Ten Toes Nano Review

Trying stand-up paddle boarding as a beginner is intimidating. It sometimes seems like an exclusive sport, one that is hard to start later in life.


The Ten Toes Nano SUP board, however, makes for an easy, safe, and seamless introduction into this beautiful sport. It’s built for people of a lower weight, which makes it suitable for adolescents to learn on, but can also accommodate lighter adults who are just learning to paddleboard.

The Nano is easily compressed, stored, and carried, and boasts easy inflation, a sleek design, and excellent stability and steering.


Nano paddle sup

Board Specs

  • Length: 8’
  • Width: 30”
  • Thickness: 4”
  • 3 removable fins
  • Weight Capacity: 120 pounds (built for smaller adults)
  • Weighs less than 1 pound before inflation
  • Rolls up for easy transport

The Ten Toes Nano comes in a multitude of sleek, chic colors, is inflatable, affordable, and features three removable fins and a textured pad for traction, as well as comes with a paddle, of course. It takes around 130-140 pumps to fully inflate to the standard pressure of 13-15 psi, at which point it weighs near thirty pounds. The pump leaves a little something to be desired, and if you’re considering paddling in the long-term, it’s probably a better idea to disregard the pump that the Nano comes with and invest in a high-quality electric pump instead; it will last quite a bit longer.

Although the product is listed as only having the capacity to hold up 120 pounds, it can withstand around 140 pounds when properly inflated and taken care of. It’s made of tough PVC material that rarely stretches or tears, even in the roughest of conditions. However, I must note that it is never recommended, even for professional or experienced paddlers, to paddle in whitewater or stormy conditions, although that is just common sense. The Nano is built to catch waves with but also fares well in flat water, such as on a lake or on a glassy beach day. It’s easy to transport if you have a bag, but it doesn’t come with one. It’s a good idea to invest in a decent nylon bag for packing. The board, when fully deflated, packs extremely tightly.

Pro's & Con's

  • Easy to transport, rolls up compactly for your convenience
  • Made of military-grade PVC material
  • Great board for both waves and calmer waters
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Size suitable for older teens and lighter adults
  • Would be more suitable if it was thicker than 4”, for balancing purposes
  • Isn’t as suitable for larger adults or more advanced paddlers
  • Awkward to carry a long distance
  • Doesn’t come with a bag
  • Weakly made paddle, but does the job

The Nano boasts exceptional stability and is faster than many other models like it. Unlike other, more advanced or expensive brand boards, the Nano doesn’t have rail battens. Despite that, it’s high in quality, though it leaves something to be desired in terms of its thickness and unfortunately contains a rather sloppily made paddle that may need to be replaced on a regular basis. The paddle is a 3 PC adjustable paddle that is a bit prone to sticking or dragging; it could certainly be improved. The only other negative in regards to this board is its ungainliness—make sure to inflate it close to the water, or right before you paddle out. It’s difficult to carry for long distances, such as from a parking lot or down the beach. For those reasons it is best to inflate it right on shore.

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The board comes with a built-in EVA textured foam pad for traction (it covers over 50% of the board’s total surface area!), three removable nylon fins, a bungee cord attached to the board via three D-rings, a stainless steel D-ring at the rear, a manual air pump, and a repair kit. The PVC is reinforced with industrial drop stitching, and the bungee cord contraption is excellent for the storing of sunscreen, snacks, or whatever else small items you might need on your ride. The board’s extraordinary width, at thirty inches, makes it extremely easy to steer because that makes the board virtually completely resistant to wind.

Features & Accessories

  • D- Rings: one at the back and two in front
  • Bungee Cord: threaded around the two front D-rings for storage
  • 3 removable fins, one main one and two side fins
  • Huge traction pad that covers over the surface to ensure stability and balance on part of the user
  • Paddle: aluminum, adjustable
  • Manual pump: 130-140 pumps for optimal performance

The three fins-two small, minor ones on either side of a larger, major fin-make steering and tracking seamless. It’s highly recommended to remove the fins while you are still wading through shallow water in order to avoid scratching them up or dulling the ends, which lessens steering capacity in the long run. The thickness is only an issue if you are intent on exceeding the weight limit, if you are around 140 pounds or less the four-inch thickness makes it virtually impossible to capsize. It is not recommended to exceed the weight limit by more than two or so dozen pounds. Exceeding the limit isn’t especially dangerous, but it may be better for paddlers of a weight above 140 to buy a larger board that’s built for adults. Buying a board that’s appropriate to your size makes capsizing less likely, makes steering quite a bit easier, and just improves the riding experience in general.

Ultimately, the Ten Toes Nano is an exceptional board in terms of quality, speed, appearance, and durability. Again, it makes for a great first board or as an introduction to the sport. You are guaranteed to feel safe and secure on this wonderfully made board, even as a kid or wary beginner.

For boards that are a bit more in the advanced realm, we recommend checking out our FinBin best paddle board guide!

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What is the weight limit?

It’s recommended by the company to use this board only if you are 120 pounds or lower, but it can support up to 140 or so pounds if used correctly.

How much does the actual board weigh?

The Nano weighs less than a pound when not inflated, but reaches about 25-30 pounds when fully inflated to the recommended psi.

What if I’m not satisfied with my board?

The Ten Toes company has a one-year warranty on this model to guarantee satisfaction on the consumer’s part.


The Ten Toes Nano paddleboard is a perfect fit for beginners and kids of relatively low weights.

It can withstand a variety of surf conditions and boasts several features, both on the board and not, that will make your first paddle boarding experience enjoyable and exciting.

Definitely consider this model as your first paddle board or if you’re a teen looking to start in on the sport.

Ten Toes Nano - Editorial Rating
  • Quality Made
  • Stability
  • Speed
  • Maneuverability
  • Price