Third Coast Arbor 100 Review

Kayak fishing is one of the recent trends that has developed in the market.

Whether you are a recreational kayaker or a professional, a perfect tool that can help in fulfilling your passion with ease and comfort is the Arbor 100 Kayak.


Have you ever imagined being on top of the water with extreme effortlessness and ease?

This kind of experience can be sought with the Third Coast Arbor 100 Kayak.

If fishing is the sport you like, then you can enhance this fishing experience with this offering.

Here, we will conduct a thorough Third Coast Arbor 100 review to help you make up your mind on your next kayak selection.

The Review

Third coast arbor 100


  • Seating configuration: Solo
  • Length: 10 feet
  • ​Width: 30 inches
  • Weight: 50 lbs
  • Maximum capacity: 300 lbs
  • Cockpit dimensions (L x W): 43.00 x 17.50 inches
  • Primary Material: Moulded Polyethylene
  • Deck Height: 13 inches
  • Cockpit type: Sit inside
  • Structure: Rigid Shell
  • Storage: Bow Hatch, Stern Hatch


  • The Arbor 100 is much lighter in weight than its other counterparts.
  • It is much easy to carry.
  • Due to the designated storage space, it can store various different kinds of items in one single space.
  • Due to the meticulous design, the seating arrangement is quite comfortable and relaxing.
  • It provides an easy paddling mechanism due to the considerate design solutions implemented in it.
  • Much easier to clean and maintain due to the simple shape and form.
  • It is one of the best Kayaks for fishing activity in particular.


  • A little more difficult to handle turns than in other similar models.

Efficient design and construction

The Third Coast Arbor 100 Kayak has a very sleek hull which helps you in paddling with ease thereby giving the entire Kayak a very bold appearance. The kayaks are made from rot molded polyethylene which makes them very comfortable, easy to use and provides them with resistance from impact. They offer diverse features like the thigh pads, paddler holder, a plush seating system, a holder for paddler along with comfortable carrying handles. Another advantage that this kayak offers is the extensive storage capacity. The most beneficial features offered by this particular Kayak include the adjustable foot brace system for better grip and experience, extremely portable due to the lightweight, removable bags, side handles and cushions which make it more effortless to carry it from one place to the other and the 8 inch yak attach mounts which are of utmost importance in case of an emergency or unfavorable situation.

The Kayak has been designed and constructed through a process known as the rotational molding with rot molded polyethylene. This makes the Kayak resistant to oxidation and other chemical reactions that are very likely to occur due to consistent contact with water. The material used in the construction makes the Kayak corrosion as well impact resistant. The meticulous design of the Kayak further aids in the easy cleaning of the entire structure of the body.

Extremely comfortable

The seating design of the Kayak has been formulated by keeping in mind the utmost comfort level of the users that can provide them with a relaxing experience. The deluxe seat along with the back support can be adjusted through the pull straps that have been provided with the seats. For a stronger grip, adjustable foot braces have been designed along with the tight pads.

Portable and flexible

Due to the light weight of the Kayak, it can be carried anywhere without much hassle through the two side handles and cushioned carrying handles which can further help in providing a better grip while porting it from one place to the other. Along with being portable, it is extremely flexible to use as it provides a wide space for the organization and storage of all the needed fishing equipment in a designated separate space. The on-board desks have further been designed for the storage of all the valuable commodities and electronic items.

Third Coast Arbor 100 side view
Third Coast Arbor 100 in Garage

Features and Benefits

Due to the comfortable design and usage of strong material in the construction, this Kayak can withstand any kind of weather and condition and is as water resistant as possible. The shape of the adjustable and comfortable seats can be changed depending on the comfort level of the user through the straps provided with it. The smooth and stern hull further helps in paddling with a lot of ease which further helps in enhancing the Kayak fishing experience. It also provides an adjustable foot brace system along with side handles and cushions which makes it possible to carry the kayak from one place to the other at any given time without taking excessive effort.

Ideal for

It is ideal for a great Kayak fishing experience. It can be used by any kind of person who has some knowledge about how Kayak fishing is being done. The designated spaces and separate tools provided in the Kayak for different purposes can be used to their greatest potential if at least some knowledge about kayak fishing is acquired. Along with fishing, it can be also be taken for on the spot trips and leisure trips with considerable ease. 

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It is extremely comfortable due to the design and form of the Kayak. In addition to this, adjustable and comfortable seats have been provided which can be altered through the pull straps depending on the ease and comfort level of the user. The 20-inch oval and 9 inch round clamshell hatches that have been provided which are made from the rot molded polyethylene makes the Kayak very comfortable and crash resistant. The other additional feature which further adds to the comfort level in the Kayak are the thigh pads, transport handles, and a proper holder.


It has a wide storage space for the storage of items like the fishing equipment and various electronic items. It has aboard fright cord deck ropes and storage space hatches along with the removable bags.


This Kayak is easy to steer and impact resistant due to the overall design and features provided. That said, the ease of steering is something which may not be as flexible as other models. Though this balances out with increased durability.


The maximum capacity that the Kayak can take is 300 lbs.

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The manufacturer provides a limited lifetime warranty with this Kayak. This can be registered and downloaded from their website.

What to look for in a good and comfortable fishing Kayak design?

Sit in Kayak design is mostly preferred by most of the Kayak anglers because it is much easier to use and clean. This kind of Kayak might not help in providing extreme ease during a very chilly weather or high waves in case of extreme climatic conditions. The central seating design provided in the Kayak is ideal in most of the cases if you are not looking for something specific catering to an extreme climate.

What is the most preferred feature in a Kayak?

The most important thing to take into account in a Kayak is the comfortable hybrid seat that can help in maintaining your spine upright and help you in carrying out the fishing activity with comfort and ease. Another important thing is the storage section compartment provided in the Kayak with separate spaces for the storage of different items and equipment.

Rigged vs unrigged in a Kayak design.

When it comes to the length of the basic Kayak design, the only difference between a fishing Kayak and a regular Kayak is the built-in rod holder that is provided for the fishing rods. Due to this, the normal ones are much cheaper than the rigged units provided in the Kayak.

Overall Review

There are many advantages provided by this Arbor 100 Kayak from Third Coast. These include in categories of design and features that have been mentioned earlier. In an overall comparison, it cannot be denied that this Kayak offers a lot of features and benefits as compared to its other counterparts in the market. These range from comfort, to a durability which is difficult to find elsewhere.

Without doubt, you can definitely have a wonderful time enjoying your hobbies and passion for kayaking and fishing combined in this amazing Kayak. It is definitely one of the best Kayaks available in the market currently. This can be given an A+ rating based on the varied array of characteristics and benefits that it renders.

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