Our Favorite Beach Towels From Costco

A good beach towel is the most underappreciated item. It would be miserable to go to the beach without one.

Sand would get everywhere, and when you wash it off with water, you will stand for about 20 minutes for drip drying before sitting anywhere. You won’t find anywhere to set the bag, sand will cover your water bottle, and you won’t find a place to lie down.


You shouldn’t take your towel for granted.

If you want to extend your option reach a little bit, we recommend checking out our best beach blanket page!

If not, get one for yourself at Costco where you can find fantastic towels with fabulous styles. These towels aren’t for the beach alone. They can also be, used at the poolside. Doing so, you will avoid using resort towels and dreaded communal hotel towels.

You can also pack them for your trip to the park, and you can use these towels as a picnic blanket. If you are planning on sailing, house boating, wakeboarding, canoeing, or jet skiing, you need a good towel.

There are so many options and finding the right towel can take time. Towels come in different colors, shape, and textures. Check out our favorites.

Our Costco Favorites

1. Choice - Kirkland Signature 100% Egyptian Cotton Beach Towel

Kirkland Signature 100 Egyptian Cotton Beach Towel review

4.7 Editorial Star Rating!

The Kirkland Signature Jacquard towels come in a variety of patterns and colors, and they look beautiful.

The beach towel has dimensions of 40”x72” which is large enough for use at home and any beach activity.

The fabric of this towel is 100% Egyptian cotton.

It is super soft, extra absorbent, vibrant and fun. A cotton towel tends to increase in softness every time it is washed.

  • Pool or beach towel
  • 100% Egyptian cotton
  • Soft, absorbent and vibrant
  • 40”x72.”

Kirkland Signature Distressed US Flag Beach Towel, Egyptian

Kirkland Egyptian Cotton Beach Towels review

4.4 Star Editorial Rating!

The Kirkland Distressed US flag towel is a high-quality towel that most beachgoers should have.

These towels are super absorbent, vibrant and soft.

The towel is ideal for any outdoor or beach activity. Measures 40”x72”.

It is made of 100% Egyptian towel.

Our Top 3 Amazon Favorites

Large Pool and Beach Towel in Cabana Stripe

Large Beach Towel Pool Towel in Cabana Stripe 4 Pack review

5 Star Editorial Rating!

It is refreshing to wrap yourself in the large beach and pool towel in cabana stripe.

The towel is soft, fluffy and absorbent. These towels have breathable characteristics making it ideal for body and hands. It is hypoallergenic and perfect for those with skin hyper-sensibility.

The set comes with four beach towels in cabana stripe and measures 30”x60”.

  • 100% ring spun cotton
  • Made from natural materials
  • Machine washable

Popular Round Beach Throw Towel

Popular Round Beach Throw Towel

4.2 Star Editorial Rating!

Get yourself popular, beautiful beach towel at an affordable price.

This beach towel is also called Mandala rounds.

The beach towel can be used as yoga mat and blanket. The rounds are lightweight.

It's fabric is made of 100% cotton. It comes in vibrant and bright colors.

This beach towel can act as a great wall hanging, beach cover up, tablecloth, couch cover, dorm or window curtain.

  • Measures 70” round
  • Fabric is 100% cotton
  • Screen printed design

Jacquard Double Woven Velour Beach Towel

Oversized Jacquard Double Woven Velour Beach Towel

4 Star Editorial Rating!

The Jacquard beach towel is a high-quality towel and sells at affordable prices.

The towel is made from ring spun cotton.

The dimension of this towel is 39”x68”.

It has a superior woven construction which is perfect for poolside, beach or lounging.

It comes in brilliant and vibrant colors. The towel is durable and highly functional.

The Jacquard can easily be machine washed.


How do I determine the quality of a beach towel?

A towel has many different components, but in general, a lightweight towel is suitable for the beach. With the lightweight, the towel can quickly dry out for frequent users. A thick towel is suited for the bathroom. The yarn is important and will affect the price of the towel.

What is a jacquard towel?

This is a towel whose pattern/logo is weaved from colored yarns. It is usually made with two colors. However, sometimes they are made from more colors. This towel usually has a pattern in reverse on its back.

Do these towels shrink?

A towel made from natural fibers such as cotton will shrink by 4-10%. Once these towels are washed, the towels become more fluffy and soft. If a towel is dried at hot temperatures or washed in hot water, then it will shrink a lot.


A good towel will last for years. Just like any other product, a good towel should depend on the quality of its fabrics and materials. If you want a good beach towel, then you have to consider certain factors such as size, skin friendly, weight, color and design, price and absorbent capacity.

Sometimes sea water causes itching, irritation, and dryness. Therefore, you would need a towel that is comfortable, skin-friendly and soft. A towel made of cotton is perfect. Also, you need a towel which comes in the right size. Towels come in different sizes, and you need the one that is great for your body and height. Some towels will shrink after repeated washing, and that’s why you need a quality towel.

The weight of fabric determines the towel’s worth. A high-quality towel is lightweight. However, a lighter towel doesn’t have to be small in size. A good quality towel should be light in weight, but you can find any size you want.

The absorbent capacity should also be considered since why would we a buy a towel with low absorptive capacity. A towel whose absorbency is small would wipe the water but become soaking wet quickly. Get the one with high absorbency.

Different beach towels come in various colors with animal and floral prints. If you want a beach towel for a honeymoon, you will need heart prints and red color. You can match your towel with your clothes.

Towels are available for different prices. Select the towel that is within your budget. After that, narrow down the search to size, weight, texture and absorbency. Sometimes towels get dirty, too short or outdated for further use. Buy smartly by getting one of these top beach towels at Costco.