Found Bodyboards Review

Shape and destroy. This is the war cry of a bodyboarding company with brazen innovation and energetic creativity at its core. If you ask Mitch Rawlins—founder of this rider-driven company—just what it is that sets them apart from other bodyboard brands in the market, he’ll smile and ask you if you knew of any other company whose founder still actively competed in the IBA world tour events.


“We want the best possible equipment for all aspects of bodyboarding and beyond,” says the professional bodyboarder who shreds on a daily basis. Only first hand experience can give you the right insight into what any type of rider needs from his bodyboard and gear.

If you set high standards for your riding and want to live “a life well ridden,” you have to check in with Found Bodyboards. Not only do they actively do daily research and development in their design lab in the Gold Coast, Australia, they also hand-shape their boards with artist-like mastery and precision. Found Bodyboards does the shaping and leaves the shredding up to you.


Found Mitch Rawlins MR Bodyboards

Found Mitch Rawlins MR bodyboard

It all starts with the MR Signature Series, which combines minimalist board construction with high-tech materials. The Mitch Rawlins signature curve works incredibly well with the advanced cell structure of PP foam, making the MR boards highly durable and ultra fast. The boards are also known to be one of the most responsive boards in the market because of their trademark Torsion stringer that no other bodyboard has. If you want to surf heavy slabs and ramp-like bowls, you can bet that the MR Signature Series will meet your expectations for both ride performance and style.

  • Freedom 6 PP core
  • 8lb. NXL deck
  • Mitch Rawlins signature curve
  • Dupont Surlyn slick bottom
  • SkinTec compression pad
  • Trademark Torsion Precision single stringer inlay
  • 55/45 rails
  • Graduated channels for speed
  • Built-in nose grips
  • Clipped crescent-shaped tail
  • Perfect for fast waves

Found Robinson Bodyboard

Found Thomas Robinson Bodyboard review

When smooth is what you’re after, you’re going to need a bodyboard that Thomas Robinson would love to ride. Whether Thom’s out in the water or shredding ramps in a local skate spot, he’s sure to be landing the steeziest moves with an enviously seamless flow. Thom joined the Found team because he no longer wanted to ride terrible boards. Found was more than happy to comply.

The Thomas Robinson Signature Series PP follows the clear-cut specifications from Thom himself. It has an incredible amount of flex combined with the trademark Torsion stringer for high responsiveness. If you can’t decide whether you want to slide into a complex trick combo or tuck into a barrel, why don’t you go ahead and do both with this model?

  • Freedom 6 PP core
  • 8lb. NXL deck
  • Thomas Robinson signature curve
  • Dupont Surlyn slick bottom
  • Unparalleled flex and strength
  • Trademark Torsion Precision single stringer inlay
  • Clipped crescent-shaped tail
  • Improved rail to rail game
  • Quick release from spins
  • Improved control from underside nose grips
  • Perfect for complex combo maneuvers


Found does not stop at making high quality and pro-approved bodyboards. They have innovated an entire product line fit for the creative and dynamic bodyboarding lifestyle. If you are keen on getting a Found signature series bodyboard, you should match your bodyboard with any of these premium accessories.

Found Comp Bicep Leash


The Found Company is 100% passionate about creating the best gear for bodyboarding. This is why you can be assured that the Comp Bicep Leash is the ultimate leash of choice for many serious surfers and pros.

The Found Comp Bicep Leash utilizes a thinner bicep strap and a thicker cushion to give the rider more comfort when worn. This is a tiny alteration that makes a world of difference for the rider because the leash feels softer and lighter.

The comp leashes are also thinner than most leashes to minimize the amount of drag when in the water.

The Found Comp Bicep Leash is available in many stylish designs and colors. Pick one that matches your bodyboard and your personality.



Few companies get involved in improving their products. Fortunately, Found is not one of them. Found is 100% committed to enhancing their wetsuits every year—which is why they’ve dedicated their profits from wetsuit sales directly into the research and development of new wetsuit models. This way, you can be assured that your money will go into the production of better wetsuit technology, which you can take advantage of by the time you will be needing a new suit.

Found wetsuits are deemed one of the most comfortable suits in the market. The horizontal chest zipper design makes it easier to put on and remove, and all the seams are shaped to adhere to the body’s natural curves. The GBS material plus an additional liquid seal in the suits prevent water from entering, so you don’t have to worry about cutting your sessions short, or worse, getting hypothermia.

Everything about this wetsuit is ergonomic. The wrists and ankles are flush proof. The kneepads are nicely embossed. The zippers and other minuscule details are all weatherproof and tested in the heavy waters of Tasmania.

If you are investing on the best possible wetsuit available, make sure you’re buying from a company that supports every rider by developing new technologies and features every year. You bet your dollar you can trust Found.

Found Era Swim Fin

Found boards Era Swim Fin

You guessed it—Found is also a leader in the swim fin game. By cracking the perfect density for rubber material, the innovators at the Found Factory create nothing but perfect swim fins. Perfection comes in the form of an unbelievably soft foot pocket that is a breeze to wear, while shifting to a more rigid rubber material for a powerful blade.

The foot pockets are also naturally contoured to adhere to the natural shape of our feet. The ankle straps are soft but durable, and they are guaranteed to stay on even in the toughest conditions. These fins wouldn’t be the perfect fins if they didn’t have quick release drain holes and dual density rubber. Yes, these fins have both.

Best of all, these fins float in water! You can focus on your ride performance and leave the rest to this remarkable pair of pro-approved fins.

Founder of Found Boards and Pro rider Mitch Rawlins shredding!


It’s hard to talk about board quality, technology and innovation without bringing up Found Bodyboards. Mitch Rawlins and his crew are dedicated innovators and stylish shredders at the same time, which gives their brand the credibility that other brands can only dream of. Their goal is to become the leaders in bodyboard manufacturing, and with the amount of passion they pour into their craft; we can safely say that they’re hitting their goal.

If you’re a no nonsense bodyboarder, bodysurfer or swimmer looking around for the best new gear, look no further than Found. Whether it’s stock boards, custom-shaped boards, swim fins, wetsuits, leashes or other accessories that you want, you can trust Found to be developing the best styles and models just for you. And for them, of course.