The Top 4 Pool Noodles

One of the simple-in-design pool toys that offer enjoyment and fun for hours is a pool noodle or swim noodle. These pool noodles come in different colors and lengths.

It's interior is hollowly allowing it to float when in the ocean or pool. Not only does the consumers use these noodles as flotation devices but they are also used as water cannons, or they connect pool noodles together so as to create a barrier.


When the pool season is not yet time, one other use for pool noodles is at home: consumers may place pool noodles below the couch’s cushion to assist them to maintain the shape after years of use.

Getting to learn about pool noodles available at the market can help consumers select the right noodle. Pool noodles are available on Amazon. Check out these top 5 pool noodles that are available on Amazon.

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The Top 4

#1 Choice - SwimWays Standard Swim Noodles

SwimWays Standard Swim Noodles 35 Pack

5 Star Editorial Rating!

You can’t say its summer until you have the SwimWays Pool Noodles.

It's soft foam offers extra buoyancy in the water.

The water noodles are perfect for new swimmers and act as swim training aid, and offer some additional flotation.

Apart from that, they make fantastic pool toys and add to the fun at a pool party.

You can use it as water cannon by filling one end with water. The 35-pack of noodles come in different colors which include purple, blue, green, yellow, and red.

Kids would love to float using the noodle and also use them to create fun pathways in the pool.

  • For ages five years and above
  • Five colors of purple, blue, green, yellow and red
  • Noodles are 55 inches long
  • A favorite brand that kids love during summer
  • 35 pack of noodles
  • Dimensions are 55 x 2.4 x 2.4 inches
  • Weighs 1 pound

#2. SwimWays Noodle Sling Pool Chair

SwimWays Noodle Sling Floating Pool Chair review

You can use your noodle with the cool sling if you want the best seat in a pool.

The soft mesh seat can easily fit onto the standard 3” diameter noodle creating floating chairs maximum enjoyment and relaxation.

The SwimWays Noodle Sling allows you to have your floating pool chair with the addition of a pool noodle.

You thread a noodle through the noodle sling openings.

  • It's durable fabric sleeve can fit most noodles
  • Affordable
  • Float on cooling mesh that is partially submerged
  • One noodle sling

The Oodles of Noodles Deluxe Pack is just the right accessory to take to your pool to have hours of fun.

The foam is soft, while the noodle is designed to be super-sized for maximum fun.

This is a six pack noodle.

The dimensions are 4x4x48 inches. Weighs 4.2 pounds

  • Noodle outer diameter is 2 1/2”
  • Noodle length is 52.”
  • Made is the North America
  • Come in variety of colors which include yellow, green, red and blue
  • Large format noodle

Swimline Doodles Inflatable Pool Noodle Float, 6 Count

You can use these compact and durable doodles to sit, climb and ride on while in the pool.

This 72” long doodle are comfortable when used to float.

They are very easy to change into any desired shape for many hours of fun. The six-pack comes with three curly and three straight doodles. They are shipped as two red, two blue and two yellow doodles.

These pool noodles are far much fun than the traditional pool noodles. They are perfect for everyday fun and pool parties.

Each pack come with different colors and are recommended for kids above three years old.

  • Measures 72” long
  • Can easily convert to various shapes
  • They are compact and durable to sit, climb or ride on
  • Two red doodles, two yellow doodles, and two blue doodles
  • Three curly and three straight doodles


What is the diameter of the inside diameter and does it go through the whole noodle?

The diameter is one ¾ inch, and the whole goes through all the way.

What is the material used in making these swim noodles?

These pool noodles are made with polyethylene foam. This material is lightweight to float in water. This material can also bend to form different shapes.

What is the primary function of pool noodles?

They serve as floatation devices for beginners who want to learn how to swim. They are also used for pool games which can be playful fighting or sporting events since they are soft.

What are the primary uses of these pool noodles?

They are joined with polyester meshing making pool loungers, rafts, and chairs.

Do I need other items to come up various shapes apart from pool noodles?

You would need pool noodle connectors. These connectors are longer than sleeves. They have holes on every side which allows construction of different shapes and structures.


Pool noodles are helpful when learning how to swim, floating, rescue searching and a different pool of water. The most common dimension of a pool noodle is 63” in length and 2.8” in diameter. Pool noodles are sold in various colors which make them appealing toys for kids.

The most famous noodles are made from foam. Some have a hardened core but retain their variants and shape when their core is removed. Inflatable swim noodles exist, but they are not popular. These noodles are among the best floatation devices that can help you float in a vertical direction.

These top swim noodles are among the best in the market. Get one at Costco to have extra fun at the pool. For instance, the SwimWays Standard Swim Noodles are used for many purposes including training aid and they can be used as pool toys at a pool party. You can get yourself this noodle and enjoy partying with your friends and family.