Hobie Mirage Oasis Review

Tandem kayaks are slowly becoming some of the most popular kayaks on the market for all kinds of people from fishermen to recreational kayakers.


Whether you’re trying to spend time catching a fat bass or just kicking back with a frothy brew on a summer afternoon, this Hobie Mirage Oasis Review will be very helpful in making your kayak purchase.

The Hobie Mirage Oasis is somewhat of a hybrid between a fishing kayak and a touring kayak.

It cuts through water like a knife in warm butter and allows you to stand and fish with ease. The best part about the Hobie Mirage Oasis?

You can bring a friend along for the ride!

Let’s get into the dirt details to see what makes this kayak so cool!

The Review

Hobie Mirage Oasis


  • ​14’6” in length
  • ​33” in width
  • ​550lb capacity
  • ​Fitted Hull Weight of 93lbs
  • ​Fully Rigged Weight of 127lbs
  • ​High-Density Rotomolded Polyethylene Build


  • ​Fast as lightning, knife-like design
  • ​Tons of onboard storage
  • ​Comfortable and highly adjustable seating
  • ​Unique and efficient Mirage Drive Systems
  • ​Can be used with a friend


  • ​Very heavy when fully rigged
  • ​Not much stability because of thin shape
  • ​Hard to take out alone

​Features and Benefits

The knife-like hull is built with a seriously tough HDPE that is durable and will last you a long time. Thanks to the sharpness of the template, you can slice through the water like nothing. It’s definitely much heavier than other Hobie kayaks, though because it’s tandem and you’ll likely be riding with another person, it’ll make maneuvering and transporting it much easier. The sides of the hull have been shaped in a round fashion to give you a bit of stability, great for if you decide to take it out in the ocean. Because of the low-profile, you won’t have to deal with the wind tossing you around either.

Transportation is even easier thanks to the carrying features on the kayak. At the front and rear of the kayak, you have two molded carrying handles. These are comfortable to hold and are locked in with fitted, stainless steel pad eyes for security. You also have four rubber handles (two on each side) that are bolted on as well. These can be used to carry, though are much better for taking the kayak on and off the top of your car, or carrying from the side. Luckily, the seats and drive systems (the heaviest parts) are removable as well, meaning you can assemble everything once you get it down to the water.

We really dig the seats on the Hobie Mirage Oasis. It comes with two Vantage CT seats that are extremely comfortable. Both are made with breathable, rubberized mesh and a sturdy plastic frame. They’re pretty perfect for getting rid of that sweaty back on hot days. The angles of the seats can be adjusted very easily, simply by toggling the small levers next to them. Both come with lumbar support, which is also adjustable using the Boa knob on the back of the chairs to adjust the fabric’s tension. Lastly, the seat height can be adjusted by picking up the two legs underneath the chairs. Probably the coolest thing about them is that you can remove them and use them as beach chairs when you reach your destination.

The Hobie Mirage Oasis provides you with tons of onboard storage for all your fishing needs. On the bow of the kayak, you have a large storage hatch that can be used to store things like tackle boxes, life jackets, etc. It is held down by crossed bungee cords that are attached to small drain channels to get rid of any splash. It has a dense rubber seal on it to keep the water out as well. Next to each seat there are two mesh storage pockets that are made out of a rubber material for durability. These are perfect for snacks or small pieces of tackle.

In the front of each seat you have two twist-and-seal storage hatches that are both 8” each. They’re completely waterproof with the o-ring seals and come complete with little gear buckets for small tackle pieces and tools. The tankwell in the back is pretty small compared to other Hobie kayaks, though still gives you a bit of room for a small storage container. It’s equipped with crossed bungees as well to keep your gear tied down. Right behind that is one more twist-and-seal hatch at 8” that you can use for non-reachable equipment. Last but not least, each seat has two cup holders right next to them so you can cheers your partner after a long day at sea.

When it comes to accessories, the Hobie Mirage Oasis has a small area for accessory mounting in front of the backseat drive system. It is closed off with a rubber cap, though when opened, you’ll notice that it runs down to the base of the hull. This is great for mounting the Hobie Sail kit, a little GoPro camera, or even a fishing rod. The Hobie Mirage Oasis is also completely Lowrance Ready, meaning you can install things like fish finders without any sort of modifications or hassle. Whoever is sitting at the back of the kayak gets to be in control of the two molded rod holders, perfect for casting some hands-free lines to up your catch count.

Lastly, we come to the Mirage Drive Systems. They’re unique to the Hobie kayaks and can be used to propel your kayak forward and back without ease. They’re made with roller bearing and idler pulleys so that you glide across the water smoothly and seamlessly. Both of the drive systems are identical and have pedals and foot straps that are totally adjustable, letting kayaks of different heights find the most comfortable adjustment. You can switch between moving forward and in reverse by simply pulling the toggle, though make sure that both people are moving in the same direction. The cool thing about the drive systems too is that they are both removable. If you ever feel like getting a little workout in with some paddling, simply unlatch them from their respective wells and paddle on.

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​Factors To Consider When Buying

There are tons of different ways to use kayaks and tons of different kayaks to choose from. When you’re considering buying a kayak, there are also different factors that you need to take into consideration. Here are some things you should ask yourself before making your final purchase:

Where are you going to be kayaking?


If you’re going to be kayaking around your local lake, you can definitely use a kayak like the Hobie Mirage Oasis. You can also utilize sit-in kayaks as well, or any other recreational kayak. Make sure that the weather is fine before going out, as serious chop might end up capsizing you.


When you’re in the ocean, you have to consider that there will be waves, tides, and chop. This is where having a sit-in touring kayak would be a lot more beneficial. You can definitely utilize a sit-on top kayak like the Hobie Mirage Oasis, though you need to be careful if the surf gets serious, as they aren’t nearly as stable.


When we say rivers, we’re talking about easy-flowing rivers, not rapids, as whitewater kayaks are probably far beyond where you are at as a kayaker right now. You’ll no doubt want a shorter kayak for a river, as you’ll be needing to take tighter turns as you maneuver down.

What Type of Kayak Do You Want?

Sit-On-Top Kayak

The Hobie Mirage Oasis is an example of a sit-on-top kayak. These types of kayaks are best for quiet lakes and rivers. They’re better for warmer climates, as they aren’t as protective against the wind. They also have much more onboard storage, making them better for fishing and long trips. Here are a few things to definitely keep in mind if you’re considering a sit-on-top kayak:

  • Sit-on-top kayaks are far easier to get on and exit and are better for a more casual experience.
  • They come with scupper holes, meaning you won’t need a bilge pump to get excess water out of them.
  • Because of the added chairs and storage space, you’ll find that they are usually heavier and harder to transport.

Sit-In Kayaks

Sit-in kayaks are also great recreational kayaks, though can also be used for touring. They’re much faster than sit-on-top kayaks and track a lot better. They’ll typically have less onboard storage because you’re taking up a lot of the room in the hull. Here are a few things to definitely keep in mind if you’re considering a sit-in kayak:

  • They’re better for colder climate, as they’re more protective against wind and water.
  • Bilge pumps are definitely needed if you get any excess water inside.
  • You have much better control in the water making them better when the waves get a little rougher.
  • Paddling is much easier with a sit-in kayak.

Day Touring Kayaks

These types of kayaks are a little bit thinner in their profile and are built to move more efficiently than recreational kayaks. They have straighter tracking and can help give you better control in rougher waters. They are a sit-in design, though they typically give you a bit more onboard storage than sit-in recreational kayaks. These are perfect in-between kayaks if you want something faster than a recreational, though easier to transport than a full on touring kayak.

Touring or Sea Kayaks

These are the longest kayaks out there and are perfect for going long distances. They track better than any type of kayak out there and utilize rudders and skegs to deal with currents, waves, wind, etc. They have much more storage space onboard, as typically people taking them over longer distances. These are best suited for people who are taking long coastal trips out at sea.

Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable kayaks are great for people who don’t have a ton of room to store or transport a traditional kayak. Good inflatable kayaks are sturdy and have tons of cool features. These are really only good for recreational use unless you decide to get an inflatable river kayak for white water rafting.

If you're interested in seeing how these different types of kayaks match up against one another, and which we deem our favorites, you can see our Fin Bin page here.

Types of Material


Polyethylene is probably one of the most popular types of materials that can be found in kayaks. It’s ultra-tough, resistant to abrasions and punctures, and long lasting. The only thing is polyethylene is the heaviest of all materials, so consider how you are going to transport it.

ABS Plastic

 ABS Plastic is a step up from polyethylene and is very durable as well. It is UV resistant and a bit more lightweight in comparison.

Composite Design

Composites can range from fiberglass to carbon fiber and beyond. These kayaks are often VERY expensive though offer some of the best performance out there. They’re incredibly lightweight, easy to maneuver and paddle, and totally UV-resistant. If you have the money to invest for a long-lasting kayak, definitely go with a composite design.


When you consider capacity, you have to not only consider your weight, but also the weight of all your gear too. It’s easy to load your boat with tons of fishing gear to find that there’s no room left for you to get in. If you’re a gear head, do yourself a favor and get a kayak that can support it.

Length and Width

The longer the kayak you get, the easier it will be to cruise with it. You’ll also have more storage space with a long kayak as well. The downside is that longer kayaks are harder to maneuver, so they’re not ideal for narrow rivers. Kayaks that are wider will give you more stability, which is great for dinners. On the opposite, narrower hulls will cruise much faster.

Rudders / Skegs

The Hobie Mirage Oasis has a drive system, so it’s really in a league of its own. If you decide to get other kayaks, definitely consider getting one with a skeg and rudder. Skegs are single fins that drop down and help you to track straight. Rudders are very similar, though are released at the back of a kayak and can be adjusted depending on different conditions.


After an hour out in the water with your Wal-Mart kayak, you’ll wish that you had a kayak with comfortable seating. Getting a kayak with lumbar support, adjustable parameters, and overall comfort, will make your kayaking experience a million times better.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hobie Outfitter Vs. Oasis

​The biggest difference between these two kayaks is the size. The Hobie Outfitter is almost 2’ shorter at 12’8” and 1” wider at 34”, giving it a bit less speed but more stability. The capacity of the Oasis is about 100lbs heavier than the Outfitter, though only 7lbs heavier.

The other noticeable difference is the amount of storage on the Outfitter vs. the Oasis. The Outfitter doesn’t have the front storage hatch and only has two mesh storage pockets. It’s not a huge difference, though we think the Outfitter makes up for it by having utility tray holders on each side of each seat for easy-grab items.

Overall, if you’re looking for speed and storage, go with the Hobie Mirage Oasis. If you’re looking for stability and utility, go with the Hobie Mirage Outfitter.

Overall Review

There’s nothing better than being able to take in the sweet summer sun with a friend or loved one. Overall, the Hobie Mirage Oasis is one of the best tandem fishing kayaks around. Whether you are using it to take a relaxing, recreational pedal around the lake, or using it to try and up your catch count, it’s incredibly versatile. You’ll be able to keep this thing on the water for years thanks to the tough and long-lasting design too.

Considering the kayak for recreational tandem riding, we have to give it a capital A+. It has serious power and form compared to other tandem kayaks on the market and, with the storage, drive system, and additional features, it’s a force to be reckoned with. We hope that you enjoyed our review of the Hobie Mirage Oasis and that it was helpful in purchasing your next kayak. Now get out on the lake and enjoy yourself!

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