662 Bodyboard Shop Review

Getting set up with the right gear is crucial to bodyboarding. You can go bodyboarding for many years with very little progress if you don’t have the right bodyboard, swim fins, and other accessories.

662 Bodyboard Shop is an all around bodyboarding shop that will get you fitted with the right gear and the best accessories available in the market. This shop is owned and operated by professional bodyboarders, and they have worked hard to become the leader in providing high quality bodyboarding products since 2004. If you need to get set up with the right board, swim fins, leash and other accessories, 662 Bodyboard Shop is the only place to go.



662 Bodyboard Shop carries a complete and varied assortment of bodyboards that are appropriate for every skill level.

If you are new to bodyboarding, you can find your first trusty bodyboard here.

If you are keen on getting barreled at Waimea, you can also find an advanced bodyboard with all the right features to execute what you need to do.

Here are some of the popular bodyboard brands offered in the store:

  • MS Science Bodyboards
  • Pride Bodyboards
  • Custom X Bodyboards
  • NMD Board Co.
  • Versus (VS) Bodyboards
  • Empire Bodyboards

These are all trusted brands that have dominated the bodyboarding industry for years. If you need something simpler for kids, 662 Bodyboard Shop also offers a variety of tough but lightweight boogie boards that are perfect for children.

Swim Fins

662 Bodyboard Shop is a shop run by bodyboarders so you can be assured that all the swim fins they carry will perform well in the water.

Some of the best-selling swim fins available in shop include the following brands:

  • Air Hubb
  • Limited Edition
  • Kicks
  • Ally
  • Viper
  • DaFin
  • ERS4
Churchill fins review

If you need a pair of swim fins that will add power to your every thrust and kick at minimum effort, you can shop at 662 Bodyboard Shop and compare among the different swim fin models readily available.


662 Bodyboard Shop will keep you covered and protected in the water with its line of high quality wetsuits and rashguards. Don’t scrimp on what you wear while bodyboarding because the right wetsuit or rashguard could spell the difference between having an awesome session or a downright awful one. Some spots have surprise jellyfish stingers and others have waters of changing temperatures. It’s best to be covered and regulated so pick from any of these high quality brands:

  • Creatures of Leisure
  • Ally
  • Voit
  • Zion
  • 662
  • Mike Stewart Science
  • Reflex

All wetsuits and rashguards are made from high quality materials designed to help you push your limits in the water.

Soft Surfboards

The guys at 662 Bodyboard Shop know just how fun it is to ride a soft foam-top surfboard in heavy shore dumps. There are some surf spots that can only be surfed using a soft surfboard, so 662 lets you join in on all of the fun with these tried and tested stand-up foamies.

  • Empire Off The Wall 8-foot Soft Top
  • Empire Hula Soft Surfboard
  • Cartel Stand Up Flow Board – 44”
  • VS Stubbie Stand Up – 46” and 54”
  • Custom X Crossover Board
  • Toobs Herlihy Signature Model Board
BZ 6 and 7 ft Soft Surfboard


Presenting the most complete and reliable store for anything and everything needed for bodyboarding. 662 Bodyboard Shop is your one-stop shop for accessories such as leashes, bodyboard bags, fin pads, tethers, fin socks, backpacks, sunscreen, bodyboard wax, electronics, watches, camera batteries, GoPro accessories, posters, and even videos and magazines.

The store carries the following trusted brands for bodyboarding accessories:

  • 662
  • Ally
  • Aloe Gator
  • BBR Mag
  • DaFin
  • Creatures of Leisure
  • Denzien
  • Zion
  • Empire
  • ERS4
  • GoPro
  • Gyroll
  • Hubboards
  • VS
  • Zinka
  • Mike Stewart Science
  • Movement Magazine
  • NMD
  • No. 6
  • Solarez
  • Sticky Bumps
  • Toobs
  • Vertra

You can also check their store for discount cards, gift checks and repair and maintenance services. If there’s anything you need—anything at all—this is the first and last bodyboarding shop you’ll go to.


  • The 662 Bodyboard Shop is located in Orange County, California, USA. It can be found along the Pacific Coast Highway in Dana Point, CA.
  • The 662 Bodyboard Shop Headquarters is in San Clemente, CA.
  • The 662 Ride Shop can be found in 1960 Kapiolani Blvd, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA.


Whether you are a beginner, an advanced rider, a dropknee’r, or a child looking for some fun this summer, the 662 Bodyboard Shop will be able to meet your needs. Save yourself from the tiring trips needed to go to different shops across the neighborhood because this store already has everything you could ever need—from bodyboards, swim fins, leashes, wetsuits, accessories and more.

Not only that, the staff and owners of this shop all live and breathe bodyboarding so you will also be offered effective advice on the type of gear needed for your skill level. The guys at 662 Bodyboard Shop don’t want you to feel hindered by ineffective gear so head on over to their store and learn a thing or two about how to get the most fun and performance out of your bodyboarding.