YETI Tank 85 Review

Ahhh Ice Buckets, the staple of almost any summer backyard BBQ.


Throwing a few beers and bag of ice into a little bucket to store your drinks seems like it would only require a simple little container right? Well leave it to YETI to make the simple, incredible.

With our YETI Tank 85 review, we’re going to take you through what makes this big ice bucket so superior to others out there. There’s no doubt that you’ve found yourself at or hosted a nice little summer party with a bucket to hold your drinks rather than a cooler.

While they typically keep your ice frozen for about an hour, any time after that and people are digging around in the frozen deep to find that last brew.

YETI decided to take all of the bad qualities of cheap ice buckets and get rid of them, while taking all of the great qualities of their hard-shell coolers and mixing them into their Tank line. Let’s dive a little deeper to find out what makes the Tank 85 so spectacular.

The Review

Yeti Tank 85 Coolers


  • ​Outside Dimensions: 25.3” x 19.5” x 25.3”
  • ​Inside Dimensions: 16.5” x 15.7” x 16.5”
  • ​Empty Weight of 20lbs
  • ​Can Hold 102 Cans of Beer or 83lbs of Ice
  • ​Rotomolded Construction
  • ​Permafrost Insulation


  • ​Tough-as-nails rotomolded construction
  • ​Can hold 96 cans of beer
  • ​No-Sweat Design keeps your party puddle-free
  • ​Permafrost Insulation Keeps Drinks Cold all Day
  • ​Double Hall Rope Handles make it easy to carry
  • ​Can Purchase a wide array of accessories


  • ​Pricey for an Ice Bucket
  • ​Can Be Too Heavy for Many People
Yeti Tank 85 with Lid
Yeti Tank 85 Cooler with Beverages
Yeti Tank 85 Coolers Top View

​​Why is the Price So High?

As with the large majority of YETI products, you have to keep in mind that, when you are purchasing something from their company, you are purchasing a product that will give you the best performance on the market hands down. This is similar to buying a BMW vs. a Toyota or an Xbox 1 vs. a Nintendo 64. Other ice buckets just can’t compare. When you look at the prices of other ice buckets on the market, however, there is no doubt that the YETI Tank 85 is one of the most expensive on the market. This is also considering the fact that most people wouldn’t dare spend over twenty bucks for a regular ice bucket. While it’s easy to think you can just go to WalMart and pick up some off-brand, flimsy plastic bucket for next to nothing, what you’d be sacrificing that is functionality, durability, and reliability, something you can get with the YETI for years to come.

You have to think of the YETI Tank 85 as a long-term investment. The Rotomolded construction makes it far tougher than other ice buckets on the market, making it longer lasting, the Ruggeed and leak-proof Vortex Drain makes it far easier to empty than other ice buckets on the market, and the permafrost insulation will keep your drinks cold all day unlike any other ice bucket that we’ve seen. When you pair these incredible features with the fact that YETI has a massive line of accessories that you can join with your YETI Tank, you begin to realize why you are paying so much for a premium product.

Insulation Performance

The two-inch-thick walls that YETI designed are what make this bucket not only incredibly durable, but also able to retain ice as long as it does. That two inches of wall, what YETI refers to as their “FatWall”, is distributed evenly around the circumference of the ice bucket, giving you complete 360-degree insulation. Thanks to the heavy-duty rotomolded construction, you can beat this thing up without any worry of it cracking or morphing.

The inside of those walls have a special secret too: The Permafrost Insulation. This permafrost insulation is essentially 2-inches worth of high-quality injected polyurethane. It insulates the inside of a bucket just as your walls insulate the inside of your home. Polyurethane may sound a bit frightening, though it is found in tons of different products from surfboards to work boots and beyond. This permafrost insulation is pretty unique to the YETI brand and helps to maintain the perfect thermal balance between the cold on the inside and the elements on the out, keeping your drinks cold no matter the temperature.

All of this and you still get a “no-sweat” design. Essentially, you don’t have to worry about the condensation building up and leaking all over the ground like you have to do with your standard, cheap plastic buckets. This means you can even use it inside without worry!

Testimonial for Yeti Tank 85

YETI Tank 85 vs. YETI Tank 45

The first thing that you’ll notice when comparing the two Tank coolers is that the YETI Tank 85 is much bigger. It can hold up to an insane 102 cans of beer while the YETI Tank 45 can only hold up to 52 cans of beer. The dimensions of the Tank 45 are also a lot smaller at 21.” X 16.5” x 21.2”, making the Tank 85 taller and wider at the bottom and top. If you’re storing lots of beer for big parties, or if you’re storing long neck bottles, we would highly recommend going with the Tank 85. Do keep in mind that the Tank 45 is also 7lbs lighter, a factor that could come into play if you are worried about transporting it.

​Frequently asked questions

Who is the YETI Tank 85 best for?

The YETI Tank 85 is best for someone who is always trying to purchase top-of-the-line products, as it is the best ice bucket that you can find on the market right now. If you’re looking to get an ice bucket to help your drinks escape the crazy heat of summer, the YETI 85 is an excellent choice. Whether you’re a weekend adventurer, an avid fishermen, or just someone who wants to host an all out BBQ bash, the YETI Tank 85 is versatile in that it’s built for all of that and more. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t need to store ice and keep things cold at the moment, it works great for storage or transporting of other goods because of its durability.

If you love the YETI Tank 85 and want a more portable cooler to go along with it, make sure to check out our beach cooler guide to find the right one for you!

What Accessories Should I Purchase With my YETI Tank 85?

YETI Cooler Tank Lid

If you’re going to spend the money on the YETI Tank 85, we think you should also get the Cooler Tank Lid, as the YETI Tank isn’t really complete without it. Not only is it the perfect device for keeping the cool air locked in your ice bucket, it’s also a great little cutting board that is approved by the FDA. Thanks to the high-density polyethylene build, a material that is totally resistant to moisture, you won’t have to worry about it releasing any sort of nasty chemicals while you’re cutting away. It’s also resistant to UV rays as well, so no worrying about discoloration or morphing. It weights about 9lbs in total, a bit heavy for something as simple as a lid, though when you put it to use, the small added weight won’t be a bother. You can also use it as a nice little seat for when you’re going to the beach or out in the woods camping sans chair.

YETI Tank Caddy

The YETI Cooler Tank Caddy is made out of the same tough, FDA-Approved material that the YETI Cooler Tank Lid is. This means it is safe and incredibly durable. The Caddy is a bit different from the Tank Lid in that it makes accessing the contents on the inside of your ice bucket much easier while still allowing you some room to do some cutting or sitting down. The sliding door is located on top so that you can access contents with ease and then seal it up when you’re all done using it to keep the cold air locked in. The Tank Caddy comes in a small variety of colors as well so that you can mix and match with your Tank to fit your style.

Does the YETI Tank 45 come with a warranty?

The YETI Tank 85 comes with the same warranty that all of YETI’s hard-shell coolers come with, which is a five-year limited warranty period. If you find that there is some sort of manufacturer error or defect while you are using it within those first five years, you can return it to YETI and get a new one sent to you for free! There are a few more conditions that go along with the warranty, and because it would be a lot to write about, we’ll direct you to their warranty page here.

Overall Rating

Anyone who is a fan of YETI will tell you the plethora of reasons as to why you should get the YETI Tank 85. It comes with many of the same features as some of YETI’s prized hard-shell coolers, yet has its own unique features that give it separate purpose.

With the no-sweat, no-leak design, the durable rotomolded construction, and the ice-retaining permafrost insulation, we have to give this thing an overall A+ rating. YETI Brand takes the cake once again, and somehow we were never surprised.

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YETI Tank 85
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    Price - 7/10
  • 10/10
    Insulation - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Durability - 10/10
  • 9/10
    Mobility - 9/10
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