Mike Stewart Science Bodyboards Review

The goal was simple enough: to create the world’s best bodyboards.

Only a nine-time world champion like Mike Stewart knows what the epitome of bodyboarding performance is—and deliversuch perfection. It is this wellspring of wisdom from first-hand experience that drives the success of Science Bodyboards. Behind every Science bodyboard is a perfect combination of science and art, a harmony discovered only after 40 years of committed research, development and craftsmanship for the betterment of the sport.


Mike Stewart’s team of elite bodyboarders launched a process called “Real Time Innovation,” which means they release only the bodyboard designs that have worked for them. They don’t release a bodyboard that fails their high standards. This continuous process of riding hard and making better bodyboards is what gave way to the three most successful bodyboard designs today: the Pocket for intensely fast riding right at the power source, the Launch for unbeatable air time, and the Style for endless ways of mixing it all together.

If there’s a brand that can get you riding deeper, flying higher and carving harder than ever before, it can only be Mike Stewart’s Science bodyboards. Read our reviews of some of the top picks from their complete and impressive product line.


Mike Stewart Science Style Bodyboard

The Style bodyboard series is the trifecta of balanced performance: it has speed, control and maneuverability. When you have these three locked in, you are sure to land all sorts of moves in small to medium waves. Feeling lofty? Get yourself ready for airs and spins done easier than ever. The Style series has a slightly wider template, making it possible to still land a carving reverse even on smaller days. It is also more suitable for heavier riders because it can support more weight.

  • Wavecushion Air PE deck
  • 55/45 ergonomic rails to stick all landings
  • Slick HDPE bottom
  • DuPont Surlyn slick
  • Double mesh deck
  • Built-in nose and tail bumpers
  • Nose bulbs for more grip
  • Graduated channels for speed and acceleration
  • Crescent-shaped tail
  • Single RCS stringer
  • Built for all temperatures

Mike Stewart Science Pocket Bodyboard

When you’re all about surfing right in the power source of a wave, you better have control. The Pocket series template offers high performance with maximum maneuverability without throwing you off the most critical and power-packed part of the wave. You can improve your rail to rail surfing with this template because you can control your acceleration at the most critical energy zones, which is what you need to make it through the different sections of a wave. For tight surfing, launching off bowls, and hitting sections with control, the Pocket series is the ultimate choice.

  • Wavecushion Air PE deck
  • 55/45 double rails
  • Ergonomic contours on the deck
  • DuPont Surlyn slick
  • Built-in nose and tail bumpers
  • Nose bulbs for more grip
  • Graduated channels for speed and acceleration
  • Crescent-shaped tail
  • Single RCS stringer
  • Built for all temperatures
  • Buoyancy for beginners
  • Great shape for learning how to bodyboard

Mike Stewart Science Pro Bodyboard

Science bodyboards are known to be super fast, but the Science Pro series boards are even faster. They were built to provide amazing performance in the toughest conditions, giving you a smoother ride even when the waters are turbulent. The Pro series offers an all-around shape for epic conditions, making it the go-to board of many professional riders and intermediate to advanced rider. Its curved template was specifically designed to shred sections and blast the highest airs.

  • Wavecushion Air PE deck
  • Slick HDPE bottom
  • 55/45 ergonomic rails
  • Cross over contoured deck
  • Single or Double RCS stringer
  • Graduated channels for speed and acceleration
  • Slick mesh
  • Built-in nose and tail bumpers
  • Nose bulbs for more grip
  • Built for all temperatures
  • The perfect all-around bodyboard

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Bodyboard bags

Mike Stewart Gyroll Ultra Light Double Board Bag

It doesn’t make sense to own the perfect bodyboard and leave it lying around unprotected. Secure your Science bodyboards with this ultra lightweight and durable board bag. Its space-saving design can fit up to 2 boards in its inner pocket, giving your boards a sweet and snug fit. The board bag also comes with 2 dry pockets to store all your surf trip valuables. It also contains 1 mesh pocket for all your wet apparel and gear. Precision and thought were poured into the design of this bag so it can keep up with your adrenaline-infused lifestyle.

  • Can carry up to 2 bodyboards
  • Made of high grade Ripstop nylon
  • Webbed double hand straps reinforced for strength
  • 2 inner dry pockets for fins and accessories
  • 1 mesh pocket for wet apparel and gear
  • Inner pouch converts to an ultra light storage bag
  • Backpack strap easily transforms into a shoulder strap
  • Reflective logo patches for dawn and dusk patrols
  • Stylish and comfortable


swim fins

The Science line is incomplete without an accompanying set of trusty swim fins. You may choose between the MS Viper, Orange Dot Viper, and the Delta Viper designs and see which template suits your bodyboarding needs.

The MS Vipers provide the best thrust and power for both upward and downward strokes, allowing you to go very fast with minimal effort. It also helps for rapid takeoffs because its shape was designed to make you accelerate at will. Aside from performance, the Vipers also offer foot comfort by placing innovative drain holes in the foot pocket. You don’t have to worry about sand and water getting stuck in your fins because the Vipers will take care of that for you.

The Orange Dot Viper offers the same impressive features as the MS Vipers, but it is made of softer rubber material for added comfort. Its rivet grip treading also provides more traction for slippery surfaces.

The Delta Viper is an asymmetrical fin that adds maximum power to your every kick. Its shape allows for the least amount of drag in the water, which helps you achieve optimum control while riding.


The Gyroll Variables Arm Leash, Gyroll Wrist Leash, and Gyroll Bicep Leash all benefit from the same commitment that Mike Stewart and his riders have placed into the creation of the world’s best bodyboarding gear. You are just as strong as your weakest link, so you wouldn’t want your leash to fall below exceptional standards. Science leashes are compact and functional, and they were built to withstand all types of water temperatures. Gyroll cords are made of a durable one-piece urethane with no joints or seams, which are prone to snapping and breakage. The marine-grade swivels, no-slip inner Gyroll grip screen, and double buckle construction make a very tough yet lightweight leash.

Gyroll Variables Arm Leash, Gyroll Wrist Leash, and Gyroll Bicep Leash

MS Pro Plug

The MS Pro Plug is one of the most minimalist yet heavy-duty bodyboard / surfboard mounts ever made. It has a single-molded cap and screw for ease of use and quick installation.

It is made of industrial strength polyamide polymer (PP) for longevity and durability.

It also offers a 360-pivot point so you can mount your GoPro or other action cameras exactly at the angle you desire.

mike stewart pro plug

Fin Accessories

To further give you comfort in the water, you can also select among a fine line of fin accessories such as Gyroll Heel Pads, Gyroll inserts, and Viper inserts. Another important piece of fin equipment is the Gyroll Fin Connector. As much as we love being unattached in the water, we should avoid the nightmare that is getting stuck in the impact zone with a missing fin.

Gyroll and Science Top

The Gyroll and Science tops were designed to help you stick to your bodyboard better through extra grippy elbow prints. It is made of 100% Lycra with a smart seam line that won’t chafe the skin. These tops are so hyper functional and breathable in the water that you would never want to go out in just a plain old t-shirt again. The rashes are just not worth it!


There is no other contender in this quest for bodyboarding perfection than Science bodyboards. Nothing compares to 40 years of hard work and even harder shredding in the water. If you believe in walking your talk, you know that it’s worth investing in the best board and gear possible. Without Mike Stewart’s dedication to crafting products that harmoniously bring together the technical aspect and art of bodyboarding, we won’t be able to progress as much as we already have. So get suited up with Science and get the wave of the day—everyday.


How do I know what bodyboard size is right for me?

Stand next to the bodyboard and the top of the board should be in line with your waist or navel. Anything higher or lower than that might be awkward for you in the water.

How about width?

The widest point of the board should measure about halfway down the entire board’s length. A wider board offers more stability and is good for drop knee riding, while a narrower board will get you more speed and lock in tighter turns while riding prone. To learn more about bodyboard dimensions, check out our article all about that here.

Which side of the bodyboard should I attach the leash to?

Right-handed = leash on the right. Left-handed = leash on the left. Some people prefer attaching the leash on the middle, but that is your call. See what feels better for you.

Should I get a bodyboard with rocker?

Only when you plan to charge big and heavy waves!