Best Beach Carts Ultimate Guide

All terrain carts and trolleys are increasing in popularity due to the versatile nature of these carryalls.

The carts assessed here have sturdy construction and perfect for a number of applications.


While most advertised as utility vehicles for the beach or sporting events, the uses around the home for chores such as carrying laundry or tools for a DIY project makes life that much easier.

All carts carry a sizable load eliminating the need for lifting large pot plants or heavy pooches which could result in strain and other injury.

QUICK OVERVIEW: Our Top 4 Costco Beach Carts

  • Heavy duty
  • Designed to travel over beach sand
  • Large storage capacity
  • Highly spacious
  • Can also function as easy haul storage for around the house
  • Good stability when loaded with heavy objects
  • Perfect for summer needs
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to maneuver on any surface
  • Robust and easily foldable frame
  • Stylish design
  • Wide, all-terrain back wheels

The 5 Best Bets

#1 Choice - Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsable Folding Beach Cart

5 Star Editorial Rating

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsable Folding All Terrain Beach Cart

The Mac Sports heavy duty is as durable a cart that you will find on the market. It has a large storage capacity and no assembly required. It's perfect for those who have a lot to bring to the beach or other destination and don’t want to deal with complex set-ups.

The wagon itself folds to just 9.7” when not in use. This is ideal for compact and convenient storage. Another convenient feature of this model is the durable frame which supports up to 150lb of storage. The weight of the cart is easily distributed so it is easier to pull on all terrain.

A final accompaniment to this model are the two mesh cup holders. Never spill a drop as you walk down the beach using these.


  • A stylish designed cart using upright engineering for ease of use. Limits bending when pushing the cart. A collapse down design makes it easy to fit into tight luggage spaces.
  • Removable insulated tote bag to keep drinks cool and snacks fresh. Also has handy side pouches with zippers to secure items such as car keys and phones.
  • Large 10 inch tractor wheels for better contact with the surface. Designed to travel over beach sand.
  • Foot pouch for beach umbrellas with velcro tie straps to secure the umbrella to the side out of the way of the handle.
  • Cargo net for loose items such as balls or sand buckets.
  • Front stroller style duel wheels for steering round tight turns.


  • Cart is pulled from behind over sand requiring it to be tilted onto the tractor wheels. This puts some weight onto the arms of the handler.
  • Plastic swivel connectors joining the steel tubes could eventually fail.

#2 - Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

This large storage wagon sets up in next to no time. It provides for ample storage as you cart your favorite belongings along on all types of surface. It folds to just 8” and includes a convenient carry case. It's constructed from a highly durable frame which is covered with 600 denier fabric.

It's highly spacious, and with no assembly required, you can be off to your favorite sporting event in no time. It's built to comfortably support 150lb of storage. It can also function as easy haul storage for around the house.

This model comes in a variety of attractive colors and also features two mesh cup holders and a conveniently folding handle.


  • No assembly needed. Simply pull the wagon out of the carton, unfold it ready to use.
  • Separate drink bottle baskets in easy reach by the handler.
  • Comes in a good range of designs and colors from camouflage to hot pink.
  • Handy fold-out food table.
  • Carries a heavier load than other carts in this range, a hefty 150 pounds.
  • Adjustable handle that can be locked into upright position when not in use. The handle also has height adjustments to suit the height of the user.
  • Heavy duty 600D fabric to resist tearing from umbrella spikes.
  • Good stability when loaded with heavy objects.


  • Has standard wheels and not the wider tractor types which will impact the performance over some surfaces.
  • May experience handling problems when under load and going down a slope.
  • Not all models have a fold-out table.


tommy bahama all terrain beach cart

This strong, colorful beach cart is perfect for your summer needs. As well as being highly durable and easy to maneuver on any surface, you will also find the head turning design very attractive.

With up to 100lb of storage combined with the easy mobility of a stroller style design, this model combines everything that a busy couple or small family would need when bringing their items to the beach.

It also features a handy tote bag which is attached to the handle. This ease of access make it ideal for storing certain drinks and snacks. Its 15 cubic feet of space can easily store up to 4 chairs, a full-size cooler, and plenty of beach gear.

With wheels that will easily roll on any surface and convenient enough to fold neatly away into a small space, there can be few better beachside companions for your next trip or event.


  • Wide handle will not cramp hands while pulling the cart.
  • Height adjustable handle that locks into an upright position when not used instead of lying on the ground creating a potential tripping hazard.
  • Sturdy front wheel combination that turns with the handle. As well as making a wide combination for traveling over soft ground, there is potential to not only pull the wagon from behind, but push it forward as well. A useful feature where visibility is needed such as easing through a parking lot of closely spaced motor vehicles.
  • Quality of the finish is to a high standard.
  • Has a larger interior space than other carts.
  • Carries a hefty 150 pound load.
  • Accordion style fold-up makes for compact storage. The wagon is lightweight, only 24.5 pounds.


  • Almost double the price of its smaller cousin.
  • The close position of the steering wheels could trap stones or thick mud adding some difficulty when cleaning the wagon.

#4 - Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheels

Rio Brands Deluxe Wonder Wheels

This sturdy and foldable beach cart is perfect for all of your carrying needs on the next beach trip. With its robust and easily foldable frame, it possesses 15 cubic feet of storage which can be up to 100lb. This makes it perfectly ideal for a couple’s day out.

The wide, all-terrain back wheels combine perfectly with the swiveling front wheels to glide with ease on any surface.

It features comfortable, stroller style handles with an easy to hold neoprene grip. As well as comfort in holding, this feature is ideal for prevention of vibration.  The model also features a handy removable tote bag for smaller and more portable storage. In addition to this, there is a side umbrella holder, convenient for rain or shine, and a storage tray at the bottom of the cart.


  • Upright utility cart. Stroller style handle with soft-feel, neoprene grip. Handle extends out to allow a natural walking stride.
  • Stylish design. The floral motive and aqua theme has feminine appeal.
  • A load capacity of 100 pounds while holding 15 cubic feet of storage.
  • Side umbrella shoe with velcro straps to hold beach umbrellas to the side and away from the handler.
  • Includes a bodyboard holder.
  • All terrain rear wheels of tough polyester plastic. A 10 inch diameter with a 4 inch wide spread over surface area.
  • Removable tote bag, insulated for carrying food or sunscreens. Because it is removable, valuables such as phones or car keys can be stored inside and taken off the cart to keep close for security.
  • Includes bottom tray for holding up to 4 beach chairs.
  • Sizeable storage pocket at the rear big enough to hold lap-tops or touch screen devices.
  • Removable tote bag, insulated for carrying food or sunscreens. Because it is removable, valuables such as phones or car keys can be stored inside and taken off the cart to keep close for security.
  • Lightweight aluminium engineering makes this the lightest of the carts. Weighs a mere 17 pounds.


  • Slightly higher priced than comparable carts.
  • Bodyboard holder is an optional extra.
  • Some assembly needed after delivery, though it does not require tools.
  • Small diameter front wheels.

What to Bring to the Beach with your Cart

  • Beach Towels
  • Blankets
  • Chairs
  • Canopy/Tent
  • Umbrellas/Parasol
  • Floats
  • Beach Toys
  • Bug Spray
  • Sunscreen
  • Food and Drink snacks
  • Hats
  • Additional beach bags
  • Bottle openers
  • Sunglasses
  • Drinks Coolers

  • Factors to Consider when Purchasing a Beach Cart

    Storage Space

    Among your primary concerns when choosing a beach cart should be the storage space. That is, how much space is available for you to store items. Your requirement will vary dependent mostly on the number of people who usually go to the beach in your group. Naturally, a single person or couple will require much less space than a larger family.

    What you don’t want is to have too little space to fit the essential items for each person, or too much space that it becomes a burden to travel with.  


    Give careful consideration to where exactly you plan on using your beach cart. This means you should consider things like slope and beach layout. This is in addition to the texture of the sand itself. Naturally, it will be much more of a challenge to pull a cart on softer sand. This is where a wider wheel size will come in very useful. If you are just transporting on largely smooth surfaces, you don’t need to worry too much about wheel size.


    Consider carefully how you will transport the buggy to the beach. That means you should think about the available storage space in your vehicle and also the folding size of the buggy when it is not in use. Not only the folding size but also the additional dimension measurements can have a big impact and should be measured carefully.

    Ease of Assembly

    The last thing you want is to be battling with is a cumbersome setup operation when you reach your desired destination. This is why you should carefully consider the ease of assembly. For families too, the first thing you would like to do upon reaching your location is to get moving. There are many models available which can be set up in next to know time, and many more where no assembly is required.

    Extra Features

    Each beach cart can have a variety of different extra features. These can range from drinks holders to separate cooler bags and other nifty gadgets such as cooler handles or even USB charging capabilities in some models. What you want in this area is entirely up to you and something which you should choose based on your routine and schedule. If you like to grab a coffee or drink on the go, make sure you have a handy cup holder by your side.


    Why does fatter wheels mean I can push the cart through sand?

    Having a wider surface area distributes the weight evenly. Think of it as the difference between pushing a spike into the ground as opposed to pushing a gallon paint tin—the spike is easy, whereas the paint tin impossible.

    How strong are these carts? I want one for my garden.

    All of the carts are strong. Some are better suited for heavy loads than others. For example, if you wanted to carry bags of potting mix or large pot plants, the wagon type is better. However, due to the folding design, the floor is not rigid. It would be advisable to lay two or more planks across the bottom to keep items such as pot plants upright.

    My girls don’t like sand on their legs when we go to the beach. Can I use a cart to carry children in?

    The design rules and regulations for prams and strollers is very specific. Safety features such as brakes and design stability so the child can’t tip the stroller over must be considered. The beach carts and wagons although strong enough are not designed for carrying children.

    The key features of utility trolleys and carts at a glance

    • The combination of design and functionality to create a vehicle to suit multiple purposes.

    • Engineered to high standards. Made for the outdoor environment and to withstand the elements.

    • Foldable while remaining lightweight serves as compact storage for the units.

    • Tractor wheels made from tough polyester materials.

    • Wide traction spreads the load across a surface area such as mud or un-compacted dry sand.

    • Water and UV resistant materials. An important aspect in hosing sand and grit from the cart to keep them in viable condition for handling and not contaminating goods.

    • When folded down require little space in a car or SUV. Lightweight construction means lifting onto luggage bars is possible without strenuous effort.

    • Low noise travel across smooth surfaces making them useful for shopping malls and supermarkets. Eliminates the need for returning shopping trolleys back to trolley bays.

    • Ergonomic grip handles to reduce fatigue or injury while pushing the trolleys over distances.

    • Ease of maneuverability. All carts have swivel wheel sets making them suitable for tight corners or going between crowded foot traffic.

    Final Verdict

    The four carts reviewed here have features that appeal to some and not to others. Rio Brand Deluxe Wonder Wheels, due to its light weight, will appeal to mothers struggling with a toddler in one hand and unloading the cart with the other.

    The Tommy Bahama All Terrain Beach Cart will appeal to those wanting practicality and good design at a budget price. The Mac Sports Collapsable Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon is the perfect choice for those wanting to leave the car at home and walk to the supermarket for groceries.

    Our choice is the Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsable Folding all Terrain Beach Wagon Cart. Although the most expensive of the reviewed carts and wagons, it is also the most impressive. Rugged design, a huge pay load, tractor wheels that will stand up to the toughest of outdoor environment, makes the wagon a versatile utility ready for a variety of applications.