VS Bodyboards Review

VS Jared Houston BodyboardVersus bodyboards were built for serious action. If you’ve got what it takes to shred, then you have to make sure you pick a bodyboard that can shred with you. You will need something better than your ordinary, off-the-shelf bodyboard because landing the sickest tricks will require an amazing amount of projection, rail response and drive. Your advanced bodyboard should be a result of the infusion of all the latest technology, so you should expect nothing less than a solid core with the maximum amount of flex, pop and recoil. And of course, you’ve got to have a bodyboard that can go very fast. Lucky for you, the Versus Project has devoted its research and creativity into developing some of the sickest bodyboards the world has ever seen.

We reviewed some of the VS pro models below, so check out the different features that make each bodyboard an integral asset to a life of adrenaline and stoke. Trust us—you won’t look at bodyboards the same way again.


VS Dave Winchester Bodyboard

It’s all about flair, and Dave Winchester is full of it. His wave riding skills have launched a whole new style of bodyboarding, and with it, an entirely new and eclectic subculture of cool. Everyone dreams of riding like Winny one day, but until that day comes, you can settle for riding his signature model VS bodyboard. Frankly, that’s not a bad deal at all. The VS Bodyboard was built to do most of the work.

VS Dave Winchester Bodyboard

The VS Dave Winchester comes with a cutting-edge NRG+ core that weighs only 1.4 lbs. The new models also come with a deck underlay made of Kinetic polypro (PP) to give the board the needed stiffness to be able to fully project your body off the lip of a wave. The steeper, the better. And the faster you go, the more the bodyboard works for you. Its cool water core is also 100% waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about breaking your equipment even if you get eaten by giant barrels or foam balls, whichever you find yourself stuck in when the surf gets big.

  • NRG+ core for unbeatable performance
  • Surlyn slick bottom by DuPont
  • Wavecushion PE deck
  • Double EXT stringers or a single carbon fiber stringer
  • Graduated channels for drive and speed
  • Bull grips
  • 55/45 double rails
  • Built-in nose bulbs and tail bumpers
  • Crescent-shaped tail
  • CNC-shaped




VS Jared Houston Bodyboard

This bodyboard was built to match the stylish wave riding of the South African style master, Jared

VS Jared Houston Bodyboard review


Jared’s flexibility in style has properly been translated to a flexible board, from its TensionTech core to its Interchangeable Stringer Systems (ISS). The TensionTech core takes composite particles applied to both the VS Kinetic and NRG cores to create an advanced core for the fastest recoil response and the slickest projection. If you take all the bodyboards in the market, you won’t find another core as tensile, and as packed with this much compression strength. If it’s spring-like spins and projection you want then let the VS Jared Houston bodyboard blow you away.

  • TensionTech core
  • ISS stringer
  • 55/45 double rails
  • Graduated channels for speed
  • 8lb. Wavecushion PE deck
  • Surlyn slick bottom by DuPont
  • Nose bulbs
  • CNC-shaped
  • Houston line contour on body
  • Crescent-shaped tail






VS Stubbie Stand Up Black Ball Short Surfboard

If you’ve seen this squashed or stubbed nose, hence the name “Stubbie,” on black ball days, then you must have also seen it rack up so much fun.


VS Stubbie Stand Up Bodyboard


It’s got an old school vibe slapped onto some new school philosophy: ride anything and everything. Ride this bodyboard-turned-shortboard, and call yourself the next king of the shore break. This board has enough drive to get propel your body for lip-smacking action and speedy down the line transitions. The best part is, you get serious action without getting lost in the technicalities. It’s a fun board to have, but it seriously rips!

  • Kinetic Polypro (PP) core
  • 6.5 lbs. total weight
  • 46 inches in height
  • Dimensions: 23 x 3 x 3
  • Double CFT stringers
  • Surlyn slick bottom by DuPont
  • Contoured Wavecushion PE deck
  • Crescent-shaped tail




VS bodyboards are all about taking your wave riding to the next level. If you are an intermediate to advanced bodyboarder who needs the extra lift and inspiration, then you will benefit from the Versus Project. Coming from a brand that believes in pushing the freedom of expression in the water, the VS bodyboards will elevate not only your water acuity, wave prowess and skills—they will also give you enough street cred to turn a couple of heads, even before you get to the beach.