BIC Surfboards Ultimate Guide

Since the company was founded in 1979, BIC Sports was always a leading manufacturer of watersport boards. The 80s marked their era of windsurfing success and it wasn’t until the 90s that BIC became a household name for surfboards.


The transition came from efforts to diversify from other surfboard brands. During this time, there was plenty of action going on in the longboard and shortboard scene. BIC wanted to excel elsewhere— so they perfected the funboard.

The funboard, or the mini mal, is that in-between board that’s not as long as a 9’0” but not shorter than a 6’0” either. The decision to make the best funboards in the market led them to win the World Funboard Championships in the year 2000.

Today, BIC continues to diversify its line of water crafts from kayaks, SUPS, to dinghies. More importantly, they’ve continued to create good quality surfboards that are just perfect for beginners and advanced surfers alike.

The BIC Surfboard Quiver

Below, we reviewed some of BIC’s most popular surfboard models for beginners, intermediate riders, and advanced surfers.

BIC Sport Kid’s G-Board EVO Twin Soft Surfboard

This twin-fin soft surfboard can turn heads as fast as it can do turns in the water.

The shape is just so good that even advanced riders want to get their hands on this board.

This is a premium surfboard made of high quality materials and will be enjoyed by beginners, intermediate surfers, and advanced riders alike.

  • Dimensions: 5’6” x 19.4”
  • Capacity: Up to 50kg (best for kids)
  • Capacity: Up to 50kg (best for kids)
  • Capacity: Up to 50kg (best for kids)
  • Laminated soft-top surfboard
  • No wax needed
  • Comes with a twin fin set-up
  • Double reinforced stringers
  • Double reinforced stringers
  • Added board stiffness for performance
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Good volume and overall board design
  • Twin fin setup included

BIC Sport Kid's G-Board EVO Twin Soft Surfboard

BIC Sport PAINT Surfboard

If you are ready to practice ripping on your first ever surfboard, this is a good place to start.

The BIC Sport PAINT series is a well-crafted line of beginner surfboards that guides its riders into eventual progression.

They’re easy to use and so much fun to ride.

You’ll perfect your turns and cutbacks on this board if you ride it long enough!

  • PAINT Series shapes: 4’11”, 5’6”, 6’0”, 6’6”, 7’0”, and 8’0”
  • Fun surfboard shapes and designs
  • Soft non-slip deck
  • Durable but lightweight
  • ​Great for take-offs and turns
  • ​EPS core with IXPE deck
  • ​Comes with thruster and twin fin setups
  • Easy glide and speed
  • Trendy pop color designs
BIC sport paint surfboard

BIC Sport G-Board EVO Soft Surfboard

Learning how to surf for the first time?

The G-Board EVO Soft Surfboard line provides the easiest and safest way to learn how to surf.

Designed to meet the needs of the best surf schools in the world, the EVO series carries different surfboard shapes and sizes to teach you proper take-offs and proper trim while holding your line.

  • G-Board EVO Soft Surfboard series: 6’0”, 7’0”, 8’0”. And 9’0”
  • Short and wide board shapes
  • ​Good volume and overall board design
  • Close-cell watertight core
  • Laminated non-slip deck
  • Cushioned rails for impact resistance
  • ​Composite stringer for board rigidity
  • ​Soft and flexible fins
  • Good board for learning
BIC Sport G-Board EVO Soft Surfboard review

BIC Sport DURA-TEC Surfboard

Here’s a tough board that you can wear out but still pass on to your next-in-line generation of surfers.

The DURA-TEC line of surfboards are heavy duty surfboards that are comfortable to learn on.

This is the best value for money board for beginners and intermediate surfers alike.

  • DURA-TEC Surfboard series: 5’10”, 6’7”, 7’0”, 7’3”, 7’6”, 7’9”, 8’4”, 9’4”
  • Modern surfboard shapes: Fish, Egg, Wahine, Mini Malibu, Noserider, Magnum
  • Wide and easy to paddle
  • Bulletproof board construction
  • Can withstand all types of waves
  • FCS fins included (thruster, quad, center fin)
  • Comes with a premium traction pad
  • Hard-to-beat quality and durability
BIC Sport DURA-TEC Surfboard review

BIC Sport ACE-TEC Surfboard

The BIC ACE-TEC Surfboard line is built to optimize performance.

This is for intermediate to advanced surfers who want to do just about everything on a surfboard: from noseriding, hanging ten, to getting barreled.

Using modern technology to bring to life tried and tested longboard shapes, BIC Sports ACE-TEC is a tough board to beat in terms of quality, performance, rideability, and style.

  • ACE-TEC Surfboard Series: 7’6”, 9’0”, and 9’4”
  • Proven longboard shapes for performance
  • Good for intermediate to advanced riders
  • Good volume and forgiving shapes
  • 30% more durable than other longboards
  • FCS fins included (2+1 setup)
  • Modern epoxy construction
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Good performance board for larger riders
BIC Sport ACE-TEC Surfboard

BIC Sport ACS Mini Malibu Surfboard

The ACS Mini Malibu brings together BIC’s wonderful epoxy construction, a proven surfboard shape, and unbeatable durability into a funboard that’s easier to ride more than ever.

This surfboard comes padded in sections so you don’t have to worry about slipping off even without surf wax.

This is a mid-range board that all surfers can enjoy.

You won’t find a perfect all-around, go-to surfboard quite like this!

  • ACS Mini Malibu Series: 7’3” x 21 ¼” x 2 ½”
  • Built for stability and performance
  • Bulletproof ACS construction
  • Hard to beat durability
  • Padded sections for “no wax” traction
  • Comes with FCS thruster fins
  • Comes with an innovative Fin-Loc system
  • Great board for progression
BIC Sport ACS Mini Malibu Surfboard

BIC Sport Superfrog Surfboard

Who says only beginners ride BIC surfboards?

The Superfrog Series is an innovative line of high performance surfboards built with the same state-of-the-art technology that makes BIC Sports surfboards the toughest in quality.

The lightweight clear epoxy construction makes this board one of the lightest boards to ever come from BIC and yet also one of the most durable. These surfboards were built to rip!

  • Superfrog Surfboard Series: 5’8”, 5’10”, 6’0”, 6’2”, 6’4”, 7’0” 7’4”, 8’2”, 9’0”, 9’2”, and 10’0”
  • All the best surfboard shapes: Wegg, Hydro Fish, Mini Noserider, Super 8, Performer, Noserider, and Cruiser
  • Quick surfboards designed to make snappy movements
  • Good volume in each safe
  • Easy take-offs and paddling
  • FCS fins included (thruster, quad, center fin)
  • High performance design
  • Good for intermediate to advanced riders
BIC Sport Superfrog Surfboard

BIC Sport Big Boy E-Comp Surfboard

Here’s a classic modern longboard shape designed specifically for bigger and heavier riders.

The wide shape makes it great for paddling and yet it stays stable enough when you start to make turns and other quick movements.

Using BIC’s advanced epoxy technology, this board can withstand all water conditions and yet remain lightweight enough for easier board handling in and out of the water.

  • Big Boy E-Comp Surfboard: 9’6” x 28”
  • Tried and tested longboard shape
  • The performance board for bigger riders
  • Unbeatable durability
  • Modern epoxy composite construction
  • Great volume and stability
  • Comes with FCS fins (2 + 1 setup)
  • Easy to paddle and take off on
  • Built for comfort and speed
Bic Sport Big Boy E-Comp Surfboard


Is BIC Sports a good surfboard brand? How does it compare to other makers?

BIC Sports is an exceptional surfboard brand especially for beginners and intermediate riders. You won’t find surfboards as light, tough, and forgiving as the ones made by BIC. After all, BIC is a brand that was built on watersports. They make other water crafts such as stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and dinghies too. Not all surfboard makers have the same versatility and knowledge when it comes to watercraft design.

Do I need to wax my BIC surfboard?

It depends on which model you have. If you’re using a soft top or a padded surfboard, then you can rely on your board’s built in “no slip” traction for skid-free riding. However, if you have an epoxy surfboard that doesn’t come with padding, then by all means, wax your surfboard!

I’ve been surfing for a couple of years and I don’t want to use a foamie. Any board from BIC that I can use?

You will have lots of boards to choose from! BIC doesn’t just make surfboards for beginners. Check out any board in the ACE-TEC, Superfrog, or Earth lines and you’ll find a lot to love. From 5’8” super fishes to 9’4” cruisers, you have plenty of room to explore your surfboard riding style and also take things up a notch.

Is BIC an earth-friendly brand? I only want to use sustainable surf products.

If there’s one thing BIC is more passionate about than making durable surfboards, it’s creating a sustainable lifestyle. The BIC Earth surfboard series is inspired by nature and is made from natural materials such as Paulownia wood and flax fiber. The core is made entirely of wood and the boards come with a varnish-free finish that’s sleek and natural at the same time.

Where are BIC boards from?

All BIC Sport surfboards were proudly designed in France.

Final Verdict: Which One Is Right For Me?

First, identify your surfing skill level. If you are a beginner learning to catch your first waves, look at the G-Board and DURA-TEC surfboard designs. You might also want to consider starting on a soft-top surfboard to minimize the risk of injury to yourself and others.

If you are an intermediate surfer looking to step up your game, the PAINT and ACE-TEC series should have something you will enjoy owning for a long period of time.

Are you an advanced surfer who can ride just about anything? All of BIC’s boards should be enjoyable but do check out the fine performance boards in the Superfrog Series.