Catch Surf Womper Review

The Womper is the smallest of the boards made by Catch Surf. At only 16,” it can be ridden in different ways for the maximum amount of fun in the sun! Use it as a mini bodyboard to have a breath-taking ride in the barrel!

How This Thing Works

Catch Surf WomperThere are several ways to use the Womper.

First and foremost, it is mainly a bodysurfing aid to help give you floatation on the wave. Plus, it is a nice little floatation device to make it less work in-between sets while you are waiting out in the line up, reserving your energy as you use it to stay afloat.

When you use it for bodysurfing, you put one hand on the board and arch your hand in front of you on the wave to help you gain speed and drive, just like in the main picture above.


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You could even use it as a bodyboard to just goof around on. This would especially work well for the smaller and lighter weight rider.

It works especially well in pounding shore break waves but the Womper can also work great in just regular surf that you want to bodysurf or surf. It is a great “toy” like mini bodyboard that is fun for anything like just bring it to the pool and messing around.

It isn’t necessary to wax it, but that really comes down to personal preference so you can it you want! It just isn’t 100% needed like it would be for a surfboard or a soft surfboard.




  • The Womper has a unique design for high performance body surfing
  • It comes in six awesome colors: hot pink, military green, sea foam, blue steel, neon lime and black
  • It has the same dual composite core as the other boards and offers maximum speed
  • High density slick skin giving the board extra durability and the old school PE deck
  • It is designed for use with U. S. Fin Company Swim Fins
  • This beast is reasonably priced and affordable


Final Thoughts

Of all of the boards made by Catch Surf, the Womper offers the greatest rides on the smallest space and the most fun. With such a reasonable price, every surfer should have at least one.



What conditions are best to go out and surf with a Catch Surf Womper?

The Womper is great to take out on small but clean conditions that you wouldn’t enjoy on a regular surfboard. You can use the Womper either like a hand plane or a small-sized bodyboard. Because of its size and versatility, the Womper makes it easier for you to stay in the pocket, or the power source of smaller waves. You won’t be able to do this if you were riding a regular surfboard or bodyboard.

The Womper is also fun to take out on pounding shore breaks because its old school PE material makes it safe to play around with without the fear of getting clipped.

The Womper can also be used to get in smaller barrels near the shore break, which is perfect for kids. If the wind picks up and the waves break in uneven sections, you can even practice launching into the air with the Womper.


Is the Womper a toy?

The Womper feels like a toy because of all the fun you can have from it, but it is an honest to goodness bodyboard and soft surfboard made by a reputable brand. Groms love riding the Womper but so do a lot of adults!


Can I use the Womper to help me cross-train and improve my surfing?

You definitely can. Being on the Womper fine-tunes your perspective when riding waves, so the next time you’re on a regular surfboard or bodyboard, you’ll be able to read the waves in a clearer and more effective way. You’ll also improve how fast your response time is because shore breaks can be more unpredictable than far breaking ones.


Is the Womper durable or will it easily break?

When proper board care and maintenance are observed, there is no reason for the Womper to live a short life in your quiver. The materials used to make this board are exactly the same high grade ones used for the bigger and heavier foam top boards from Catch Surf. So don’t forget to rinse your Womper with fresh water after every surf session, and never leave it exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.


What’s one reason why I shouldn’t get this board?

The only reason not to get this board is if you hate having fun!

Catch Surf Womper - Editorial Rating
  • Quality Made
  • Stability
  • Price
  • Maneuverability
  • Speed