The Top 5 Sun Hats

Are you excited to go out to the beach during summer when the sun is up, or you just want to visit friends and walk around the neighborhood? You need a sun hat that will protect you from the UV rays.


Women prefer sun hats with big brim while men prefer a flat hat. Both of these choices should be ultraviolet protection hats. Even the stylish sun hats have an inner drawstring that offers ultimate protection from UV rays, while maximizing comfortability.

The best sun hats are available on amazon where you will select the type that you want. Amazon offers high-quality sun hats for both men and women. Here are the top sun hats that are available for purchase on Amazon.

Our Favorite Sun Hats

1 Best Women’s Sun Hat: Itopfox Beachwear 22 Inch
Itopfox Beachwear 22 Inch

  • Fashionable, Floppy-Hat Design!
  • UV SPF 50+ Protection
  • Made Out Of 100% Paper Straw

#1 Best Men’s Sun Hat: Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat
Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat

  • Comfortable, Full-Brim Design
  • UV SPF 50+ Protection
  • Made Out of Polyester and Nylon

The Top 2 Women’s Sun Hats

#1. Itopfox Women's Beachwear Sun Hat

Itopfox Womens Beachwear Sun Hat

The Itopfox sun hat is just the right hat you need during the summer when you are on vacation.

This hat comes in various colors to fit different fashions of different people. It has a soft, cool and thick material.

These hats are comfortable to wear. It protects your from UV rays and is fashionable.

This beachwear hat can be easily folded for pack up.

It needs to be hand washed only. These hats are high quality.

  • Fashionable
  • Cool and thick material
  • Easily fold and fits into its bag
  • Offer protection against UV and offer SPF 50+ UV protection

#2. Summer Wide Large Brim Beach Floppy Straw Hat

The summer straw hat offer UPF 50+ sun protection.

It has a large visor that blocks the sun, making this hat the perfect sun hat for you.

This summer beach floppy straw hat has a convenient lanyard that keeps the hat in place during windy days.

  • Straw material
  • Solid pattern type
  • Casual type
  • Package has a one piece hat

The Top 3 Men’s Sun Hats

#1. Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat

Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat

Keep yourself protected when you go for a summer hike or when you are on the water with the Sombriolet Sun hat.

This hat offer UPF 50+ protection against the sun UV rays. The vents are strategically placed and have a wicking fabric.

The vents and wicking ensure that you are dry and cool.

The piping on the brim provides wind resistance if the breeze picks up. Can be used in intense heat, sun, and humidity.

  • Imported
  • Made of 14% polyester and 86% nylon crown and 100% nylon under the brim
  • Piping along the brim edge
  • Foam-stiffened brim
  • Mesh lining and vents in the crown to offer moisture and cooling management
  • Provide UPF 50+ protection from the sun
  • Lightweight

#2. Outdoor Research Papyrus Brim Hat Sun Hat

Outdoor Research Papyrus Brim Hat Sun Hat

Make your shade with the Papyrus brim sun hat. It has a wide brim.

It is made from paper straw fabric which offers perfect breathability. It has a Supplex lining which offers UPF 50+ protection from the sun.

The hat a removable chin cord.

This chin cord ensures that the Papyrus is in place even during the hot afternoon winds.

  • Removable chin cord
  • Dark fabric that reduces glare under the brim
  • 100% Supplex nylon
  • 100% paper straw
  • UPF 50+ protection

#3. Outdoor Research Swift Sun Hat

Outdoor Research Swift Sun Hat

The swift sun hat is a popular training hat. It has a sun protection.

It also has a mesh liner for ventilation.

The nylon panels and shaped brim offer maximum protection from the sun.

  • Imported
  • Supplex 100% nylon
  • Plastic-stiffened brim
  • Breathable
  • Wicking and lightweight
  • Quick release buckle closure


Can these hats be washed?

Most of these hats can be spot cleaned and air-dried. Any hat comes with a tag that recommends the cleaning process. Some hats cannot be washed and should never get wet. Others are not meant to be machine washed.

Is there a difference between SPF and UPF?

UPF is used in rating fabrics and their ability to protect against the UV rays while SPF is used in rating skin care products and lotions.

What make these hats sun protective?

The fabric of these hat are tested and rated if they qualify as UPF 50+. If they qualify, then it means that they block about 98% of the UV rays. The way the fabric is woven determine the protection level. You can also wear sunglasses and sunscreen in addition to the hat.


Getting the right sun hat that meets your needs requires one to consider several factors which include brim size, the material of the hat, brim shape, and color.

To have an adequate sun protection, you should get a sun hat with a minimum brim of 3” all round. The hat will block all UV rays. When selecting the material of the hat, pick the one that offers UPF 50+ material. This material will prevent 98% of the UV rays. If it’s not labeled, you can hold up the hat against the light, and it should not allow light to shine through. You need to consider also if you want a floppy or stiff hat and if you want to machine wash the hat.

Brim shape also determines the perfect sun hat for you. Different surfaces reflect or scatter UV radiation differently. These reflected UV rays may bounce under the brim and will strike the cheek, chin, and nose. You need to consider hats that sit closer to the face and curve down. These hats offer sufficient protection.

The color of your hat also matters. If you want maximum sun protection, you need hats with white tops. These hats will reflect heat. Apart from these four factors, you should also consider the activities you will do while wearing the hat.

If we look at all these factors, people would prefer different sun hats. However, the top sun hats above feature most of what people want in a sun hat. You can go for Itopfox Women's Beachwear Sun Hat or the Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat. These sun hats are high quality and are sure to offer you what you want.