Hubboards Bodyboard Brand Review

See you in the tube. There goes the Hubboards battle cry as led by two of the most passionate bodyboarders in the scene today, Jeff and Dave Hubbard.

When they are not getting tubed deeper than the next guy, they’re taking off higher and rotating with more style than your average professional bodyboarder.


It makes perfect sense then why Jeff and Dave have graduated from the rungs of team rider to become international names synonymous to bodyboarding itself.

They are now at the helm of their very own bodyboarding company whose main thrust is to get you shacked and soaring the way only they know how.

Hubbard Brothers

Jeff shares that his vision is to create rideable crafts that will make you get the most out of any wave, while Dave is determined to give the rider unmatched stability and control. Together, they created a line of bodyboards that is being hailed as the “champion’s brand.”

Hubboards Bodyboards

There are two main classifications of Hubboards, namely the Hubb edition and the Dubb edition.

Hubb Edition

Hubb Bodyboards were created to maximize a bodyboarder’s wave-riding experience.

Whether it’s a shoulder high day or an exciting triple overhead and barreling day, the Hubb boards were built to give you more than what you bargained for.

These boards were made for critical sections and they can handle any amount of speed thrown their way.

So if you want to get tubed or launch high off the critical section of a wedge, there is a Hubb board that will somehow make it easier for you.

Jeff Hubbard

PP Pro Bat Tail

Made from super lightweight polypropylene with a single carbon stringer, the PP Pro Bat Tail is Jeff Hubbard’s weapon of choice for all wave conditions.

The 50/50 double rails, graduated channels and unique Hubb tail will get you gliding smoother and faster than the average joe.


Quad Core Plus Bat Tail

The Hubbards didn’t stop until they created the ultimate template for high performance bodyboarding.

They believe that the Quad Core Plus Bat Tail is it. Featuring an 8 lb. PE deck with a single stringer, this wave-catching beast is built for speed and control.

Check out the signature Hubb Contours on the deck and see the difference for yourself.


Mini NRG

If you are a radical rider born with a smaller frame, the Mini NRG was built for you.

Following the template of Jeff Hubbard’s signature board, the Mini NRG is a power-packed board scaled down for lighter riders.

It also has a lighter and more flexible polypropylene core, giving you the same boost as the pros.


PP Pro Crescent Tail

It also has a lighter and more flexible polypropylene core, giving you the same boost as the pros.

It’s all about that signature deck contour design. When Jeff was working on this board template, he was mind-surfing the most critical of take offs and the fastest and steepest walls. Never feel out of control again because this board gives you that extra drive and grip on the wave.


Quad Core Plus Crescent Tail

If you need the top of the line bodyboard from the Hubboards series, this is the board for you.

It was engineered to have more speed and increased projection without sacrificing stability and control. It has a double mesh suspension layer scientifically molded with Polypro, making it the bodyboard with the most advanced core in the industry today.


PP HD Bat Tail

This is the standard, no-frills edition of the performance bodyboards designed by the Hubbards.

If you are an intermediate to advanced rider looking for a step-up board to practice some of your very first complex maneuvers on, this board is guaranteed to deliver some serious stoke.

You can also choose between having a single stringer, a double stringer, and a triple stringer for slightly larger waves.



PP HD Crescent Tail

If you are looking for a straightforward, all around, no-fail bodyboard for your day-to-day surfing, this is the classic piece for you.

It delivers great performance no matter what your preferred style of riding is, from prone to drop knee or stand up bodyboarding.

Jeff Hubbard also calls this board the stiffest and fastest board he has ever made.



This high-density polyethylene board sure is slick. It is Jeff’s championship-winning shape that boasts of an all-new contour on the deck that allows for effortless control even in the toughest and tightest of pockets.

Check out the superior stringer system and you’ll know why Jeff dared to risk this board in massive waves.

The best part is it’s not too heavy on the pocket. Remember that this is a board a world champion has chosen.


Dubb Edition

There are two cornerstones that make the Dubb edition bodyboards stand out: functionality and responsiveness.

Here is a bodyboard that stays in tune with the rider. Whatever prompt you make, the board will produce a grand result.

The Dubb series was made with flare in mind and nothing achieves the highest points of style better than a board that responds well to its rider.

Once you get in sync with any of the Dubb boards, you will swear it is almost like the boards can read your mind!

Dave Hubbard


Easy hold. Effortless control. This signature shape is sweetened with all new deck contours and graduated channels.

The standard PE core and the superior stringer system make a bodyboard that’s easy to handle and even easier to get stoked out of your brains on.


Dubb PP HD

The 2017 edition of the Dubb PP HD is being touted as the king of drop knee and prone riding.

From the moment you drop in, this board will feel “locked in” into the wave and you can take your riding to a whole new level with revolutionary control. The Hubbards didn’t scrimp on the materials for this one.

Featuring premium grade Arpro Polypropylene, this bodyboard will respond to you in ways that will make your heart jump out of your chest.


Dubb PP Pro Plus

Are you up for some raw and wild drop knee riding? Make sure you have this baby in your arsenal.

This is Dave Hubbard’s signature template with a specialized deck contour and grip so you can easily power your way through a wave on your knees.


Hubboards Air Swim Fins

It’s about damn time that somebody created swim fins that are perfect for drop knee and aerial maneuvers.

Jeff and Dave Hubbard know the feeling and they have translated it into this high performance pair of fins.

Made from natural rubber, these fins will float.

Precise calculations and days of testing and experimentation were put into the design of the Hubboards Air Swim Fins.

The durometer of the material is perfect to give the fin blades enough rigidity for efficient propulsion while going big on comfort with a softer foot pocket.


The traction grips on the bottom of the fins make this pair ideal for stand up riding or for walking across slippery surfaces.

Jeff and Dave also put dual drain holes and comfortable ankle straps so you can focus on doing your thing.

Do you want a pro tip? Wear the Hubboards Air Swim Fins one size smaller than your standard size because they were made to be a little bigger than the Churchills.

Hubb Intercontinental Triple Bodyboard Bag

The Hubboards collaborated with the designers at Rareform to bring us a kickass bodyboard bag made from 100% recycled freeway billboard signs.

They are unique and durable and they will last you a lifetime.

The billboard tarpaulin material is UV-resistant, heat-resistant, waterproof and mildew-proof so you know you’ve got a keeper in your hands.

Add to this a heavy-duty zipper that won’t corrode as well as a built-in nose protector; you’ll know your precious bodyboards will stay safe and sound no matter where you go.

Hubboards bodyboard bag

Hubb Leashes

Padded with neoprene to secure your comfort. Heavy-duty nylon cords that won’t break even during the heaviest sets.

Extremely durable Velcro fastener.

These are just some of the features of the innovative line of leashes from Hubboards.

Aside from the standard wrist or bicep leashes, Hubb Leashes also offers the following specialized leashes:

  • Hubboards Big Wave Bicep Leash
  • Hubboards Comp Bicep Leash
  • Hubboards Comp Wrist Leash

The comp leashes are thinner and lighter than the standard leashes while the big wave leash is made with reinforced material.

Study the conditions you will be surfing in and choose the appropriate Hubb Leash for you.

Hubboards leash review

Hubb Air Wetsuits

We’re tired of wetsuits that restrict your mobility in and out of the water. Hubb Air Wetsuits finally solves this dilemma with this ultra comfortable line of wetsuits made only from premium materials. These wetsuits are so comfortable you might not want to take them off.


There are plenty of good bodyboarding brands out there but Hubboards was built from the hearts of champions.

Jeff and Dave have that distinct X-factor that sets them apart from other modern riders, and we are grateful that they have translated their knowledge into products that all bodyboarders can appreciate.