Ray Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban is a famous name when it comes to beach and surf sunglasses and an excellent accessory for those who want to protect their eyes from the sun while at the same time being fashionable as they spend their vacation on the beach.


Ray bans come in different styles, and a consumer may want to understand them in detail.

Ray bans are usually stylish and highly desirable to have. This high-quality brand provides many different style choices.

You can always get a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses for any size, shape, specific need, face, and style. Ray Bans are perfect for surfing and the beach.

Before buying the Ray Ban sunglasses, a customer usually wants to know the best Ray Ban model out there. Here are the best sunglasses you can purchase on Amazon.

Our Favorites

Ray Ban Wayfarer

Costco Wayfarer review

The Ray Ban Wayfarer is one of the most recognized sunglasses due to their thick arms and trapezoidal frame. Its classic version has a black acetate frame.

However, you can also find these ran bans in tortoise shell frame or with flash lenses for bolder looks.

Its trapezoidal frame bent inwards slightly and showed the ray ban’s attention to detail and ingenuity. This ray ban is a unisex frame.

Black acetate finish is the most popular, but you can also find other fabulous styles such as all matte rainbow colors and tortoise shell.

They are break resistant and heavier than an ordinary thin metal frames. You will feel as if it’s hard to break them.

Depending on face size and gender, you can get Ray Ban wayfarers in different sizes. Wayfarers are the Ray Ban’s best sunglasses frames.

Wear these frames with confidence knowing that you can always get one that fits your needs. The best face for this Ray Ban sunglasses is round face, oval face, and heart face.

Ray Ban Clubmaster

Costco Clubmaster review

These Ray Ban sunglasses are perfect for fashion aficionados and party goers. These sunglasses date back to the 50’s. They are perfect when all you want is shade away from sunlight.

Their frame is made of metal at the bottom and thick acetate at the top. The most famous are Havanna colorway.

This silhouette will boost your style instantly. You can always get this ray ban in different colors, but the standard one is green. However, you can get the one you want.

The best face for the ray ban club master is oval, heart and round. It has a browline frame. Therefore, a thick acetate frame is on the top, and a thin wire frame is on the bottom of the lenses.

Ray Ban Aviator

Costco Ray Ban Aviator

The Ray Ban aviator was initially designed for flyboys in 1936, and it is among the coolest sunglasses in the industry. It features an excellent wire frame.

There are different frame materials used in the Ray Ban aviator. It comes with various lens options too which include crystal green, crystal brown, and G-5 polarized lenses.

Movies stars, fashion icons, and political figures go for the timeless aviator design. They are vibrant and represent coolness.

The combination of a thin metal frame and tear shaped lenses, offers a recognizable eyewear silhouette.

This style has undergone several changes as time goes by, but the essence has never changed. These Ray Ban sunglasses come in different lens types which may be polarized, simple matte, or gradient.

Most of the Ray Ban sunglasses are unisex. The heavy browline model is cool. The flat top ray ban aviator is made from acetate and is larger than the classic silhouette. The classic model is the most popular then followed by the flat top Ray Ban.

This model is perfect for those who love adventure. If you love adventure, then Ray Ban aviators are worth the price. The perfect face shapes for the Ray Ban aviators are an oval face, square face, and heart face.

Ray Ban Erika

Costco Ray Ban Erika

The Ray Ban Erika is perfect for  modern day fashion and has a comfortable, lightweight design.

Each Ray Ban model offers original styling which shows the latest trends.

This model is made in China or Italy. It comes with a protective case, which may come in different colors. Its lenses are prescription ready.

An “RB” is etched on the left lens. The RB is neither a defect nor a scratch.

The Ray Ban’s curvature and shape can be adjusted, and professionals should make these adjustments.

Ray Ban Justin

Costco Justin review

The Ray Ban Justin sunglasses come in a slightly larger, rectangular frame shape than the Ray Ban wayfarer.

It has a rubberized finish on the frame. They come in a wide range of colors.

It ranges from black to purple. Its lenses also come in different colors as well. They are more masculine than the wayfarer sunglasses. It has a texture that feels soft in your hands.

These Ray Ban sunglasses come with new colorways that you can match with your favorite outfits.


What does it mean when you say that a Ray Ban sunglasses lens is polarized?

A polarized lens is designed to block the reflected light glare while a non-polarized lens blocks the intense light.

How do you size sunglasses?

There are several eyewear measurements which include bridge size, eye size, and temple size. The eye size is the widest width of the lenses. A bridge size is the size of the piece of plastic or metal which connects the lenses. The temple size is the sunglasses arm’s size.

How do I avoid buying fake Ray Ban sunglasses?

An original Ray Ban has an “RB” etched onto one of the lenses. Usually on the left len’s far left side. “Ray Ban” is also written in white in the top corner of the right lens. Fake Ray Ban will either lack the etching or are of poor quality.

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When looking for a Ray Ban sunglass, you should know that there are two lens treatments. A polarized lens is perfect for those who are very sensitive to light. Photochromic lens is ideal for prescription wearers.

If you want a Ray Ban, consider the wayfarer and aviator. The wayfarer has a sturdy frame for a perfect fit while the aviator has a large lens and thinner frame. Select a Ray Ban that is perfect for your face. Rectangular or square shape are ideal for wider face proportions while pilot teardrop shape is perfect for smaller faces.

Also, when searching for a ray ban, consider the season and occasion. These top Ray Bans are perfect for both summer and autumn.

Consider a Ray Ban that will elevate your outfits for the whole year. Pick between the aviator and wayfarer to start your collection. Try out the different frame finishes on separate occasions. The most important thing is that you should find the one that suits your face shape.