Best Speargun Reviews

Even if you’ve spent a lot of your life hunting birds or deer on dry land, nothing can really prepare you for hunting in the deep blue.

Like you need a quality gun or crossbow when hunting on land, you also need a quality speargun when hunting underwater. 


Next to your diving gear, your speargun is almost, if not just as, important.

That being said, finding the right speargun if you’re just getting started can be a daunting task.

Overall, you want to make sure that you are equipped with the proper one, so no matter what comes your way, you are ready for it.

Keep reading as we dive into the speargun market and discuss some of the best available.

Best Spearguns

Our #1 Pick - Cressi Comanche 2.0
Cressi Power Band Sling Speargun

  • One of the Best for Reef Spearfishing!
  • Single Flopper Barb Pointed Tip
  • 23.6” - 43.3”

#2 - Cressi Apache Speargun
Cressi Apache Speargun

  • Perfect For Small To Medium Fish!
  • Tahitian Style Spear
  • 13.8” - 29.5”

#3 - SEAC New Sting Sling Speargun
SEAC Sting Sling Speargun

  • Best Speargun for Beginners!
  • Single Flopper Spear Type
  • 17” - 29”

Top 10 Best Spearguns

Our #1 Pick – Cressi Comache 2.0

Cressi Comanche 2.0

The Cressi Comache 2.0 is a pretty world-renowned speargun and easily one of the most championed.  Made in Italy, this lightweight speargun comes with an incredibly gentle shaft release system, a ring for your line, and tons of reload support. Because the barrel is 1.57” in diameter, you have the ability to use a wide variety of different spears. The beauty is, no matter what kind of spear you use, this speargun retains excellent firing velocity, the reason why it is numero uno.

The pneumatic piston that they use helps to propel your spear at wildly high speeds with no shortage of accuracy. It comes in 4 different sizes so that you can choose based on the kinds of wildlife you will be hunting. The angle is uniquely angled to help increase the precision of your shot, and is also adjustable so you can find the best angle for you. Lastly, because the trigger is sensitive, it won’t compromise your shot and move your gun when you fire. This is easily one of the best spearguns on the market for beginner and intermediate hunters.


  • Incredibly Powerful Shot
  • Sensitive Trigger For Accuracy
  • Adjustable Handle


  • Should Probably Have a Shock Absorber Built O

#2 - Cressi Apache Speargun

Cressi Apachi Speargun

The Apache is like the Comache 2.0 in many ways, though it is a much smaller and lightweight version, perfect for any little ones who are just getting started in the underwater hunting game. It’s also incredibly compact, making it just as great for people who like to travel with their spearguns. The build on this thing is incredibly durable with the anodized heavy-duty sealed aluminum barrel. Beginners will love the ease of actually loading the spear thanks to the closed muzzle.

The shaft on this bad boy is an advanced Tahitian-style flopper, giving you tons of power and speed. This makes it great for all kinds of hunting, not to mention the barrel, which is wide enough to fit many different spears. The angle on the Cressi Apache is much like the Cressi Comache, both angled for precision and fully adjustable for comfort. If anything ever breaks, you’ll be happy to know that the band is easy to replace. If you are looking for the perfect entry-level gun, look no further than the Cressi Apache.


  • Incredibly Fast Shot
  • Very Accurate
  • Handle is Comfortable and Adjustable


  • Not The Most Powerful Shot

#3 – SEAC New Sting Sling Speargun

Seac Speargun

If you are a diver and hunter looking for a speargun that has tons of power and gives you better and more accurate sight lines, the SEAC New Sting is calling your name. Thanks to the muzzle that comes without the top bridge, you get far more visibility and aim, making your shots more accurate overall. The tubing on the gun is not only far more rigid than most, it is also made with a special Makira Camouflage to make sure you remain inconspicuous while on the prowl. All of this and it is still very lightweight thanks to the alloy barrel.

The gun comes in an array of different sizes depending on the type of hunting that you will be doing. The line attachment system that is attached to the shaft resembles the systems that you would find on high-end pro models. As for the trigger, it is made with a stainless steel and filled polyamide, making it extremely durable, functional, and resistant to corrosion. Overall, this is another great speargun for beginners.  


  • Solid Accuracy Thanks To Lack Muzzle
  • Camouflage Design
  • Lightweight and Durable Alloy


  • Some Have Reported Of Trigger Fail

#4 – AB Biller Wood Mahogany Special Speargun

AB Biller Wood Mahogany Special Speargun

No matter what kind of fish you are after, the AB Biller Wood Mahogany Special can get the job done. It can be purchased in a wide array of different sizes form 24” to 60”, perfect for any hunt. Uniquely, this speargun comes with a wood shaft rather than the alloy and steel shafts listed above. Obviously wood wouldn’t do too well with the salinity of the ocean, so they have covered it in three separate layers of polyurethane to ensure its strength and longevity.

When it comes to shooting the gun, it gives you a very straightforward and accurate shot. Thanks to the dual sling that is attached, you can make sure that it remains resting on your shoulder throughout each motion. Lastly, you have the double barb rockpoint tip that is made from a hardened stainless steel. If you want to change it out because of preference, you can use any other 6mm tip. Overall, if craftsmanship is what you prioritize, the AB Biller Wood Mahogany is quite a nice gift.


  • Beautiful Mahogany Design
  • Great for Any Kind of Hunting
  • Straightforward and Accurate Shot


  • A Bit Hard To Load

#5 – Ocean Rhino RX Series Hybrid Lineshaft Speargun

Ocean Rhino RX Series Speargun

Here is where we start to get into serious spear fishing. From top to bottom, this speargun was designed with veteran spear fishers in mind. For starters, you get the ergonomic and comfortable grip, as well as the bold muzzle design that can hold up to 3-5/8” bands. The coating on the gun is incredibly durable, giving you long lasting use. There are also both left and right safety levers, both of which have adjustable tension.

The coolest thing about the Rhino RX is that it can be customized. You can purchase extras such as the Dual Shaft Holders or Muzzle & Grip Kill Spike, to further enhance the power and versatility of your speargun. Overall, this gun is quiet, accurate, powerful, and has a very long range. The speed when you’re loading the line is also pretty incredible. If you are serious about getting a well-made speargun, the Ocean Rhino is an excellent choice.


  • Durable Coating
  • Accurate, Poweful, and Long Range
  • Quick Load Mechanism
  • Double Safety


  • None That We Can Think Of

#6 – Riffe Competitor Series Tank Speargun

Riffe Competitor Series Teak Speargun

​​Another wood gun, the Riffe Competitor Series Tank Speargun is one of quality. It is made with a gorgeous laminate teak wood stock, making it just as durable as it is good looking. You can purchase this gun in either a Hawaiian or Standard Setup. The Hawaiian setup comes with a 9/32” Hawaiian Flopper shaft, 1 Wrap of Line, and 2 Power Bands, making it a better gun for short range shooting. If you get the standard setup, a 5/16” Threaded Shaft, 2 wraps of line, 3 power bands, and a threaded 2-barbed tip, you’ll get much better long range shots.

The handle is made out of a heavy-duty ABS plastic for serious durability and the stainless steel 2-piece trigger mechanism is both reliable and sensitive. It also comes complete with the brand new side mounted and spring-loaded safety and contoured red butt end for easy loading. The Riffe Competitor Series is perfect for both advanced and entry-level shooters, and if you are serious about getting a quality speargun that even expert Hawaiian fishermen recommend, look no further than the Riffe.


  • High Quality Laminate Teak Wood Design
  • Accurate and Powerful Shot
  • Easy to Load
  • Reliable trigger mechanism


  • Having to Choose Between Setups Makes it a Bit Less Versatile

#7 – Cressi Pneumatic Spearfishing Speargun

Cressi Spearfishing Speargun

The Cressi Pneumatic Spearguns have been very popular for many years. They are incredibly robust, very reliable in terms of build, insanely precise, and great for getting a powerful shot. The Pneumatic Speargun is also very lightweight, making it perfect for younger users who want to get into the game. This particular one comes with an anatomically high grip butt, giving you the ability to hold the gun and keep it lined up without expelling much energy. Thanks to it being bright yellow, you don’t have to be worried about losing it if you drop it.

The unique thing about the Cressi Pneumatic is that it comes with a reducer, essentially giving you the ability to utilize a full power shot or a reduced-power shot if you’re shooting close range or at rocks You also have a safety catch onboard for freeing the line releasing device when it is pulled. It comes with an 8mm threaded steel shaft and can be purchased in three different lengths ranging from 55cm to 100cm, depending on your needs.


  • Power Reducer for Different Shots
  • Lightweight and Easy to Hold
  • Robust and Durable Build


  • Can Be a Bit Difficult To Load

#8 – Rob Allen Aluminum Tuna Railgun

Rob Allen Tuna Aluminum Railgun

Rob Allen is pretty much a household name when it comes to spearfishing. The Tuna Railgun was developed as somewhat of an alternative to those heavy wooden guns that cost an arm and a leg. It comes loaded and ready to go straight out of the box. You also get dual bands that help you to improve your range and accuracy. This actually makes it great for beginners as well. There are an array of different barrel sizes that you can get, the 1200 being the most versatile and pretty powerful when it comes to getting serious fish.

When you grasp that beautiful glass-reinforced handle and squeeze that quality trigger mechanism, you’ll notice that there is no click, letting you hunt in complete silence so not to scare away prey. It comes with a 7.5mm spear, enough to take down a kingfish. Though there are many great things about the Rob Allen Tuna Railgun, the barrel is hardcore. Made with aircraft grade aluminum, it is both strong, rigid, and lightweight. Overall, this is a railgun for the serious underwater fisherman.


  • High Quality Aluminum
  • Top-Tier Handle and Trigger Mechanism
  • Near Silent Shot
  • Very Powerful and Accurate


  • Can Be a Bit Too Powerful for Some Shots

#9 – Mares Viper Pro Speargun

Mares Viper Pro Speargun

For the insane power and durability that this speargun has, we’re surprised that it isn’t more expensive than it is. Not only is it incredibly easy to use, it’s also great for large game fish. Beginners will love how rigid the Viper Pro, making shots far more accurate so you don’t have to stiffen up as much. One unique thing about the Viper Pro is the customization. You can easily adjust the distance between the trigger and the handle to make sure that you get the right fit that is most comfortable for you.

There is also an optional swiveling band fork adapter in case you want to attach a traditional dual sling. You’ll also love the included reel that gives you the ability to get your catch back to you as soon as you spear it. The speargun is available in a wide variety of lengths ranging from 75cm to 120cm. Overall, this is a great intermediate gun for those who still want power and precision without spending a ton of money.


  • Completely Adjustable Trigger Sensitivity and Trigger-Handle Distance
  • Comes With a Reel Onboard
  • Tons of Power and Precision


  • The Safety isn’t the Best In The World

#10 – Palantic 104CM Blue Aluminum Safety Speargun Harpoon W/ Gloves

Palantic Spearfishing Speargun

​​If you are looking for a speargun that is a bit more casual, or you are someone who is just getting into it and you’re unsure if you want to spend a ton of money, we would highly recommend the Palantic 104cm. Not only is it incredibly easy to use, it is also incredibly lightweight, making it perfect for using hours on end or travelling with. The shaft is made out of a high quality aluminum that is both durable and resistant to any kind of corrosion or rust thanks to the coating.

We see many beginners using this speargun out near local shores. If you’re not too fond of the tip, you can replace it with any 6mm tip that you see fit. It is truly a great all around speargun for strength and performance.


  • Lightweight and Easy to Use
  • High Quality Aluminum Build
  • Very Inexpensive


  • Really Only Suited For Smaller Fish

How To Start Spearfishing As a Beginner

The most important thing that you need to do as you get started with spearfishing is to get all of the proper gear. Here are some of the main things that you will definitely need to get started.

Mask and Snorkel

Before you buy a random mask, you’ll want to make sure that you try it in for proper fit. To test if a mask fits your face properly, put it on and suck through your nose. If you can feel air coming out of the sides, it’s too big. If it sticks nicely to your face, you’re good to go. Your best bet is to get a mask that is made out a quality silicone, as silitech and rubber often break down when exposed to sun for long periods of time, and also don’t seal nearly as well. You should also make sure that the sides of the mask are dark or black so that light doesn’t enter.

As for the snorkel portion, you don’t have to think much here. There aren’t really things that make one snorkel much better than the next.


When you get fins for spearfishing, your best bet is to get a solid pair of freediving fins. These have a full foot pocket and are pretty long for serious paddling. Don’t get wrapped up in the shape of the blades, as it totally comes down to preference. If you have the ability to, try your fins on with a pair of neoprene socks. That way, you can ensure that they will fit properly when you get out in the water.


While there is much to consider with a good wetsuit, we’ll try to briefly cover what it is that you should look for. You’ll likely want to get an open-cell neoprene wetsuit with a hood attachment. The open-cell suits are much warmer than nylon-lined suits, and they are also far more flexible, making your ability to swim and maneuver a lot easier. The hoods provide a bit more warmth, as you start moving into deeper waters. We would highly recommend a 5mm suit, as it is a good in-between that can be used in an array of conditions.

Getting Your Technique Down

Okay, so you are ready to start hunting fish. You should note that you are now an ocean predator. The difference between you and a shark is that you lack the speed of an ocean dweller, making it near impossible for you to try and keep up with a fish that is trying to escape. Therefore, your first piece of knowledge should be: It is important to be stealthy, not aggressive. The best thing you can do is to remain calm and wait for a fish to approach you, rather than trying to approach it.

Secondly, explore your environment. Unless you have gills, you’ll need to conserve as much breath as possible. This means that you need to know about the environment resting underneath you so that you don’t spend time randomly flopping about in parts unknown, looking for fish. Take time and get to know how the fish around you react. Find a good spot and wait. Take a few times to sink down into the water and get used to being in position. When you’re ready, fire.

Lastly, firing is pretty easy. It’s all about keeping your gun in line. This means that you must aim at the fish, judge the direction that it might move in, and fire while keeping steady so that the recoil doesn’t mess up your shot.

Things To Consider When Buying

Type of Spearfishing

You must first decide what kind of spearfishing you will most likely be doing before you purchase your speargun.

Are you looking to bust out your serious gear for some deep-sea hunting or are you planning on hunting closer to shore in shallow waters or reefs? If you are planning on staying closer to shore, you won’t need tons of power. Alternatively, if you’re deep at sea, you’ll need far more power and range, as you’ll likely be shooting further and going for larger targets.

Type of Spearguns

  • Pneumatic Speargun

Though pneumatic spearguns were world renowned for quite some time, many have them have died off to make way for newer types of guns. That being said, they still have some very unique qualities. They are not only incredibly powerful, but also shoot without much recoil. This makes long shots much easier and far more accurate. These guns are powered by pumping air into them, meaning the actual power of the shot is really dependent upon the strength of the person using it.

The downsides to pneumatic guns are without question. Because you have a large shaft that the spear exits from, you don’t have much aim or visibility. These guns are also far noisier than other spearguns. This can scare away fish if they hear it before the spear hits them. Lastly, these guns require far more maintenance, as it is necessary to continually check for leaking air that could possibly destroy your firing mechanism.

  • Band-Powered

Band-powered guns are some of the most popular nowadays for their power, accuracy, and silent firing capabilities. Because you can see the entirety of the shaft, especially when it comes to open muzzle designs, your shots become far more accurate. They are also unique in that you can change the power of your shots depending on how many you have on the gun. Lastly, unlike pneumatic spearguns, you don’t have to continually maintenance them.

  • Rail Guns

Rail Guns are one of the newest additions to the underwater hunting world. They are incredibly maneuverable, easy to load, and very silent. They are made with a single barb, thick walls, and a rail that guides the shaft of the gun from back to front. The best thing about rail guns is that they are extremely powerful, making them perfect for hitting larger fish. Unfortunately, they aren’t the most accurate spearguns out there, as you don’t really get a clear and visible view of your spear before shooting.

Length of Your Gun

The length of your speargun goes hand in hand with the types of fish that you can hunt. If you are just starting out, we highly recommend that you get a speargun with a shorter length. These are far easier to use and a lot lighter, making them more comfortabl to hold for longer periods of time. On the other hand, if you are looking to hunt large game fish, you’re going to need a longer gun. These are far more powerful and have better reach, both important factors as you get out to the deep.

Shaft Type

There are different types of shafts in different spearguns. The shafts are the actual spears that get fired from your gun. While there are many out there, we figured we would cover the most popular types out there:

  • Breakaway Shaft: These shafts are the most heavy of the bunch and are great for catching larger game fish thanks to their power.
  • Single Flopper (AKA Tahitian): If you’re looking to catch fish on the reef, your best bet is to get a single flopper. These are incredibly fast and lightweight. They are also made with single barbs that are easy to take out.
  • Double Flopper: The double floppers are very similar to the single floppers, except that they come with two barbs on different sides of the shaft. This makes them far better for catching larger fish near the reef.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Law on Spearfishing?

Spearguns are legal to use when freediving. It is illegal to spearfish when using tanks in many European and Carribean countries, though it is legal in the US. The reason that many countries have outlawed scuba gear is it gives people the unfair advantage of overfishing, which can hurt different ecosystems very badly, if not lead to an entire species extinction.

What are Flags and Float Lines?

These are a very integral pieces of spearfishing gear that you should definitely have as you get more into it. Flags will ensure that no boaters will run into you while float lines will allow your gun to return to the surface when you swim down to retrieve your catch. This can give you more flexibility underwater and can also be a good safety measure for when the current picks up and you can’t swim well with your gun in hand.

Final Thoughts – Which Speargun should I get?

Like we said in the beginning, spearfishing requires a very unique set of skills that are very different from those you need to hunt on the land. We know that the spearguns on our list will help you to garner those skills and catch some fish, whether big or small. Having the proper gun is important.

Overall, we would recommend going with the Cressi Comache 2.0. It is both high quality and good for all skill levels. We hope that our Best Speargun guide was helpful in finding you the best speargun on the market for you! Have fun out there and get a good catch for us!

should you buy?