Best Floating Island Reviews

So just what are inflatable floating islands?

You can typically find these things floating around lakes or large pools with sun-tanned partygoers, all brews in hands. They’re a bit like tubes and rafts, though on a bigger scale, perfect for larger groups. 


Some are built simple and are great for relaxing in the summer sun, while some come with tons of features, making them exciting and versatile for the whole crew. We’re going to be diving into some of the best floating islands on the market so that you can get out there this summer as the envy of the lake!

Most Popular Floating Islands

Our #1 Pick – Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze
Bestway CoolerZ Inflatable Floating Island

  • Best floating island for lounging!
  • 6-person capacity
  • Comes with a removable sun shade and cooler bag

#2 – Tropical Tahiti 7-Person
Tropical Tahiti Floating Island

  • Perfect floating island for partying with a large group!
  • 7-Person Capacity
  • Comes with two built-in coolers.

#3 – Sun Pleasure Island Unicorn
Sun Pleasure Giant Party Bird Island Unicorn

  • Most unique floating island design!
  • 6-person capacity
  • Comes with one built-in cooler!

The 12 Best

Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze

The Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze is one of the best floating islands on the market that you should definitely consider purchasing for your summer fun. It allows 6 people onboard and comes equipped with wide pillow brackets for sheer relaxation. While it’s not the best to party on considering the lounge design, if you’re looking to soak up some sun or chill with a drink while listening to the sweet sounds of summer on the water, this is an excellent choice.

It comes with a built-in shade for keeping cool and safe from the sun, though also has an area for catching some rays if you need to get that summer glow. Thanks to the built-in pillows, you can even take a little catnap after a long day of doing nothing! Lastly, you have a small cooler bag for storing away your brews and wine coolers, and cupholders so nothing goes overboard.


  • Comfortable pillows for relaxing
  • Cupholders and cooler room for the whole party
  • Removable sun shade


  • The shade can catch a ton of wind

#2 – Tropical Tahiti 7-Person

Tropical Tahiti Floating Island

If you have a large party of people that you need to accommodate, look no further than the Tropical Tahiti 7-person floating island. Whether it is for family or friends, it’s an excellent floating island for pure relaxation at the beach or lake. You get 8 cupholders to get your party started, as well as a built-in cooler for storing all of your refreshments. The deck is a unique shape too, giving you room to either lounge with the built-in pillows, or sit in one of the five large seats.

Because it is very large, we only recommend this for outdoor lake or ocean use, and not for use at the pool. That being said, it is really well built and very versatile.


  • Fun and versatile design
  • Tons of cupholders
  • High capacity for large parties


  • Not great for smaller areas

#3 – Sun Pleasure Island Unicorn

Giant Party Bird Island Unicorn

If you’ve ever dreamed of riding a giant, fantastical unicorn in your childhood, now is your chance. This 10’ tall unicorn is designed with a bright white body and vibrant rainbow wings, mane, and tail, meaning it is a beacon of light on any body of water. From kids to adults, this thing is fun and exciting for all, and makes for a crazy party apparatus. It can fit up to 6 people onboard and has large seats that make it both comfortable and spacious.

It comes with a powerful pump that can inflate it in just minutes, and when you’re done, you can simply deflate it and pack it in the included mesh carrying bag for on-the-go storage. Refreshments anyone? This party unicorn comes complete with a built-in cupholder, as well as a cooler than you can fill with ice to store away your favorite drinks. As for getting this thing down to the lake, you’ll love the durable handles that make it easy to carry.


  • Funny and unique design
  • Large, comfortable seats
  • Easy to transport


  • Only one cupholder

#4 – Intex Oasis 5-Seater

Intex Oasis Island Inflatable

The Intex Oasis 5-Seater is easily one of the most efficient and simplistic floating islands on the market. The blue and white design is classic and keeps cool during hot summer days. You can relax on the sofa-like seats that are both comfortable and spacious, as well as lounge up against the comfortable backrests to keep that posture in check. Beyond the comfortable seats, you also have an Intex Oasis drinkholder to keep all of your refreshments safe.

One of the most unique features of the Intex Oasis 5-Seater is the rope ladder that you can use to climb in an out of the water. This makes it both easy and safe for those who have trouble lifting themselves up out of the water. It’s great for fitting about 4 people onboard, making it the perfect floating island for a couples or family day out on the water.


  • Stylish and simple design
  • Comfortable Seating
  • Quality Intex Materials


  • No Built-In Cooler

#5 – Intex Key Largo Island Raft

Intex Key Largo

The Intex Key Largo Island Raft is the perfect raft for kicking back with family or friends and soaking in the summer sun. It’s made with durable PVC too, meaning you don’t have to worry as much when navigating through perilous waters. There are 6 cupholders onboard for storing your precious brews, as well as few built-in coolers for keeping everything icy, even when the sun isn’t so forgiving. The 4 handles make it easy to transport to and from the lake as well.

With a 6-person capacity, the Intex Key Largo is great for a mid-sized group party or relaation session. It is both comfortable and comes with tons of room for lounging in different positions.


  • Made of Durable PVC Material
  • Comfortable For Lounging
  • Cupholders and Built-In Coolers


  • Takes a While to Blow Up

#6 – Sun Pleasure Tahiti Floating Canopy Island

Sun Pleasure Tahiti Floating Canopy Island

The Sun Pleasure Tahiti Floating Canopy Island provides the pleasure of having your own little private island for you and a group of friends to enjoy. There is a sold amount of space for 6 adults. It comes with a conveniently built-in cooler for storing all of your favorite refreshments, as well as 6 comfortable seats with back and armrests. Even with the rounded shape, you’ll be surprised how much legroom you have on the inside!

The included boarding platform makes it easy to come back up onboard after you take a dive too. The most unique part about this floating island is the included canopy. It helps to give better protection from direct sunlight, though can easily be detached and stored away if you prefer to catch a few rays.


  • Canopy for Sun Protection
  • Comfortable Seats with Back and Armrests
  • Platform for Boarding


  • Canopy Can Pick Up Quite a Bit of Wind

#7 – Intex Relaxation Island Raft

Intex Island Raft And AC Air Pump

This beautiful blue and white floating island makes for a classic design that looks great on the lake. It is quite a large floating island that can take up to 6 adults onboard and is more suitable for open bodies of water like lakes or oceans. Thanks to the wide brackets though, you can easily fir 4 more people over capacity, making for a large lake party. There are 6 cupholders built-in for drink storage, as well as a built-in cooler that keeps your refreshments cold as you kick back.

We love the fact that there is a hole in the center too that allows you to dive in or keep your feet cool. Besides the large, comfortable seating there is also a contoured lounge area for getting a good sunbathing session in. It is convenient and comfortable, perfect for big families or large groups of friends.


  • Fits Large Parties of People
  • Versatile in terms of seating
  • No floor in the center to keep cool


  • Not the easiest to travel with

#8 – Bestway CoolerZ X5

Bestway CoolerZ X5

If you’re a big fan of the CoolerZ floating islands, you’ll really dig the X5. It can fit up to 7 people onboard, meaning tons more room to party! It comes with a detachable sunshade that can be used to protect you and your party from the sun, and also comes complete with two cooler bags to keep refreshments cold for the whole crew. Just like the other large floating islands on our list, this one is best suited for lakes and oceans.

There are 6 cupholders built in, a swim up platform for easy entry, and a large area that is great for lounging and soaking up that Vitamin D. The mesh area in the middle is great for keeping cool, though you have to be careful to not rip it, as it isn’t the most durable in the world.


  • Large Capacity for Bigger Parties
  • Two Cooler Bags and Six Cupholders
  • Swim Up Platform For Easy Entry


  • Mesh is Not the Most Durable

#9 – Intex Pacific Paradise Relaxation Station

Intex Pacific Paradise

The Intex Pacific Paradise comes with a classic blue and white design with a shape similar to river raft tubes. At almost 40lbs, it is designed fit up to 4 people, making it great for close friends, couples, or small families. That being said, you can truly use this thing in just about any water environment that isn’t too harsh. The backrests and cushions are both comfortable and provide tons of room to sprawl out.

It comes complete with a rope ladder and rigid steps for easy entry. This also makes it safe for the young ones who want to take it out. The durable grab handles on the outside echo this sentiment as well, though make it easy to transport to and from the water too. It’s a simple floating island without all the bells and whistles, though is perfect for just taking it easy.


  • Simple and Relaxing Design
  • Rope Ladder for Safety
  • Comfortable Seats


  • Not Much Room For Activities

#10 – CoolerZ Rapid Rider X4

CoolerZ Rapid Rider X4

The CoolerZ Rapid Rider X4 comes in a unique black and yellow design, making it a stand out floating island among its competitors. It is also unique in that you can really only fit people onboard, as there isn’t extra room for walking around or lounging. You have two separate chambers for safety, 3 comfortable backrests with little pods for placing your tushy, and durable handles that give you added security, as well as ease of transport.

The open bottom mesh design allows you to stay cool and is actually pretty durable compared to many others. There are 4 individual cupholders onboard for keeping your refreshments safe, as well as two coolers that have enough room for drinks all day. At a 4-person capacity, this floating island is excellent for close groups of friends, couples, or small families.


  • Very High-Quality Build
  • Large Built-In Coolers
  • Comfortable Cushions


  • Not Much Room For Anything But Sitting

#11 – Sun Pleasure Flamingo

Giant Flamingo Island Float

If you’re looking to lounge in ultimate, tropical style, look no further than the Sun Pleasure Flamingo. This impressively large flamingo is both bright pink and a beacon of light on any body of water. The 10’ flamingo design is detailed and you can easily fit up to 6 adults for an all-day flamingo bash. The seats and backrests are both wide and comfortable and the mesh floor fills up with water so you can dip in and chill out.

It inflates in minutes with the included pump, and when deflated, stores up in the easy-to-transport mesh carrying bag. Buoyant, balanced, and beautiful, you will no doubt be the star of the lake riding this majestic floating island around.


  • Fun and Unique Design
  • Comfortable Seats and Backrests
  • Inflates in Minutes


  • Can’t Stay Dry Onboard

#12 – Pretty Peacock Island

Pretty Peacock Island

This Peacock is a ridiculously fun and hilarious floating island for cruising the lake. At over 9’ tall, this thing is both majestic and detailed in its design. There is a 6-person capacity for taking all of your friends along, as well as 6 cupholders for storing your drinks safely. As an added safety measure, they have added a nice little boarding platform for easy entry onto the peacock.

Though it may not look like it, this thing is tough. That’s thanks to the durable PVC material that gives you long lasting use no matter where you take it. Thanks to the electric pump that is included, you can inflate this magical creature in just minutes! All fun with no wait!


  • Fun and Unique Design
  • Tons of Room For Lounging
  • Inflates in Minutes


  • Not Many backrests

How To Set Up & Take Care

All floating islands are different, though they all require the same basic set up and care.

The first thing you’ll want to do with your floating island is find the main inflation valve and inflate it until it is nice and firm. Typically, you will use inflator hoses to fill these up, as manual pumps take too long. You can easily pull the valve to begin inflation. Always make sure to keep an eye on the pressure when you are filling your floating island. Too much air can seriously damage the seams and I-beams. Once every valve has been opened to inflate and secured tightly, you’re ready to go.

As for taking care of your floating island, here are a couple tips that you can follow:

  • Store it in a shady area out of direct sunlight. The sun can do two things to your floating island. For starters, it can deteriorate and discolor the external part of your island, cutting its life much shorter. Secondly, direct sunlight can heat up the tubes on the inside and cause the air to expand. Expanding area can also damage the seams and I-beams on your island as well.
  • Make sure to clean at least once every few uses. Your floating island can either be rinsed with fresh, cool water, or even scrubbed lightly with a mild soap agent. This can ensure that you get rid of any grime or nasty debris that may have stuck onto the island during your relaxation time.

Criteria to Consider When Choosing

Below are the 5 most important factors to make sure you are picking the right water tube

How Will You Be Using It

There are two main types of floating islands out there: Those that people use to party on and those that people use to chill out on. If you’re planning on partying on your floating island, you’ll most likely want features such as upright built-in chairs to sit up and converse in or drink holders to keep your beverages safe. If you’re the kind of person who just wants to chill out on your inflatable island and take a little lake nap, you should look for one with a more reclined seating design.

If you’re kids will be coming onto your island at all, we recommend a party design, as it gives you a better view of your kids so that they are safe at all time. Plus, they are much more conversational and excellent for quality family time!

Where Are You Going To Put It?

Some people use their floating island in their backyard pools while some keep them out on the lake. Floating islands for your pools don’t need to be nearly as large or durable as ones you would put on the lake, as you won’t have room for a big one in your pool and you won’t have any real threats in your pool. Lakes are wild and unknown and they can easily have rocks, branches, or other damaging objects floating around inside of them. We highly recommend that if you’re buying one for the lake, you check to see that people have successfully taken them out on the lake before.


This comes down to how much you have to spend and how much of a priority will your floating island be. For someone who is going to be using their once every summer, you probably won’t need to spend and arm and a leg for the extra durability or features.


How many people are you planning to bring on your floating island? If you’re planning on bringing any more than 8 people on your island, you’ll need to get a really big one. Either that, or you can get multiple small ones and connect them with rope or buoys. All in all, it’s much more fun when everyone can enjoy the same island together.


Some floating islands have special features that others don’t have. Want some shade with your day on the lake? You should look for a floating island that has a cabana design. Trying to party it up all day long on your island? You should look for one that has coolers built in to keep all your drinks cool.

Top Brands


Coolerz is a lineup of floating islands that are manufactured by Bestway. They have a wide array of different islands that are made for relaxing by the pool, lake, or beach. Their islands are known to be extremely durable with thick gauge material and also come loaded with a variety of features depending on your needs. Some of their floating islands have cup holders and cooler bags and some have holes in the center for easy water access.


Sportsstuff is a subsidiary of the well-known Airhead Sports Group. Sportsstuff is known for their wide array of watersports products from towables, to kayaks, to wakeboards, and beyond. Their line of floating islands is very versatile and offers everything from single-person floaters to 8-person party islands. As one of top manufacturers of inflatable tubes, they know how to make solid floating islands.


Intex is one of the most recognizable names in inflatable products. You’ve most likely seen the Intex logo on an above ground pool or airbed. What most people don’t know is that they make a wide variety of products including inflatable boats and floating islands, all with the same strength and innovative mindset of their leading products. After 40+ years of service, this is one of the most trusted companies in its realm.

World of Watersports

For any types of inflatable tubes, floating islands, or water products, you don’t have to look any further than World of Watersports. From the Aqua Treadmill to the Tube A Rama, you won’t find a shortage of fun and relaxing water products. World of Watersports’ mission statement mentions their attention to detail in terms of safety, making sure that the valves, ropes, connectors, etc. on their products, are all in tip-top shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of pump should I use to fill up my Floating Island?

Most islands come with an included pump, though if yours doesn’t, we highly recommend getting one that is battery powered, as using your lungs might take you half the day. Intex makes a very popular Quick Fill Pump that is perfect for these kinds of applications, as the pump has a variety of nozzles for filling up different products with different valves.

How do you get back and forth from your floating island to the shore?

If you’re having an all-day party, you’ll most likely need to stop on shore at one point to pick up supplies or hit the bathroom. Once you’re anchored down in the water though, you’re not going to want to make everyone move the island back to shore. This is why we recommend getting a small single or double-person inflatable dingy to tie to the boat. This way, you can easily transfer drinks, food, speakers, supplies, etc., to and from your island.

How do I keep my floating island in one place?

Most inflatable islands that you purchase will come with anchors. If not, you’ll need to purchase one if you want to keep your island in one spot all day. The lake can get windy and the current can get heavy. If you don’t have an anchor, you can easily find yourself miles out from where you started.

What different ways can I use my floating island?

Beyond relaxing or partying, floating islands can be used in a variety of ways. Are you into fishing? Floating islands make excellent fishing platforms. Many have tons of room for storage and standing, they’re very stable to move about on, they don’t produce any wake that would typically disturb fish, and the majority of them have coolers built in to them. Coolers are perfect for storing bait or fish that you catch.

If you want to get a little bit adventurous, you can easily attach most floating islands to the back of boats for slow rides. Be gentle though, as these aren’t high-speed tubes by any means.

Lastly, we see many people using their floating islands as snorkeling platforms. You have tons of storage room on board for snorkeling gear and you can easily anchor them to have a home base for when you return.