Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector Review

There are very few metal detectors in the market which provide a wide variety of features that can expose targets of various kinds in diverse places along with a cost-effective price tag. 

This is where Garrett AT Pro metal detector comes into the picture.


The price structure of this metal detector is quite reasonable when compared to its other counterparts.

Obtaining an advanced metal detector with such varied characteristics is generally not possible with this amount of money.

This is the first thing that attracts customers towards this product. Apart from this, there are certain additional benefits that this metal detector offers.

The Review

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector


  • Dimensions: 22 x 11 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 5lbs
  • ​Waterproof: Up to 10 feet.
  • Coil: 8.5 x 1 Inch PROformance DD submersible search coil
  • Search funtions: 6 (3 standards, 3 pro)
  • Power: 4 x AA batteries
  • Depth adjustments: 8
  • Headphones: Garrett MS-2 headphones


  • Very versatile as it can be used on both land and water.
  • It has a good battery life which makes it very convenient to use for long hours of use.
  • The headphone quality is excellent with adjustable volume controls which makes it very flexible to use in different areas.
  • It has a proven success rate obtained from a wide range of customers.
  • It uses an excellent quality of coil compared to the other devices of the same range.
  • Extremely durable and long lasting for utilization.
  • It can be used by both inexperienced users and professionals.


  • The pinpointing feature takes some time to get adjusted to making it less user-friendly for the new users at first.
  • The setup is not easy even for the experienced users with this metal detector.
  • There is no backlight option.

Aesthetically pleasing on the eye

The design of the product has been done in a very meticulous manner by taking into account both the function and aesthetics. It comes in a standard black color with a wider radius at the bottom that enables in finding a wide range of objects on and under the surface.

The interface offered by this instrument is quite easy to gauge and use which makes it very convenient for utilization by a wide range of users.

Exceptionally waterproof

The Garrett AT Pro's waterproof feature makes it very efficient for functioning even under water which can be up to 10 feet deep, which makes it perfect for the beach!

It can effectively be used for the detection of metals in ponds, creeks, lakes, rivers and even in various ocean bodies. The uniqueness about this feature is that usually the metal detectors that are completely waterproof can be used only in the water bodies and not on the land surface.

But this metal detector can be used both in and around the different water bodies. This amphibious nature can be attractive to many adventurous hobbyists and professionals alike.

Pro mode in the detector

The feature of proportional audio in this metal detector which helps the user to turn it off as per the requirement, preference and skill level with which it is being used.

Basically, this audio mode is very useful for experienced and highly skilled users as it emits more than one single tone to represent the various characteristics like the conductivity, depth, and shape of the target material that is being discovered.

This feature can be turned off to avoid the many tones of sound coming from it as and when desired by the user. This particular feature makes it extremely flexible for usage by both experienced and inexperienced users.

Renders iron with Ease

As the name suggests, this particular feature helps you in hearing the iron sound if any is detected in the ground.

The metal detector will emit grunting sounds indicating the presence of ferrous content in the ground. This feature is extremely useful for specific users like coin shooters. It helps the user in digging more of a valuable target than simply trash.

Provides incredible ground balance 

This is one particular feature which is not found in the ACE series of the Garrett metal detector.

It has both automatic and manual ground balance capabilities which help the metal detector in ignoring the signals sent by the ground in the form of iron and salt.

It aids in cutting down these unnecessary ground noises and helps in detecting the targets at deeper levels.

Detecting Metal under water
Detecting Metal on the Ground

Features and Benefits

The features offered by Garrett AT Pro are completely different from what is being offered by other products of the same price range. One of the most useful features that this product offers is that it can be used on both land and water. The depth of search that can be carried out with this device is up to 9 inches deep on land and up to 10 feet deeper in water.

The device offers several modes which make a huge difference in the efficiency and flexibility of usage. These include the custom, zero, pro, iron audio, and coin mode. The Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector has a greater coin depth than rest of the other devices that are available in the market.

This feature is extremely useful for the coin collectors which helps them to detect pieces of nickel and copper buried around 8 inches deeper in the ground. Apart from this, it has high sensitivity that allows it to pick up fine objects from places like ceiling as well. The pinpointing feature that this device offer helps in identifying the target object in areas filled with minerals and other kinds of debris.

Ideal for

It is an ideal device for any type of user ranging from a highly experienced professional to an inexperienced new user looking out for some serious metal hunting task.

Pro Mode Audio feature

Garrett has been an innovator in the field for many years. Again, they have pushed the boundaries with the inclusion of a pro audio feature. The pro mode audio feature allows both the professionals and less experienced users to effectively use this device.

Another important feature offered by this device is the discrimination feature which allows the user of this metal detector to filter certain unnecessary results. This feature is useful when the user is looking for specific objects or types of metals while searching.

High-Res Iron Discrimination

The metal detector will emit grunting sounds indicating that there is the presence of ferrous content in the ground which is what this high resistance iron discrimination feature offers. It is extremely useful for coin searchers opting to use this device.

Digital Target ID

The target ID from 0 to 99 offers an increased ability to distinguish the conductivity of one target from another which is present in and on the surface of the particular terrain.

Water Depth

It offers a water detection depth up to 10 feet below the surface level.

AT Pro Testimonial



The Garrett AT Pro metal detector has a warranty of 2 years. This should ensure a degree of trust in the rugged durability of the product for daily use.

Garrett AT Pro vs AT Max

The AT Max has various features like built-in Z-Lynk wireless audio technology which the AT Pro does not. It is much faster than any Bluetooth technology which allows having a cordless connection from the headphones to the metal detector.

The Garrett AT Pro is an overall metal detector which offers the Pro zero mode with the incredible discrimination setting feature. This option is absent in the AT Max, though it offers other similar features in the normal modes as the Garrett AT Pro.

Users looking for an all-around metal detector with good quality and high-performance standards can go for either Garrett AT Pro or the Garrett AT Max. It is always recommended to check for the variety of items these can detect before opting for the either of the two.

Garrett AT Pro vs Garrett AT Gold

Garrett AT Gold has a higher sensitivity as compared to the Garrett AT Pro when it comes to detecting and finding finer gold pieces and other objects with low conductivity. While Garrett AT Gold can be used to detect true metals, Garrett AT Pro is an all-around metal detector that can be used efficiently by both inexperienced users and professionals.

You can opt for the Garrett AT Gold if you are looking for discovering gold or any other metals with low conductivity as it is an excellent metal detector. Garrett AT Pro can be used in places where such specific requirements are absent.

Will the AT Pro detect gold?

Yes, the AT Pro will definitely detect gold. That said, there can be certain limitations on the usage of the metal in different kinds of environments with high levels of mineralization where the possibility of the presence of gold and other such metals with low conductivity is prevalent.

Overall Review

The functionality, durability and high quality of the Garrett AT Pro metal detector makes it a sure buy for any user looking to complete some serious metal detecting task, or simply pursue their passion.

The Garrett AT Pro metal detector best price is also highly competitive considering the wide range of features it possesses.

There are very few flaws with this product as compared to the range of features and useful characteristics that it offers.

It is definitely one of the best metal detectors available in the market with an A+ rating.

If you want to compare the Garrett AT Pro with other metal detectors, we highly recommend checking out our beach metal detector reviews.

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