The 5 Best Floating Islands

If you want to relax after a tiresome day or you want to forget about something, then you need to relax on an inflatable floating island. During the design of an inflatable floating island, the main focus is to design one that offers maximum relaxation.


These floating islands are ideal water loungers for large parties hosted on lakes or rivers. Nowadays these floating islands can offer spots to several people and come in different shapes, sizes and designs.

The main reason as to buy an inflatable floating island is to relax especially during the summer period when the sun is hot. Most of these floating islands offer spots for about 12 people to lie on and enjoy the sunlight. The lounge region is spacious enough to provide a group of friends or family members a place to rest down. Therefore, if you find that the summer heat is trouble, check out the top 5 floating islands available on Amazon and head to the river or lake to relax on your floating island.

​The Top 5

SportsStuff Fiesta Island - 8 Person


The SportsStuff Fiesta Island offers a space that accommodates up to 8 people.

There are cup holders along the edge of the floating island, and these cup holders are manufactured from molded PVC.

You can decide to enjoy the time on the floating island by sitting on mesh bottom, leaning back against its contoured backrest or on the floating platform part if you wish to hang your legs on the side.

  • PVC anchor bag
  • Durable mesh seating
  • Molded PVC handles
  • Built in cup holders
  • Contoured backrest
  • Contoured armrest
  • 16-quart cooler included
  • Patented safety valve for quick deflation and inflation

Body Glove Paradise - 6 Person

Body Glove Inflatable Island

The body paradise inflatable lounge is designed to offer a spot for up to 6 people to lie and relax as they enjoy the view and listening to music.

It comes with 6 cup holders. It also comes with an anchor bag.

You can also put an MP3 player and plug into the floating island and listen to music through a waterproof speaker.

  • Inflated size 129in.x121in.
  • Made from heavy gauge PVC
  • Six cup holders included
  • Built it coolers
  • Can accommodate six people and has four air chambers and three boarding platforms
  • ​Comes with an anchor bag and mesh cooling area
  • Has puncture repair kit
  • Built-in speakers and MP3 both of which are waterproof and a battery compartment

Tropical Tahiti Inflatable Floating Island - 6 Person

Tropical Tahiti Inflatable Floating Island - 6 Person

With the Tropical Tahiti inflatable island, you can picture yourself in Tahiti, and you can also tell your friends that you own a private island by the sea or lake or even at the backyard pool.

This floating island can be inflated through any valve available and can accommodate six people.

It comes with extra features such as two coolers and two contoured loungers.

  • Can accommodate six people
  • Inflated size 155in.x129in.x30in.
  • ​Six cup holders
  • ​A built-in boarding platform
  • Two built-in coolers
  • Maximum weight capacity: 1320 pounds

Tropical Tahiti Floating Island - 7 Person

Tropical Tahiti Floating Island 7 Person

You may invite friends and colleagues to have fun at your private island which comes with many features such as cup holders, wading pool, backrest, coolers and a boarding platform.

You can always relax comfortably on the tropical Tahiti floating island and ignore all the worries.

  • Can accommodate seven people
  • Six cup holders
  • Comfortable backrests
  • Two built-in coolers
  • ​Sun tanning deck
  • ​Heavy gauge PVC
  • Boarding platform
  • 2x2 contoured sofas

Intex Relaxation Island - 6 Person

Intex Relaxation Island 6 person

This floating island from Intex will let you unwind in style and is perfect for spending time on rivers, lakes or beaches.

With this water lounge, you get extra comfort as it comes with a large backrest.

The interior has a mesh which is perfect during the hot summer season as you can dip your feet into the water.

  • Six cup holders
  • Comfortably accommodate seven adults
  • Four strong grab handles to help climb back aboard
  • Grab ropes to hold onto when aboard the floating island


Can the SportsStuff Fiesta Island be used at sea?

Yes. It can be used when the sea is calm. The areas are bays that are protected.

Is there a sun cover I can buy separately from the Body Glove Paradise 6?

No. you can’t find a sun cover separate from the product. You can use an easy up.

What are the dimensions of the Tropical Tahiti Inflatable Floating Island?

The dimensions of the tropical Tahiti floating island are 180”x109”x30”.


An inflatable floating island is one of the additions to a beach vacation and pool party that keeps everyone laughing and talking for a while after the fun has ended. A good floating island can offer extreme fun at the beach party to anyone from kids to adults. Finding the best float involves finding the one that can quickly inflate and deflate, safe, durable and comes with unique features and space that makes anyone enjoy the time spent on it. 

Just like any other products, different people prefer different features and floating islands come with different features. Some of the features in one floating island can be appealing to a group of people, yet the same product may fail to please others. Different people would pick different features, but some features are common to most people. For instance, most people would prefer a floating island that can easily inflate and deflate. Also, most people would consider space available, extra features and how comforting the floating island is.

Considering the factors above, then SportsStuff Fiesta Island is a perfect choice for most people. This water float can easily inflate and deflate. It also has a cooler and molded cup holders to place drinks. Apart from that, it has a strong mesh seating. Perhaps you need to purchase this floating island on Amazon for maximum comfort during a beach vacation or pool parties.