Lucky Bums Boogie Board Review

Lucky Bums is a homegrown brand that encourages families to play outside together. They supply the equipment and the accessories you need to have a fulfilling time whether you are out camping, playing in the snow or getting stoked on the beach.


It has been over a decade since the husband and wife team behind Lucky Bums decided to put up the brand. At the heart of it is the desire to spend more time with their children, and there was no better way of doing that than going on outdoor trips and adventures with them as they grew older. Lucky Bums believes in “growing outside together,” and this is the spirit that runs throughout the company that connects them to all families raising outdoor-loving kids all over the world.

The Review

No matter how old you are, you will find the Lucky Bums Boogie Board a delight to ride in all kinds of waves. Whether you are at the beach, by a river or in a waterpark, you will not regret bringing this well made bodyboard along with you.

Lucky Bums Boogie Boards

The Lucky Bums bodyboard has a strong EPS core that makes the board durable but lightweight. It is also very buoyant thanks to its volume so you won’t have a problem riding it on waves. The kids will love using to board to float on; and it will not easily break, so expect some shore break fun with this all around wave catcher.

Just because children can ride this bodyboard doesn’t mean that it is not a serious bodyboard. Those who underestimate this board will be surprised to find out that it has advanced features that give the board an excellent riding experience. The next time you see a Lucky Bums bodyboard on the beach, why not check out the following features first hand?

  • Crescent-shaped tail
  • Made to ride all wave conditions
  • Perfect grip and control
  • Easy maneuverability
  • Includes a wrist leash
  • Strong engineered EPS core
  • Lightweight, durable and buoyant
  • High density PE slick bottom
  • 60/40 rails for speed and control
  • Rear channels for speed- rear channels for speed

The Lucky Bums bodyboard comes in four vibrant colors, namely: neon green, bright blue, hot pink and cherry red. This shape comes in different sizes so both children and adults can ride it.

How Do I Know What Size To Ride?

The Lucky Bums boogie board was created for riders of all sizes. You may follow this simple guide to know which size of board to ride according to your weight and height.

33-inch Lucky Bums Boogie Board

This size is perfect for children anywhere between 2-4 feet in height, and weigh up to 65 lbs. The EPS core materials make this board very durable but also lightweight, which makes it easy for your kids to ride and carry.

37-inch Lucky Bums Boogie Board

Ride this board if you are between 4’ to 5’8” in height, and weigh up to 122 lbs. This board is able to gain a lot of speed so you better take advantage of the speed and learn new maneuvers while riding a wave.

41-inch Lucky Bums Boogie Board

This is the full sized bodyboard made for adults and bigger kids. Ride this board if you are between 5’6” to 5’10” in height, and weigh not more than 190 lbs.


Is this a brand for children only?

Lucky Bums is a family-oriented brand that helps kids appreciate the outdoors more. While they offer boogie boards and other water equipment for kids, they don’t cater to just children.

Lucky Bums products can be enjoyed by adults of all backgrounds. Whether you are a full-fledged adventurer or just a beginner, you will find satisfaction in owning a Lucky Bums product.

Is the Lucky Bums just a toy board?

​This is perfect question for the person who is thinking "I am an intermediate rider and I need a bodyboard that has advanced features."

You will be surprised to know that the Lucky Bums bodyboard can even be better than most bodyboards sold for intermediate riders. It is equipped with advanced features like the 60/40 rails for added maneuverability and ease of control. Its engineered EPS core will also affirm you that it is built to last.

Only riders who know how to harness speed can fully unlock the capabilities of a Lucky Bums bodyboard. It has a channeled bottom and a crescent tail to truly lock in on that speed as you stay perched in the pocket of the wave.

Moreover, Lucky Bums bodyboards can be ridden in all types of wave conditions. Big or small surf, this bodyboard won’t let you down.

Can I do tricks while riding the Lucky Bums bodyboard?

Yes, you absolutely can! As long as you know how to gain speed and momentum while riding, you will be able to pull off different kinds of tricks and maneuvers on the Lucky Bums bodyboard. It is built with the same advanced features as other leading brands of bodyboards—perhaps it is even better than some—so it us up to you to unlock the board’s magic. Experience the potential of this bodyboard in small waves and also in the bigger surf.

Final Verdict: Should I Get This Board?

If you are looking for a well-made bodyboard that comes with all the right specs and is made of a durable and lightweight material, then this is the brand for you. Do not underestimate its playful image because Lucky Bums promise to deliver serious stoke to those who choose to ride it.

If you have kids who want to get more out of their beach, river or waterpark experience, make sure to let them try the Lucky Bums boogie board. Your family trip won’t be complete without it!

If you know someone whom you think will love this bodyboard, go ahead and buy this as a present. It is built to last and satisfy anyone with a love for the great outdoors.

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