Costco Drones, The Best Surf Toy Ever!

The technology we use to take surf photos and videos also shapes how we view surfing as a lifestyle and as an artform.

When old and heavy cameras housed in waterproof gear were the standard, we paid attention to how well the photographer can capture critical movements on the wave, whether it’s timing your gear right so you can get that crucial shot of a surfer deep in the barrel, or when a surfer is right on top of the lip, framed by a fan of spray.

At A Glance: Our Top Picks for Costco Drones


When the GoPro was invented, we took to surfer’s perspectives and studied shots based on the user’s point of view.

Small and lightweight action cameras made it possible to shoot from inside a barrel, showing a vast audience of surfers a perspective they would never get to see unless they got barreled themselves.

Enter the age of the drones. We have packed advanced image-capturing abilities into a rig that can be controlled by a remote from any vantage point.

The images are more breath-taking than ever. Here it was: the god’s eye view was once again changing how we saw, studied, and appreciated surfing.

Don’t miss out on taking your own drone photography!

This game-changing technology will allow you to take high quality aerial shots while also exploring different perspectives.

We listed down some of our favorite aerial action sports gear in the lists below.


Yuneec Typhoon H 4K Aerial Camera Bundle

Yuneec Typhoon-H 4K Aerial Camera

If you were into remote-controlled (RC) airplanes and model aircrafts long before the drone phenomenon began, you will recognize this Intel® Portfolio company.

Yuneec was established in 1999 and they have become leaders in manufacturing all kinds of model aircrafts powered by a remote control.

They launched the world’s first ever drone in 2014 and this Typhoon H model won the Best of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) award in Las Vegas in 2016.

  • Takes amazing 4K Ultra HD video and 14MP photos
  • Films full 360-degree viewing
  • Safe-to-fly technology
  • Collision prevention technology
  • 6 smart, fail-safe rotor wings
  • State-of-the-art ST-16 Flight Controller
  • ​Can be flown straight out of the box
  • Comes with spare batteries and propellers
  • Has a flight simulator for your computer
  • 1 year warranty included

DJI Mavic Pro Aerial Camera Bundle

DJI Mavic Pro Aerial Camera

  • True 4K Ultra-HD video and 12MP camera with Adobe DNG Raw support
  • Can stream full 1080p HD videos
  • ​Pocket-sized remote control
  • Transmission range of up to 4.3 miles / 7km
  • Fly longer for a full 27-30 minutes
  • Flight Autonomy handles full precision capturing
  • Obstacle Avoidance increases flight safety
  • Smart features make taking professional images as easy as possible
  • Comes with 2 extra batteries
  • Includes 2 extra propellers
  • Complete range of chargers: charging hub, car charger, battery to power bank adaptor

Here’s an aerial camera that’s so compact it can fold down into the size of one plastic water bottle. Tuck it away in your bag and open again when you are ready to fly.

This little drone is power-packed with juicy features. It can fly 4.3 miles or 7 km thanks to the OcuSync transmission range.

The Flight Autonomy feature can detect whether there are obstacles as far as 15 meters ahead so you can be assured of a bump-free flight.

Let the Gesture Mode up your selfie game by taking photos with just a gesture when the Mavic is pointing at you from up in the air.

Our Top 3 Amazon Favorites

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DJI Mavic Pro FLY MORE COMBO Collapsible Quadcopter

DJI Mavic Pro FLY MORE COMBO Collapsible Quadcopter

Just when you thought advanced features could only come in big and bulky packages, the DJI Mavic Pro assembles this fine starter bundle that contains everything you will ever need to take professional-grade aerial images and footage.

  • True 4K Ultra-HD video
  • ​12MP camera with Adobe DNG Raw support
  • Can stream full 1080p HD videos
  • Pocket-sized remote control
  • Transmission range of up to 4.3 miles / 7km
  • Fly longer for a full 27-30 minutes
  • Flight Autonomy handles full precision capturing
  • Obstacle Avoidance increases flight safety

The Mavic is known for its smart features such as the OcuSync, Flight Autonomy, Obstacle Avoidance, and Gesture Mode.

Everything comes in a collapsible quadcopter no bigger than a plastic water bottle. If you are thinking of getting serious with aerial photography, this is the bundle that will give you more value for your money.

  • Smart features make taking professional images as easy as possible
  • Comes with 3 pcs. Intelligent Flight batteries
  • Comes with 5 pcs. 8330 quick-release folding propellers
  • Includes 1 Gimbal clamp
  • Includes 2 pcs. remote control cable sliders
  • Includes a 16GB SD card and 1 32GB microSD card with adapter
  • Includes the following chargers: charging hub, car charger, and power bank adaptor
  • Has 1 lens hood
  • Comes with a cleaning cloth
  • All packs into one sturdy shoulder bag

AirDog – The Autonomous Action Sports Drone

AirDog drone
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Here is an aerial action sports drone that is fun to operate.

The AirDog may not be as compact as its competitors in the market, but what it lacks in portability, it makes up for in intuitive and user-friendly design.

  • A self-flying action sports drone
  • Motion prediction technology
  • Sensor fusion technology
  • Ground collision avoidance technology
  • Waterproof AirLeash controller
  • Future-proof thanks to free updates
  • Foldable and can fit inside a backpack
  • Compatible with most GoPro models

This fully autonomous drone comes with built-in sports features for surfing, wakeboarding, mountain biking, windsurfing, and the soon-to-be-added motor biking.

You wear a waterproof remote control, called the AirLeash, like an oversized watch so the drone can follow you around as you do your extreme sports of choice.

Don’t let its cute name fool you. The AirDog comes packed with advanced features too.

It's Sensor Fusion Technology merges data from your inertial movement and your GPS and compass data to give you sensor data that will enrich your shooting experience.

DJI Phantom P3-STANDARD Quadcopter Drone

DJI Phantom P3 STANDARD Quadcopter Drone

This standard drone comes with a 2.7K HD camera that takes mind-blowing images from up to half a mile away.

Download the DJI Go app onto your mobile device to take advantage of smart features such as Follow Me, Waypoints, and Points of Interest.

This drone is also guided by GPS so you can fly and take images from unique vantage points without worrying about collisions and hitting other obstacles.

  • 2.7K HD videos and a 12MP camera
  • Intelligent battery design lets you fly for 25 minutes
  • GPS-assisted flight controls
  • ​Intelligent battery design lets you fly for 25 minutes
  • Comes with a free DJI Go app
  • ​Comes with 1 battery pack and charger
  • ​Has 2 sets of propellers
  • Comes with an 8GB microSD card
  • ​Includes 1 radio controller
  • Easy to fly drone

Video - Best Drone Buyers Guide

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Do drones come with cameras or do I have to buy a separate action camera?

Most drones already come with a full HD camera but some models just sell the drone rig itself. To be sure, always read the package contents and look for image quality specs.

Do I have to use a GoPro camera for my drone?

GoPros are excellent action sports cameras, which makes them the top choice for drones. However, feel free to use your action camera of choice. As long as it is lightweight enough for your drone rig structure to carry, you should be able to enjoy taking high quality images from above.

I’ve never flown a remote-controlled device before. Will I have a hard time flying a drone?

Basic remote-control skills are needed to be able to successfully operate a drone. We advise that you practice flying your drone low for the first few attempts. Get a feel of the controls and master changes in speed and direction. You wouldn’t want to lose your expensive camera or damage your rig due to inexperience.

What’s the highest or farthest point I can fly my drone?

Each drone has its own specific flying limits so be sure to read the user’s manual thoroughly before flying your drone. Some drones have a transmission range of only half a mile while others can extend past 4 miles.