The 14 Best Christmas Gifts For Surfers

Shopping for surfers is easy. If you’re a surfer, you just have to think of the stuff you wish you would receive yourself. After all, only another surfer would know the feeling of getting a gift you can bring on your next surf trip.


Our Top 14 Favorites

#1 Surf Drone

Who would say no to a surf drone?

Nobody. Not only does the HERO5 take exceptional professional-grade images no matter where it’s shooting from, the Karma Drone is also one of the industry’s most compact drones ever.

You can detach the propellers and fold the entire drone into a durable but lightweight case. When it’s time to shoot some awesome footage, assembly is a breeze.

Why would a surfer want this?

Not only will you get to shoot from every possible angle on your next surf trip, you’ll all have such a blast reviewing the footage.

Slap in a sick soundtrack and you’ll feel as if you’re editing scenes from John Florence’s View From A Blue Moon.

Your surfing will probably never come close but your videos will.


  • Karma Stabilizer for shake-free professional images
  • Karma Drone with Controller for simple flying and shooting
  • Get smooth GoPro HERO5 footage on air, handheld, or body-mounted
  • Karma Grip for the steadiest handheld shots

GoPro Karma with HERO5 Black

GoPro Karma with HERO5 Black

#2 Tide Watch

Do you have that friend who’s always asking for the time in the lineup? Maybe it’s time to give him or her a watch.

And if you really like that friend of yours, make it a tide watch.

Combining beauty with brains, a tide watch can tell you whether the tide’s dropping or rising from over 200 surf spots around the world.

Why would a surfer want this?

Not only will you know what time it is, you can also time the intervals between sets so you can get in position. You’ll also know the tide conditions. What does that mean to a surfer? It means never missing that window for the perfect surf.


  • Comes in digital and analog designs
  • Comes in rubber and/or stainless steel models
  • Popular brands include G-Shock, Freestyle, Nixon, and Vestal

surfer tide watch review

#3 Surf Ears

If you surf in cold water, chances are you’ve gotten that dreadful pain in your ear from all the abnormal bone growth inside your ear.

Cold water causes this unwanted growth, and unless you wear some sort of ear protection, your life is going to include daily bouts of pain. Fortunately, there are specially designed ear buds that can keep your ears protected in the water.

Got a mate you want to save from surfer’s ear? Get them these special ear buds!

Why would a surfer want this?

Not only will you be preventing the onslaught of painful bone growth in the ear, you will also be improving the quality of hearing when in the water.

Surf Ears can boost the sound of waves breaking and surfers chatting so you can know exactly where you need to be in the lineup to catch the next wave or just the latest lineup gossip.

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  • Shaped to stay in your ear
  • Improved listening experience
  • Soft hydrophobic coating for comfort
  • Improved ear gel design

Creatures of Leisure SurfEars 2.0 Ear Plugs

Surf Ears

#4 Wet/Dry Surf Backpack

Get your mate a backpack for all his or her surf gear and equipment.

Make sure to get one with a waterproof pocket for all the wet towels, clothes, rashguards, boardshorts, or bikinis.

Nothing sucks more than getting your phone or laptop wet inside your bag.

Why would a surfer want this?

It’s just the most practical way to travel. Instead of having two separate bags—one for dry and another one for wet—just get a backpack that can provide for both.


  • Perfect for surfing, camping, boating, or rafting
  • Good for rainy climates
  • Best brands include North Face, Oakley, Dakine, and TYR
  • Good for rainy climates
  • Best brands include North Face, Oakley, Dakine, and TYR

wet dry surf backpack review

#5 RinseKit Portable Shower

From your board, leash, wetsuit, down to your hair and skin, some fresh-water loving is due after every dip in the ocean.

Portable rinse kits make showering so easy so you will never have to worry about your gear or your body getting sticky from the saltwater after surf.

Why would a surfer want this?

Aside from hygiene, rinsing also helps preserve your surf gear. Keeping the salt in your gear will only expedite the wear and tear.

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  • No pumping or batteries needed
  • Trademark EON pressure system
  • ​Delivers steady pressurized spray for 3 minutes
  • Tank holds up to 2 gal. of water

Rinsekit Surf Shower


#6 Sandals

Flip-flops are nice but they’re also really flimsy.

Every surfer needs to invest on a good pair of sandals that they can wear on the beach but also in the city.

Why would a surfer want this?

Travel light. Who wants to lug around a bulky pair of shoes on every surf trip? Surf sandals have to be comfortable, heavy-duty, and stylish to meet every laidback surfer’s needs.

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  • Rubber and leather designs
  • Handmade sandals are higher in quality
  • Everyone seems to agree that Rainbow Sandals are the best

Rainbow Surf Sandals!

surfer sandals

#7 Wetsuit Changing Mat

Surfers are always on-the-go so a good and reliable changing mat is a necessity in every surf trip.

You won’t need to hide behind your car or duck behind a palm tree to get in and out of your surf suit.

A changing mat should do the trick.

Why would a surfer want this?

Aside from eliminating the odd chances of flashing your friends, you also get a wetbag to keep all your wet stuff in.


  • Made of strong PVC material
  • ​Easy to pack
  • ​Converts to a wetbag
  • Protects wetsuits and surf gear from unwanted sand and dirt
wetsuit changing mat

#8 Non-Toxic Waterproof Sunscreen

To keep our skin protected while baking under the sun, we got to lather and reapply a lot of sunscreen.

While we’re at it, we have to be more mindful of the substances that we bring into the oceans with us.

This is why reef-safe sunscreens are a must.

Why would a surfer want this?

Sun burn hurts and killing coral reefs isn’t cool.

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  • Offers UVA/B protection
  • ​Must not contain parabens or oxybenzone
  • Safe brands include Loving Naturals, Carribean Solutions, and Neutrogena Pure

#9 Surf Poncho

It doubles as a portable changing room and a towel.

You could wear it as you get changed or you can just keep it on because it’s cozy.

Why would a surfer want this?

Practical and fashionable. Every surfer’s got to have it!


  • Made of plush microfiber material
  • Comes in cool designs and prints
  • One size fits all
wetsuit changing surf poncho review

#10 GoPro with Surfboard Mount

Not all surfers like selfies but we bet every surfer wants to know what they look like when they’re up and riding that wave. It’s not a vanity thing.

It’s a progress thing. GoPros are still the king of all action cameras so get one for you mate and you can take turns taking action shots in the water.

Why would a surfer want this?

We all need to study our movements to know how we can improve our moves.

Also, it’s good to preserve special moments in the water. For example, getting barreled for the first time ever!


  • Durable waterproof design
  • ​Surfboard mounts
  • Image stabilizer for professional-grade images
gopro with surfmount

#11 Nixon Watch

Nixon watches are perfect for surf sessions and for after-surf parties.

If you need a fashionable but practical watch, Nixon is the way to go.

Get this as a gift and your friend will be giving you more waves for sure.

Why would a surfer want this?

Nixon watches are the definition of effortless surfer style. Every surfer must have at least one.


  • Minimalist and elegant designs
  • Digital and analog designs
  • Rubber, leather, and stainless steel models
Nixon surfer watch review

#12 Slyde Handboards

Every surfer will want to try bodysurfing and having the right handboard is crucial to an enjoyable experience.

Slyde handboards offer the most hydrodynamic design made from the most durable materials so you can be gliding for a much longer time.

Why would a surfer want this?

When it’s time for some shorebreak fun, you just got to have your own handboard!

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  • Concave and flat bottom for maximum wave hold
  • ​Sharpened rails for turns
  • Channels for speed

Slyde Handboard

#13 FCS Surfboard Car Rack

Not all cars have roof racks so it’s best to always have one of these soft racks in every surfer’s car.

These are heavy-duty but transportable pads that can hold up to 6 shortboards or 4 longboards.

Why would a surfer want this?

Safety first. Keep your precious boards tied to your car with these soft racks!


  • Fits most cars, vans, and SUVs
  • ​Heavy duty material
  • Stays in place
fcs surfboard car rack

#14 Inflatable Paddle Board

What’s the next best water activity when there are no waves? Stand-up paddleboarding!

Lugging around a heavy SUP isn’t everyone’s idea of fun so owning an inflatable one instantly wins.

Why would a surfer want this?

Not only is it seriously fun, it can also serve as cross-training. Work those arm muscles and keep your sea legs steady!

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  • Great for all surfers
  • ​Comes with an adjustable paddle
  • Comes with a high pressure pump
inflatable paddle board review

Final Thoughts

If you don’t have time to go shopping—or if you really just want to buy these gifts for yourself—hey, you can always go with organic surf wax. Your friends will use those up in no time!

Finding the perfect gift can be like trying to solve hard Christmas riddles, but these ideas are what most surfers would totally dig so this list should get you started (or finishes?!) down the right path to brainstorming and finding that perfect gift!