YETI Tundra 65 – 2022 Review

If you are considering a high-quality cooler, YETI brand is easily one of the best brands of cooler on the market right now. Though there are many other good coolers for the beach, the combination of strength, ice retention, and quality, make YETI coolers top notch. 

Whether you’re a fishermen, hunter, camper, or pure outdoorsmen, you’d be pressed to find a cooler quite like this one.


 If you spend time camping in any capacity, there’s no doubt that you’ve seen one of these bad boys sitting around.

With our YETI Tundra 65 Review, we’re hoping that we can give you all of the info you need so you can see what makes these coolers so popular. Trust us when we say that they aren’t all hype.

Let’s dive a little deeper so you can see what makes thee Tundra 65 such a premium cooler.

The Review

Yeti Tundra 65


  • Outside Dimensions: 17.2” x 16” x 30.5”
  • Inside Dimensions: 10.5” x 11.2” x 23.2”
  • Empty Weight: 29lbs
  • Holds 42 Cans of Beer or 52lbs of Ice
  • Extra-thick, fatwall design
  • Pressure-injected Permafrost Insulation
  • Rotomolded Construction


  • Double Haul Military-Grade Handles for Transport
  • Leak-Proof Draining System
  • Cold Lock Gasket to keep in cold air
  • Near-Indestructible Rotomolded Construction
  • Incredible Ice Retention
  • Anchor Point Tie Down Slots


  • Heavier than most Coolers
  • Pricey
Cooler Tundra 65 open view
Cooler with dividers
Cooler used in Army

Why is the Price So High?

When you consider purchasing the YETI Tundra 65, you must consider that you are purchasing a YETI cooler that will give you the best performance of just about any cooler on the market. In terms of hard-shell, rotomolded coolers, these are easily some of the priciest coolers out there, and while it would be easy to instead purchase a cheaper, off-brand, hard-shell cooler from the super market, you’ll never be able to get the same kind of performance and durability.

When it comes to the high-quality materials used in construction, YETI coolers are by far the toughest. When it comes to permafrost insulation, the YETI coolers will retain ice longer than any other. When it comes to the interlock lid system, you can keep in cool and keep out the elements. When you put that in conjunction with all of the other extra accessories that you can buy through YETI, you have yourself a premium, long-term investment kind of cooler.

Insulation Performance

The YETI Brand utilizes what they call their fatwall insulation. This fatwall insulation is essentially a thick two-inch wall that wraps around the outside of the cooler to help give it some insanely good ice retention. Word on the street is that the YETI Tundra 65 can retain ice for up to 10 days, even when conditions aren’t too pretty. With the fatwall insulation, it’s serious.

YETI also has the permafrost insulation that they have built in to the fatwall of the cooler. The permafrost insulation is your standard polyurethane foam that they inject within the walls and let it fills each and every space. It pretty much acts like the insulation within your home that keeps you nice and warm at night. It’s incredibly tough and resistant to water as well. It definitely makes the cooler a bit heavier overall, though it’s a small price to pay for ice retention that is of the utmost premium.

You also get the premium cold lock gasket, which is essentially a commercial-grade freezer gasket that is very thick. It is built into the cuts of the lid and helps to form to the outer rim to give the YETI a nice seal when you shut and latch it up.

FB Testimonial Tundra 65

YETI Tundra 75 vs. Tundra 65

The first difference that you’ll notice when it comes to these two coolers is that they are slightly different in size. The YETI Tundra 75 can hold 57 standard cans of beer or 70lbs of ice while the YETI Tundra 65 can hold only 42 standard cans of beer or 52lbs of ice. If you’re one to go on larger trips, or to go out with bigger parties, the YETI Tundra 75 might just be your best option. However, if portability is priority, we would recommend the Tundra 65.

In terms of their dimensions, the Tundra 75 isn’t much longer or wider than the 65, but rather taller than the 65. This makes it much better if you’re planning on storing taller, longneck bottles or bigger things of food.

YETI Tundra 65 Accessories

Tundra Seat Cushion

If you’ve ever been standing on your fishing boat for too long or lying in the sand, wishing you had a comfy place to sit, you now have to wish no longer. You can easily make your Tundra 65 into a comfortable little seat cushion. It’s made of foam that is three inches dense and is layered in an incredibly durable UV Marine Vinyl. In terms of colors, you can either get them in white or camouflage. It is very easy to install as well. You simply screw the studs that they included into the cooler lid and fasten the cushion onto the lid. 


YETI Ice is far different from your traditional ice pack, in that it is made to optimize the amount of time that your ice can be retained. It is just as durable as your actual cooler as well, and is made to be completely shatter-resistant. YETI Ice comes in a wide variety of sizes too, so even if you want to use it in smaller coolers you can. While you can use it as a substitute for the ice you put in, we would definitely recommend using it alongside your ice for the best outcome.

Tundra Dividers

If you’ve ever dealt with digging around in the icy depths of your cooler for that last ham sandwich you’d been waiting for all day, just to find that the plastic baggy it was in was filled with water, you’ll be happy to know that YETI has made something to help solve your worst cooler nightmare. The Tundra Dividers are basically vertical dividers that are made of a strong, rubber and plastic material. They slide nicely into the grooves of the inside of your cooler so that you can separate things like perishable and drinks, or drinks and that nice, tasty fish you just caught. When you’re done using them to organize your cooler, you can throw them up top and use them as cutting boards.

Tundra SeaDek

Have you ever been standing in your dinghy out at the lake wishing that you could get a better vantage point to make your day’s catch? This is where something like the SeaDek could come in handy. Your Tundra is incredibly strong and can definitely take the pressure of a full grown man standing on it, though the issue is that the top of it can get incredibly slippery, especially if you’re out at sea. This SeaDek is made from slip-resistant EVA foam that is both comfortable and durable. It attaches to your cooler with an adhesive backing that is permanent once you put it on. The SeaDek is just something you can’t go wrong with, and we would highly recommend getting your hands on one.

Rod Holster

Ever been on a solo fishing mission and wished you had an extra arm to cast that second line? Maybe you just wanted to kick back, have a beer, and enjoy the serenity of the water without worrying about keeping a firm grip on your line. The Rod Holster makes that possible. It’s basically a heavy-duty polypropylene tube that is latched onto a sturdy, stainless steel, powder-coated bracket. It’s simple to slide it through the Anchor Point spots on your Tundra 65 as well, meaning you won’t have to compromise your cooler not being fully sealed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the YETI Tundra have a warranty?

All of the hard-shell coolers from the YETI brand come with the exact same warranty, that warranty being a five-year limited warranty. You can return your YETI for a brand new one if you find any sort of manufacturer defect or error within the first five years of using it.There are a few more conditions to this than we need to mention, but you can find out more about it here.

Overall Rating

While the Tundra 65 is by no means a "value" cooler, it is certainly worth the money that you spend. People should know that it's not just some stupid luxury cooler that you get for brand recognition.

If you're in the market for a cooler that is easily one of the most durable and well-made coolers that you can find, the Tundra 65 is the perfect choice. It can also keep your important food lasting long enough to get you through just about any camping trip.

For those reasons, we have to give this cooler an A+. We hope our YETI Tundra 65 Review was helpful in making your decision. Good luck out there in the wild! 

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YETI Tundra 65
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    Price - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Insulation - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Mobility - 10/10
  • 10/10
    Durability - 10/10
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