List Of The Best Costco Swim Goggles

There is something about being in water, that is not only soothing, but freeing.

We find ourselves taking joy in our experiences within water and have further found an excellent source of aerobic exercise as well as vast beauty under its surface.


Swim Goggles

Today we explore water in a variety of ways, from visiting lakes, beaches, rivers and pools to exploring the coastal waters of the world.

In many, if not all of these activities it is recommended that goggles are used for eye protection, not just from the water, but also from the sun.

For swimmers these are an everyday need, goggles protect them from the harsh chemicals in swimming pools and allows them to see underwater more clearly all while protecting from the Sun’s UV rays.

For snorkelers these are used to explore the waters off of our coasts to see a whole host of life beyond our everyday “view”.

Our Favorite Swimming Goggles

#1 Best Kids: Frogglez Goggles
Frogglez Goggles

  • Built For Children Ages 3-8
  • Patented Adjustable Neoprene Strap
  • 100% UV Protected Silicone

#1 Best Adult: Agend Clear Swim Goggles
Aegend Swim Goggles

  • Anti-Fog Coated Lenses
  • Comfortable Quick-Release Strap
  • Flexible Silicone Frame

Our Costco Favorites


Frogglez are an awesome kids goggles designed to stay in place with its patented headset system.

These excellent for everyday swim goggles are composed of a soft, gentle fabric that makes learning to swim painless and fun.

Frogglez are a great alternative to regular, ear-pinching goggles as they give your child a comfortable wearing experience.

Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask 

In need of a dry top full face snorkeling mask?

We’ve got a good one right here. The Tribord Easybreath Full Face Snorkeling Mask allows you to breathe without the typical issues of a traditional snorkel mask.

This product comes in three sizes; small, medium and large.

As this mask is dry-top and full faced, it has better breathability and a more full, clear vision of all all the beauty surrounding you on your underwater adventure.

The dry top calls for very little if any water intake and the silicon skirt keeps the face dry and comfortable.

U.S. Divers Panoramic View Adult Snorkel Set

U.S. Divers Panoramic View Adult Snorkel Set

This professional quality, one size fits all dry-top snorkel set comes with hinged-fin blade flippers and a mesh travel bag, and oh, but of course the mask and dry-top snorkel, all the makings for an awesome snorkeling adventure.

With this set there is no doubt you are able to go out and enjoy underwater sights unlike most!

This snorkel mask allows you to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view all while taking a photo with your personal action camera.

A really cool feature about this specific mask is the camera mount, hence why taking a photo would be possible.

We definitely recommend this snorkel mask to beginning and pro snorkelers alike, it is an awesome buy for a great use and experience.

Our 2 Amazon Favorites

Agend Clear Swimming Goggles

​Agend’s clear swim goggles are a perfect basic pair of swim goggles for those avid swimmers out there.

These are equipped with shatterproof Polycarbonate lenses that are made to be UV protectant, keeping you going even when the sun reflecting off of the water.

The anti-fog coating and the blue and clear lenses will leave your eyes feeling and seeing  clearer than your traditional non-coated goggles.

GAOGE Swim Goggles Swim Goggles

Go swim some laps with GAOGE’s UV protectant swim goggles, with each set comes; 2 pairs of electroplating lensed glasses, two-pack of nose clips to keep water from out of your nose, ear plugs and adjustable headstraps.

For a more clear long distanced view underwater these are equipped with anti-fog lenses.

They are also equipped with silicone preventative circle rings that keep your goggles clear of any pesky water that might seep in.

These goggles are excellent for any adult swimming activity, from a day out splashing around in the pool to a day of hardcore lap swimming.

How to keep your swim goggles from fogging?

how to keep your swim goggles from fogging

In order to ensure the longevity of your goggles, yes, you too have a key role to play.

Not only does the goggle manufacturer take strides in the composition of the products to protect them, but we do too!

Cleaning your lenses is one of the biggest jobs you as a goggle owner has, you don’t wanna be walking around the pool deck half able to see because of the mass amount of fog on your lenses. But how do you clean them, you ask? 

Simple! Follow these few guidelines and your goggles will be in tip-top conditions at all times!

Cleaning your goggles is simple and quick, it could be fairly inexpensive as well if done right! To keep your lenses clean, you always want to avoid the old swipe of the towel, shorts or shirts on the lense directly, as most have an anti-fog coating and we don’t want that to come off.

An alternative that will not destroy the coating on your lenses or otherwise scratch the lenses is an anti-fog spray, this could be easily purchased at most any sporting goods store.

If the spray is out or reach or budget or you just don’t seem to find it necessary there is another option for you, though more strange than anything, just lick the lense!

Licking the lens is an old trick done by tons of swimmers to prevent the smearing of wet lenses.


When were goggles introduced to the market?

The actual invention of the swim-goggle dates back to the 14th century, throughout time there had been many different versions though none were placed on the market until 1968. 

Different styles of swim goggles

There are three varieties of swim goggles, each has its own specific use and is unique. The first type of swim goggle is the open water or leisure swim goggle, the second is the training or competition goggle and lastly, the Swedish type goggles. 

The leisure swim goggle is used for, well, you guessed it, leisure swimming! This is the kind of goggle you and the kids wear out to the pool on those hot summer days, to protect your eyes from the water and even the Sun!

Training and competition goggles are shaped differently from the leisure goggle and are made to be more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time, such as lap swimming, etc.

Last, but not least, the Swedish type goggles. These goggles are for maximum visibility, while they are one size goggles and do require personal assembly and fitting, they are unparalleled in the vision they hold.