The Best Swim Fin Flippers for Kids and Children

Learning to swim is a great investment in personal safety and lifelong physical fitness.

It’s never too early to begin learning proper swimming technique, and investing in a good pair of kids’ swim fins is a great way to give your little ones a head start at becoming excellent swimmers.


Swim fins help to strengthen the large muscle groups in the legs that propel the body forward through the water and teach proper horizontal form.

Fins are typically made of flexible plastic, and mimic the shape of fish fins or duck feet.

They essentially function as extensions of the foot and ankle, giving every kick more power.

This is especially rewarding to younger children as they learn to control their muscles.

Fins are often used in children’s swim team practices as a way of preparing for meets and competitions, but any parent who wants their child to become a good swimmer should consider purchasing a pair.

kids swimming

Children must adjust to the unfamiliar sensation of swimming with fins, but once they do, they can be like little torpedos in the water. You can help them along by making an informed decision about which pair of fins will best suit your child’s needs.

There are a lot of choices out there, so below we have listed some of the best options for kids of different ages.

QUICK OVERVIEW: Our Top 7 Fin & Flippers for Kids and Children

  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Floatable
  • Helps toddlers learn to kick and glide confidently
  • Encourages the child to kick in a dolphin-like motion
  • Great for kids who want to go a little faster and have fun
  • With heel strap to keep the feet secure
  • Excellent training tool for inspiring your little swimmer
  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • High-quality product
  • Helps train kids to use a streamlined, horizontal body posture
  • Short fins encourage great form with maximum comfort
  • For activities like scuba diving and snorkeling
  • Designed to develop proper form
  • For child who wants to develop a slower, more powerful kick
  • Made of strong, buoyant rubber
  • Maximizes the efficiency of every stroke
  • Encourages careful, relaxed movement
  • Help train kids for speedy swimming
  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • Allows swimmers to train their muscles to react quickly

Best Baby & Toddler Swim Fins

Finis Fishtail Fins Baby

With these training fins designed to fit children ages 3 months to 3 years, your child can begin his or her swim career before learning their first word.

These short, wide fins are made of soft rubber and sport an adjustable heel strap for maximum comfort and flexibility.

They are non-buoyant, meaning they won’t artificially adjust your child’s swim posture, encouraging them to self-adjust.

These fins will help babies and toddlers learn to kick and glide confidently in the water.

Finis Kids Girls/Boys Mermaid Swimming Monofin

For your little one that wants to swim like a mermaid, this monofin will make their dreams come true.

Unlike traditional fins that come in a pair to separately to both feet, the YiZYiF Monofin holds the feet together and encourages the child to kick in a dolphin-like motion.

While these may not be ideal for children who are interested in competitive swimming, they are great for kids who want to go a little faster and have fun.

The monofin features a heel strap to keep the feet secure.

Kids Flipper Trainers

These soft flippers are an excellent training tool for inspiring your little swimmer.

They are adjustable so your child can feel comfortable, and are a bit narrower than other baby fins, encouraging a long, gradual kicking stroke.

The plastic is a little stiffer, allowing for a strong kick promoting improvement in the leg muscles while not causing the motion to be too difficult to get used to right away.

Finis Kid'S Booster Fins

Finis is a leader in the world of swim fins, producing high-quality products for both children and adults.

Their toddler version of their classic swim fin bolsters that reputation.

The soft polyvinyl material feels just right on small feet and helps train kids to use a streamlined, horizontal body posture when moving through the water.

Their uniquely-shaped short fins encourage great form with maximum comfort.

Best Kids & Children Swim Fins

Finis Long Floating Fin

Long fins are the way to go for your child who wants to develop a slower, more powerful kick, appropriate for activities like scuba diving and snorkeling.

These longer fins are designed to develop proper form, resulting in faster barefoot swimming.

Long fins are most frequently used to condition muscles rather than increase speed, as they require a more deliberate, controlled stroke to move through the water.

Younger swimmers may not enjoy the delayed gratification of training with long fins, but older children interested in swimming competitively will find benefit with these longer Finis fins.

U.S. Divers - Sea Lion Junior Floating Fins

Sea Lion’s child-size version of their long fins are made of strong, buoyant rubber, promoting proper form and encouraging the careful, relaxed movement required for snorkeling and scuba.

With their sleek shape that maximizes the efficiency of every stroke, your kid will be gliding through the water in no time.

As full-foot pocket fins, these lack a heel strap and are less adjustable than other fins, fitting more like a shoe.

Therefore, it’s important to follow sizing guidelines before purchase so you can guarantee a comfortable fit for your young swimmer.

Finis Kid Finz Child

Finis Kid Finz for older children help train kids for speedy swimming.

With short blades and a comfortable, adjustable fit, these fins are perfect for your older beginner swimmer or your more experienced swim-team kid who just wants to improve his or her personal best time.

Finis Kid Finz are closer to what barefoot swimming feels like, allowing swimmers to train their muscles to react quickly.

This is a key skill to develop for a child hoping to progress in the world of competitive swimming, and will also benefit any kid who just wants to swim faster in the backyard pool or ocean.


- Fin Socks: Fin socks serve a purpose similar to normal socks; they cushion your feet and protect them from chafing. However, fin socks also tighten up fins that are a bit too big and help keep feet warm in cold water. While they are not always necessary, many young kids prefer wearing fin socks because they provide better comfort when wearing fins.

- Fin Savers/tethers: These lightweight, inexpensive pieces of equipment can end up saving you a fortune if you’ve got a kid who likes to swim in open water. Fin savers are small nylon or neoprene rings attach to your child’s angle and the heel strap of the fins, so that fins won’t be lost to the waves even in hard currents.


- How should swim fins fit for my kid?

Swim fins should feel snug but not tight. Most fins are designed to be roomy, so what you’re really looking for is a good fit from the heel to the toe. Fins with an adjustable strap make it easy to ensure continued comfort for your ever-growing kid.

- Where are the best places to buy kids swim fins?

Scuba diving shops and swimming supply stores are excellent places to find swim fins, and have the added benefit of on-site professionals who can help you correctly size your child’s foot for fins. Another great source for the best retail options is to ask your child’s swim coach for a recommendation. Swim coaches are always ready to help parents find resources to make their child a better swimmer.

- What is the practical difference between short and long fin flippers?

Long fins take more effort to move but give each kick more propulsion power while short fins allow you to move faster and more closely resemble barefoot swimming.

- Should kids train with fins in a pool or the ocean?

It is recommended that kids first try out their fins in a controlled environment like a swimming pool before they attempt to use them in the unpredictable ocean currents. However, once your child has mastered the skill, they can take their fins into open water and show off for the fish! Parental supervision is advised at all times.

If you want to be able to swim alongside your little ones and help them get used to the water, we recommend checking out our list of the best bodyboarding fins!

Conclusion - Which Fins Are Right For Your Kid?

The most important factor to consider when purchasing swim fins for your child is how they will be used. If your kid wants to improve their speed with fast strokes, then short blade fins such as Finis Kid Finz or Guppy Trainers will be most suitable. If your child wants to snorkel or improve their muscles for competitive swimming, then Finis Long Floating fins and Sea Lion Junior Floating Fins will be useful. If your child just wants to have fun and use their imagination while going a bit faster underwater, then the YiZYif Mermaid Monofin will be sure to inspire them.

No matter which fins you and your child choose, finding the correct size is key to getting the most use out of them. Once you’ve done that, your little one is ready to hit the water and swim faster than they ever have before, preparing them for a lifetime of fun and safety in water.