Hydro Tech 2 Fins Review

The Hydro Tech series has gotten the entire bodyboarding world talking: are the Tech 2 Fins really as good as the hype?

After bagging an Australian Design Award, the Tech 2 Fins are a definite must-try. Hydro invested on research and development of a rubber material that is as comfortable as it is lightweight. This is the promise that has pushed Hydro back up into the most dependable and radical brands in the market today.


The Hydro Tech 2 Fins

The first time you slip on the Tech 2 Fins, you’re going to wonder if you really have fins on. It is made of patented T-Form material, an ultra soft silicon-based compound that is flexible but supremely snug. Many bodyboarders, bodysurfers, and swimmers have branded the second reincarnation of the Tech Fins as the most foot-friendly fins available in the market.

Hydro Tech 2 SwimFinsThe Tech 2’s innovative design is centered on a foot pocket that does not let water into the fins, so you don’t have to worry about constantly kicking to let water or sand out. In the same stroke of genius, the Tech 2 fins also have a front drain hole or toe hole so you don’t get any sand stuck inside your fins.

To add more power to your drive, its patented V-shaped rails add an extra thrust to your every kick because it adheres to a greater surface area. The clever shape of the rails also makes the fins more responsive to every kick change. If you need to propel with more power, the Tech 2 Fins will spell all the difference.

The entire fin is ergonomically shaped so you can expect it to move organically with your foot’s natural movements. Inspired by the natural way aquatic animals propel themselves in the water, the Tech 2 Fins are designed so they can not only flex vertically but also twist from side to side during every kick and thrust. The foot pockets are asymmetrical to better fit the curves of your feet and the hardened V-shaped rail adds just the right amount of stiffness to power your every kick and thrust, without making the fins too rigid.

There’s just one minor downside to the Tech 2. The T-Form material records a buoyancy rate of below neutral, so these award-winning fins won’t float. Not to worry, because you can always add fin savers to complete your champion setup. To see what to do about losing a swim fin, see our article here.

The bottom line? The Hydro Tech 2 Fins are so good, that we all can’t stop wondering if there’ll ever be a Tech 3.

  • Winner of the Australian Design Award
  • “Most Foot-Friendly Fins”
  • Patented V-shaped rails
  • Patented T-form material
  • Ergonomically shaped
  • Asymmetrical foot pockets
  • Designed to eliminate fin catching on drop knee
  • 3 drain holes create the “power tube”
  • Contoured ankle strap
  • Unparalleled comfort
  • Increased thrust in every kick
  • Does not float in water


Other Hydro Fin Models

Before the introduction of the Tech 2 Fins, Hydro had already released the Hydro Tech fins and the Hydro Original fins. Both older Hydro models have the revolutionary V-shaped rails that have become one of the most loved features of bodyboarders and swimmers today.


Hydro Tech Fins

The Hydro Tech Fins are made of a combination of 100% organic rubber and a compound called Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR). It is not as lightweight as the silicone-based T-Form material of the Tech 2, but they are made slightly stiffer to increase your power-to-kick ratio. Combined with the revolutionary V-Rail design, the Tech Fins are known to increase thrust and add more power to every kick.
Hydro Tech SwimFins

If you are a heavier rider, you can use this to your advantage because you can gain more power in every kick or thrust.

  • Made of TPR and 100% natural rubber
  • Patented V-shaped rails
  • Increased power-to-kick ratio
  • Has 1 toe drain hole
  • Contoured ankle strap
  • Bars beneath the fin blades add rigidity
  • Designed to eliminate fin catching on drop knee


Hydro Original Fins

The Hydro Original Fins made their first appearance 24 years ago, and they changed the way bodyboarding and swim fins are designed. With the introduction of the revolutionary V-Rail design, fins received not only a makeover, but also a total ergonomic upgrade. The V-Rails provide the stiffness the fins need for drive and kick changes, which takes away the need to make fins stiff and rigid,

Hydro Original SwimFinstherefore hard to kick and control. The Original series also gained popularity because they were known to lessen the leg twists or sudden jerks needed to kick and control very rigid fins, thus preventing unwanted injuries and strains.

  • Made of 100% natural rubber
  • Patented V-shaped rails
  • Symmetrical design
  • Increased kick thrust due to surface area
  • Decreased propensity for injury/muscle strain
  • Original Hydro design
  • Floats in water
  • No drain holes

Whether you are a seasoned swimmer, a high performance bodyboarder, or just a beginner exploring what else the ocean has to offer, the Hydro fin models deserve your attention. From getting past close out waves to making tighter turns and swifter kick changes, any of the Hydro fin models should be able to deliver high quality performance and unsurpassed comfort that are worth your time and money. Get the right fin size and you’ll have the time of your life!


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