratings, are made with stronger materials, and are typically tricked out with the latest technology. If you’re planning on taking your underwater scooter out each weekend for some serious diving, then you should definitely put some money down and get one that is of high quality. If you only plan on taking them out at some points in the summer, there’s no reason to throw down a month’s worth of rent for one of these things. That being said, don’t go so cheap that it breaks or isn’t safe to use in the water.

Best Underwater Scooter Brands


TUSA is pretty much the world’s biggest premiere diving tech manufacturer. The quality of their underwater scooters is pretty much unparalleled. If you’re looking to get an underwater scooter for serious underwater exploration, you should definitely get a TUSA scooter. As anyone that has been apart of the diving community for the past 5 decades and they will probably have used a TUSA product. They make one of the best hands free scooters in the game that is complete with the technical savvy that could only come out of Japan.

Sea Doo

Not only does See Doo make some of the most popular watercrafts in the world, they also are one of the biggest manufacturers of underwater scooters. The cool thing is, they don’t just focus on making high-end, expensive scooters for serious divers, but they also manufacturer tons of entry-level underwater scooters for casual users. They’re biggest claim to fame in the underwater scooter community is the supercharged plus sea scooter. Sea Doo is very reputable manufacturer that makes a high quality, yet affordable products for all sea lovers to enjoy.


If you don’t know Yamaha, there might be a chance that you’ve never been outside. Yamaha is one of the world’s most popular manufacturers of goods. From motorcycles to guitars and beyond, they produce almost everything. One of their most popular lines of products is their line of underwater scooters. From professional diving scooters built for real deal exploration to recreational scooters built for fun with the family, you’ll surely be satisfied with a scooter from the very reputable Yamaha.

Final Thoughts – Which One Should I Get?

The desire to explore the ocean is a bit like the desire to explore space. The feeling of finding something uncharted in a place that has been out of reach until the dawn of modern technology is something quite inspiring. Underwater scooters are made to aid in that exploration and enable you to have fun in an environment that was once more difficult to investigate.

The one you get ultimately depends on your preference. If you want one that has the best mix of quality and value, the Yamaha SeaScooter RDS250 should definitely be at the top of your list! We hope that our comprehensive guide has helped you on your quest to find the ultimate scooter. Have fun exploring!