Catch Surf Brand Review

Weekend weather is predicted to be perfect for surfing. Your friends are headed for the beach Friday afternoon for a weekend of sun and surfing and you’re invited. The only problem is you don’t own a surfboard. Sure, you can rent one, but why rent one most summer weekends when you can buy one? By the time you’ve paid that many rental fees, you could have bought one with the rental money you spent! But what brand? What style? All your friends recommend Catch Surf.

The company, Catch Surf is almost nine years old, having started in San Clemente, California in 2007. The founder, George Arzente, a real estate developer, took a year off from his business, went to Laguna Beach, California, and did nothing but surf for one full year. During that year, he realized that he was much more passionate about surfing than about real estate development or anything else. Once he realized how he felt about surfing, his career decision was an easy one. He decided to start a surf company—Catch Surf. He joined forces with Tom Morey and Surfboards by Y who designed the first boards for Catch Surf. The Y boards were high-performance soft surfboards, slightly ahead of their time. The boards, the One and Super One, are still an integral part of the surfboards sold by Catch Surf today.



After marketing these boards for two summers, the company developed the Beater Boards. Mr. Arzente told, online magazine, in March 2012, “We really didn’t spend too much time on being strategic on the Beater. We simply wanted a cool board that worked no matter what the conditions and was more about carefree summertime beach days than ripping.” Apparently the public loved the concept, as the Beater is their top selling board. All of the boards made by Catch Surf have recently been upgraded with the new high performance fin system.

The popularity of The Beater Boards generated requests from consumers for more Catch Surf items. Out of these requests, the apparel line was born. Beginning with tee shirts and hats, Catch Surf now has a full line of surfing apparel and accessories.


Beater Board Overview

catch surf beater Original 48 boardThe Beater Board is the most versatile of all of the boards on the market today. A surfer can kneeboard, bodyboard or standup surf, allowing the surfer to ride under almost any weather or ocean condition.
The Beater is also a great board on which beginners can learn how to surf. Or you can teach your kids how to surf. Because of its size and the construction material, the original Beater Board is a perfect board for first-time surfers.

Another advantage of the Beater is the possibility of surfing with it even when the lifeguard hangs the yellow flag with the black ball on it. If you’re already in the ocean, come out, leave your surfboard and grab your beater board. Head back to the ocean to ride the surf with other surfers and bodyboarders.
The Beater Boards come in four variations: The Original Pro, The Creature Edition, Original 54, and Original 48.

The Beater Board is reasonably priced and therefore a good investment for first time buyers.

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Odysea Surfboard Overview

The Odysea Surfboard comes in four variations: Odysea Stump, The Skipper, The Log, and the Plank. The dimensions range from the smallest – the Stump at 5’0” to the Plank with three sizes at 7’, 8’, and 9’.

Catch Surf Odysea Skipper soft top surfboard Review


The Womper

The Womper is only 16” but is uniquely designed for the very best in body surfing. It is reasonably priced and comes in six unique colors.Womper by catch surf



By popular demand, Catch Surf developed a line of clothes suitable for the surfer with discriminating taste. Clothing includes men’s swimming trunks retailing for $59.95, tie-dyed shirts for $32.00, tank tops for $26 and caps for $28.00.



In addition to the clothing line, Catch Surf has designed and developed a line of Beater Board 5’ Pro Comp Leashes, $22.95; Board Bags at $64.95 and a Beater Board Fins Conversion Kit: Converts single or twin fin Beaters into finless. The kit can be installed in minutes and is just as easy to remove. Made of engineered thermo-plastic for durability. Super-strong plastic screws for durability. Screws work with both fins and conversion plate. Converts finless Beater into single fin. Can be used with Beater Finless Conversion Kit to revert back to finless. Safe and durable vs. traditional fins. Installs in minutes and easily removable. Fin made of engineered thermo-plastic for improved performance. Super-strong plastic screws for durability.