Rinsekit Review

If you want to find out more about one of our favorite outdoors products, stick around for this Rinsekit review!

As much as we love camping and soaking in the sun on a summer beach day, dealing with being covered in dirt and sand can get pretty annoying.


how to take a shower at the beach

How nice would it be to have an easy-to-use and portable spray contraption in your possession?

This is where the Rinsekit comes in! With the ability to control the flow of water without worrying about any external power is truly incredible!

So whether you’re at the beach, in the woods, or on top of mountain, the Rinsekit can be there with you so that a great shower is only a button click away.

The Review

RinseKit Portable Shower


  • 7.5 liter / 256 fluid ounce capacity
  • ABS Material
  • 17 x 12 x 14 inches
  • Eon pressure system
  • 7-setting spray nozzle
  • 2-gallon pressure chamber
  • Folding handle
  • Easy-to-remove lid
  • 6ft. hose
  • Hose bib adapter
  • Built-in ruler

Pro's & Con's

  • Utilizes the pressure of a faucet or hose
  • Maintains pressure for up to a month
  • Chamber is insulated to retain hot water
  • 7 different nozzle settings for hose head
  • Durable construction on hose and body
  • Great pressure
  • Easy to store and travel with
  • Fills up very fast
  • Cleaning can be a bit tedious
  • Can only change the pressure with nozzle which can be annoying during showers
  • Pressure drops quickly when the nozzle is set to a heavier flow
  • On the expensive end

Features and benefits

Let’s start off with the size of the Rinsekit. It’s relatively small which is pretty nice when it comes to traveling and storage. Because it only holds up to 2 gallons, it’s fairly small and easy to carry. It weighs about 24 pounds when completely full. This is convenient to carry because of the ergonomic handle they’ve included. Think of it like carrying around a toolbox, as that is pretty much what this thing looks like. The lid on top is removable as well, so you can use it to stand on while you’re showering.

The pressure system is what makes this portable shower so unique. Not only do you not need any batteries, but you also don’t need to pump it to build up pressure inside. Simply attach your hose, fill it up, and let the pressure from the fill do the work. The chamber inside the box maintains a pressure of about 65psi so you can be rest assured you’ll have a decent spray when the time comes. This is excellent for spraying off fine grain sand and dirt. It can also hold that pressure for over a month! So if you happen to be doing little trips a lot and don’t want to constantly be filling up, this is super helpful.

The heater sets the Rinsekit apart from just about every product out there. In addition to the original Rinsekit, a heater accessory can be attached so that you can have warm water wherever you are! It works like a rechargeable battery and helps to heat up the water in the chamber to a nice 100-degrees Fahrenheit. The beautiful thing is, you can also save that hot water for the whole family, as the insulated tank will keep it at that temperature for hours on end.

The hose that comes with the kit is extremely versatile as well. Because it is 6-feet long, you’ll have no problem using it as a shower, for a car wash, or whatever else you can think of. The head of the hose looks like a garden hose and has 7 different settings that range from light mist to “jet” mode. This is awesome because if you’re only trying to clean off some plates at the campground, there’s no reason to give them a power wash. When you’re done using the hose, simply coil it up and tuck it inside for easy storage.

Have no fear if you don’t have access to a hose! If you’re out camping, Rinsekit has made it possible to fill up using the pressure of a bike pump with their field kit. If you live in an apartment and don’t have a hose anywhere near, you can also get a sink adapter so you can fill up using the pressure from any faucet in your home.

Lastly, a great advantage of the Rinsekit is that all the materials are BPA-free. This means that not only is it great to use as a shower, but you can also safely use it as drinking water. These BPA-free materials are safe from rust and corrosion as well, so even if you forget to dry it off when you’re done, everything will be fine!


Helio is another very popular portable pressurized sprayer on the market that is definitely one of the biggest competitors for Rinsekit.

With that being said, both of them have their own pros and cons.

rinse kit vs helio

For starters, Helio has the bigger tank of the two at 2.91 gallons. This means that it can store more water for longer showers without the need to refill as much. The pressure system works a little differently as well. Instead of using a hose or a faucet to add pressure to the chamber, you use a foot pump that is located on the bottom of the tank.

You can add hot water to the Helio or leave it out in the sun to absorb heat, though that’s about it. Unlike the Rinsekit, is does not have an extra accessory for heating water. That is easily the biggest advantage Rinsekit has over Helio.

As for the construction, the Helio is completely different. It is essentially a welded polyurethane bag that collapses when there isn’t water in it. So in terms of portability, the Helio really takes the cake. While the hose on the Helio is 7-feet long, a foot longer than the hose on the Rinsekit, it isn’t nearly as versatile and does not come with any extra pressure settings. This pretty much makes Helio a one-trick-pony.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Rinsekit work?

Rinsekit has a cool design that can store and trap pressure for long periods of time. When you fill something up with a spigot, not only are you getting water, but you’re also getting a fair amount of pressure. When that pressure enters the chamber of the Rinsekit, it naturally compresses the air and creates a highly compressed bubble inside. Think of it like a balloon filled with air.  When you seal off the valve, that pressure is then directed into the hose. This means that when you open the nozzle, the compressed air pushes the water out and into the open. Simple gravitational science.

How do you know when you’ve completely filled your Rinsekit?

The fill time on this thing is super short (about 20 seconds) so there is really no reason to start filling and leave for a minute. Water will just stop flowing into the chamber and it will be done. Unlike a balloon, if you overfill it, it isn’t going to pop!

How do I install the heating battery component onto my Rinsekit?

Start by taking off the lid of your Rinsekit and twisting the drain plug counter-clockwise until it pops off. Make sure that you have drained all of the water out of it before moving onto the actual installation. The heating battery probe will fit perfectly into the drain plug by inserting it and turning it clockwise until it locks in place. Because the probe is attached to a timer with a cord, you’ll want to make sure that it spins clockwise with the probe as well so you don’t twist and mangle the cord. This is all done very gently as to not end up threading drain plug. Once you’ve done that, use a wrench and tighten it a bit to make sure there are no loose ends for leakage. Now you can use it like you normally would, except now with heated water! Make sure to only turn the heating device on when there is water inside of the chamber, as using it when the Rinsekit is empty could do some pretty nasty damage.

Is the heating device safe? 

The device is perfectly safe if you use it correctly! Rinsekit recommends only letting the timer run for 90 minutes AT MOST. Make sure that you always test out your water for the temperature before diving in for a shower. If the water is too hot (over 120-degrees Fahrenheit) it can severely burn your skin.


Having a portable pressurized shower should certainly not be a make or break need for camping or outdoor extravaganzas, as humans have been going out into the wilderness for hundreds of years without access to pressurized water.

Some people even love the idea of being caked with dirt out in the raw reality that is the outdoors. But, for those of us who just want the luxury of being able to clean off quickly, easily, efficiently, and comfortably, cannot deny that the Rinsekit is an awesome little product that can give us a fine perk of civilization no matter where we are in the world.

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