The 5 Best Costco Beach Umbrella’s

Nothing compares to spending a cool day at the beachside.

The cool wind, the blazing sun and hot sand below the feet will make a fantastic day. When planning to spend an entire day at the beach, you should not forget beach umbrellas and beach chairs.


The two will offer protection from the burning sun. If you forget these two items, you will enjoy the first 10 minutes at the beach, and after that, you will be planning to pack the things and go back home.

It’s because the burning sun will be unbearable without the umbrella’s shade.

If you're a lover of online shopping and the vast variety of product options available, we recommend checking out our overall best beach umbrellas guide.

If you're a Costco fiend who likes to keep things simple, stick around for the best beach umbrellas at Costco.

The Top 5



  • Large 7.5’ Canopy
  • High-Grade 1.5mm 2 Piece Aluminum Pole
  • 6 High Quality 10mm Fiberglass Frame Ribs
  • Anchor
    Triple Layered Independently Sewn Rib Pockets
  • Anchor
    Commercial Grade Locking Pole
  • Anchor
    220G Commercial Grade PA Coated Fabric

If you’re in the market for one of the highest quality beach umbrellas you can possibly find, the All-In-One Beach Umbrella System from BeachBub might just be your hidden treasure. It has been tested with winds up to 35mph and has remained strong because of the fiberglass frame ribs and high-grade aluminum pole. It’s also incredibly easy to set up thanks to the unique, above ground, sand-filled design. Everyone from your grandmother to your little boy or girl should be able to set this thing up!

It’s wide enough to offer tons of shade and is also UPF +50 for ultimate, all-day sun protection. You can easily carry this thing with you to whatever beach you go to, as it is just under 9lbs when broken down. When you’re ready to go, simply pack it up in the included carrying case that is completely water-resistant. One hurrah for keeping your car’s interior spotless! Lastly, you get a solid protection plan from BeachBub where they replace it in the case that it breaks or gets lost.


  • Thick, sturdy, and wind-resistant
  • Quick and easy set up
  • Durable and UV-resistant canopy material
  • Lightweight and easy to transport


  • Pricey
  • Height is non-adjustable
  • Doesn’t have a tilting function


Costco Sport-Brella Portable Sun Beach Umbrella

A sun tent, beach umbrella, rain shelter and more.

At the beach or on the sidelines, Sport-Brella offers instant portable protection from the rain, sun, and wind with the UPF 50+ quick protection.

The setup takes only three seconds and can fit the whole family or team. It opens to 8 inches wide to offer plenty sun shade.

  • Weigh 9lbs.
  • Travel size is 54”x4”x4.”
  • ​Zipped windows and top wind vents
  • Rugged umbrella structure having side flaps which offer full cover protection
  • ​210 D Polyester material which protects over 99.5% of UVB rays and UVA
  • Comes with a carry bag and ground stakes as well as tethers for more stability
  • ​Water repellant and Maximum sun protection UPF 50+
  • ​Internal pockets for personal belongings

Tommy Bahama 7 feet Beach Umbrella

Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor 7 feet Beach Umbrella with Tilt

Avoid the blazing sun by seeking comfortable shelter under the 7 feet Tommy Bahama beach umbrella.

This umbrella comes with amazing features and a strong construction that can bend and bow.

The handles help to fasten the base into the sand. It also helps to clip in the umbrella and tilt it to the desired way.

The Tommy Bahama Sand Anchor umbrella is rated SPF 100+.

  • An undercoating of special aluminum that protects against UV rays from the sun
  • ​Wind vent for stability
  • ​Integrated sand anchor for easy securing
  • 7 feet sand anchor umbrella

BeachBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella System

Costco BeachBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella System

Are you looking for a trendy and a fully efficient beach umbrella that provides extreme convenience and comfort?

The beachBUB introduced a user-friendly beachBUB All-in-one Beach Umbrella system.

It’s easy to use such that both mothers and grandmothers can enjoy their vacation at the beach without any assistance from anyone else.

This umbrella is ideal for any beachgoer and the beginners who have trouble setting up the umbrella. It can offer shade during the whole day. Children can have a lot of fun as they try to fill up the base.

The manufacturers claim that it can withstand wind speeds of up to 35 mph. It comfortably sits on the sand, and there is no need for twist screws or to dig deep holes.

It should be filled with sand. It comes with an extra big bag, strap and handles for easy carrying.

The umbrella and the base are lightweight and weigh less than 9 lbs. When filled with sand, the base can weigh 120 pounds. Its dimensions are 6”x6”x48”.

The beachBUB offers a protection plan. If you lose or break the umbrella, the company can replace it for you. The replacement won’t cost you anything.

ezShade 7' Beach Umbrella with EASY on/off Sunshield

ezShade 7 Beach Umbrella with EASY on off Sunshield

You don’t have to chase shade anymore! Of all the beach umbrellas out there, this is the only one that offers protection against 99% of UVB/UVA rays, double the shade and keeps you cool.

Research shows that a third of UV rays that causes cancer can still reach the skin when using a regular umbrella.

It’s due to the UV rays reflected by objects such as concrete, water, and sand.

The researchers who conducted this study came to a conclusion that to get the greatest protection against reflected ultraviolet rays; one needs shade structures with sidewalls.

This umbrella is the only one that offers protection against reflected UV rays.

  • Can reposition anywhere to avoid UV rays
  • ​During windy conditions, uses two blue sun shields on opposite side of the umbrella
  • ​UPF 50+ that blocks over 99% of UVB/UVA rays
  • Comes with a sun shield

Giant 8' Rainbow Beach Umbrella

Rainbow Beach Umbrella

The traditional umbrellas have several design weaknesses, but this beach umbrella overcomes them.

Unlike the traditional beach umbrellas whose ribs may go inside-out, this beach umbrella offers reliable and steady protection when winds blow, and its due to its pole is anodized aluminum which is constructed with fiberglass spreaders and ribs.

It features an adjustable height, vented canopy, and adjustable tilt, sturdy and lightweight design.

This rainbow beach umbrella is also ideal for beachside hotels.

It's weatherproof polyester cover has vented canopy that ensures efficient air release during windy periods.

The vented top cannot be blown away. The sand anchor has a screw base auger for ease anchor into the sand or ground.

The top of 8” diameter offer a large shade and provide UV protection for a family.​

It's fiberglass rib frame and lightweight anodized aluminum poles provide extended protection and enhanced durability. The rainbow umbrella comes with a fabric carry bag to ease transportation and for easy storage.


Many factors need to be considered before b a beach umbrella. A general rule of the thumb is that a good beach umbrella must have at least three things: adequate UV protection, overall superior sturdiness, and durable fabric construction.

Protection from the UV rays is crucial since why else would someone need a beach umbrella? The best beach umbrella must provide this feature. You wouldn’t want to be exposed to harmful UV rays for a longer time.

Durable fabric construction is also crucial because some fabrics are better at reflecting sunlight than others. For instance, a sun umbrella is built with a thicker material which reflects rays. When determining the appropriate material to use, its ultraviolet protection factor is determined. This factor indicates how protective material is. A factor of over 30 should be considered if the skin has to be kept safe. The higher the ultraviolet protection factor, the better the beach umbrella.

Overall, the best beach umbrella should have high-quality components to withstand the harsh sun and windy conditions. The fabric and the pole should be well connected.

When all these factors are considered, then the Sport-Brella Portable beach umbrella is a perfect choice.


Does the inside of the Sport-Brella Umbrella heat up a lot and turn into a hotbox?

No. It remains cool since it has several vents that open and circulates the air.

How long is the pole for Tommy Bahama 7 feet Umbrella?

The pole is two pieces. The first piece telescopes from the second one. With the pole extended, its 84 inches.

Does the BeachBUB All-In-One Beach Umbrella System have UV protection?

Yes. It has a maximum UV rating of 50 UPF. In fact, this umbrella is endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation.